as pc tech gone are the days of compaq or other that used custom ps or mb most pc vendors like hp and compaq use some form of asus or intel stock mb with there bios.if your looking for a gaming pc build your own or buy a bare bones deal.i say this due to most pre build store pc have under size power supply or cases that you can add extra drives or fans. read the online warranty from the vendor very carfully.with best buy and compusa most repairs are not done inhouse but the pc is shipped to a repair depo. most vendor that still have a one year warranty will have you ship the pc at your cost to there repair depo unless they have an rma parts that they alow a user to swap and mail back. (most will charge your credit card if you dont send the part back within a set time).very few vendors still have what called home service unless you want to pay for not buy the extended warranty (the add on spif) the only time it works for you is if your pc is a lemon due to the high cost. your best friend is google to see if your new pc or laptop your going to buy is a lemon. there are a lot of blogs that tell people of problems.

Posted on Apr 23, 2007, 11:59 AM

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