Need some measurements from people with Ipods!


So I downloaded a "skin template" so I can cut vinyl skins for ipods.

At first glance it looked like one for a mini, but I already drew one of those for myself.

Upon inspection it's too big for a mini, so I'm trying to decide which ipod it will actually fit.

If you can help me determine what kind it is, I'll send you a free skin or stikcer or something!

For starters the

LCD window is approximately 1.6" across x 1.25" tall.
Scroll Wheel is approximately 1.6" in diameter with roughly .4" between the top of the wheel and the bottom of the screen.

If anyone could measure their ipods and let me know what htis might fit I'd love you forever and send you something free!


Posted on Apr 24, 2006, 5:24 PM

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