The guy who rebuilt it...


Was a reputable mechanic in the area. Well known and reccomended for his head jobs on older cars. Problem is, his wife left him, he broke down, and skipped town. About three weeks after he finished the motor. The shop working on it now belongs to the son of the guy I bought the car from. He has been there for almost twenty years, and does great work. Very trusted and reputable. The problem here is that the previous owner of the car told me the engine was rebuilt and had many new parts installed including many of the parts that happen to be at fault in this incident. Which leads me to believe the owner was confident the mtor would run fine, but he didn't actually have all the work done to it that he said was done. Who doesn't replace a timing belt when you rebuild a motor? Especially on a toyota.

Posted on Jan 31, 2005, 11:36 AM

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