My Father is a Machinist and has built a working prototype and has a patent. He has money for molds (plastic injection) and dies (? stamping metal parts). Hes now looking at manufacturing on a large scale. He has his sites set on a couple hundred thousand stores in the US. He believes the volume hes going for is high enough to warrent having it maufactured in China to save some money. I am just starting to become involved with it, other than him showing and telling me what he has made. He has planned to go to Texas to meet with some of the companies out there soon.

As I said, neither of us have any experience in this area, but hes very anxious. I just dont want him to lose this dream to some scammers. The main company hes looking at right now claims to be "Your One Stop Solution for Product Development and Manufacturing". Hes even talked to the Wal-Mart people and decided they arent big enough, distribution-wise. Not enough money per unit either. We just need to know how to find a Reliable, Reputable company to work with.

Posted on Jun 7, 2007, 9:14 PM

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