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Well, after pretty lackluster dyno (212hp @ wheels, 357tq) and major overheating issues, I've found that not only is my 440 dramatically de-tuned, but it's got a blown head gasket. Power alone wasn't enough to get me to pull the engine out of there and rebuild, but now that I have to remove the engine (passenger exhaust manifold bolt is unreachable with engine in the bay), I figure I might as well do it - and do it RIGHT!

Just thought I'd post what I've got so far - there are some pretty engine-savvy people one here, and while I've helped rebuild engines, I've never actually taken part in the configuration stage until now.

So anyway, what I've got so far is :

-440source 500" stroker kit (ending with 496 actual cubic inches) with custom 14cc dished Ross forged pistons (ending with 4.15" stroke, 4.36" bore)
-Block line bored, honed, and decked to 0.000" piston-cylinder height (which, with 84cc combustion chambers, comes to a touch under 10.5/1 compression - perfect for alum heads & 93 octane - with .040" quench)
-.550" lift, 282* duration, 110* sep solid roller cam/lifter set
-Edelbrock Performer 84cc closed chamber heads
-Cometic .040" head gasket
-440source roller rockers
-Edelbrock Performer RPM or Torker-II (haven't decided) intake OR dual quads (more at end)
-Intake will be modified to work with the existing port injection system
-Thorley headers
-48 lb/hr injectors
-2500 rpm mopar performance stall converter

Found a dyno sheet I mentioned on a similar build topped at 528hp/544tq, @ crank, but his config was still standard 440 stroke, and just under 10/1 compression. The extra stroke in my config should increase torque quite a bit (it's a 12% cube increase, I figure it'll probably be 7-8% torque increase and a bit of an hp increase), and the compression should bumpt it a bit too...

So given drivetrain losses, I probably still won't break 500hp at the wheels, but I might break 500tq - and I may come close to 600hp at the crank :D

And either way, it's going to be a monster!

The only think I'm still considering is the intake.. Right now I'm planning on using a standard 4-bbl type intake with a 900cfm 4-bbl type throttle body, but I'm considering switching to a dual-quad intake with two 4-bbl 750cfm throttle bodies. I can get the throttle bodies for $75 each (plus about $100 to have a TPS machined onto one of them), but I haven't really decided on that yet. Since this is going to take some time to build, I don't really have to make that decision for a couple months.

Keep in mind, this car is driven every day, BUT only about a mile a day. In my nasty old 12mpg buick, I filled up the tank about once a month. So, gas mileage isn't a concern at all.

Posted on Aug 30, 2006, 6:10 AM

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