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Regarding the August 22nd Hearing for Alvina Jewell (Abney) Robbins Burgin ...

August 23 2013 at 10:23 AM
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Here is a very brief summary of the hearing from yesterday August 22nd in the Jessamine District Court, Probate of Alvina Jewell (Abney) Robbins Burgin’s Estate …

First of all let us state for the record – We filed our case is the Probate Court against Jewell’s Estate as an Individual. The reason for this is that the Judge would NOT allow a Class Claim to be filed on behalf of ALL INVESTORS AS A GROUP.

Filing as an Individual before the Court provides us ALL with a voice and the Judge’s rulings will apply to any investor for protection. My wife and I felt that something needed to be done to PROTECT ALL INVESTORS FROM BEING TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF!!!

We brought this forth to make things public for people to see. It all will come out.
If anyone is reading this update and doesn’t know of our TWENTY FIVE PAGE COURT PETITION that we filed with the Court, please do review this document. Here is the link for it:

Now why review the document? This is what we spent our time on in the Court and I do not have time to type out all the things we presented to the Court. THE PETITION – MOTIONS WE FILED WITH THE COURT TELL EXACTLY WHAT WE PRESENTED TO THE JUDGE!!!

You are looking for what happened in the Court, the Petition-Motion (25 pages) tells what exactly we presented!

The hearing was lengthy and we went past the Motion Hour and the Judge told us she would have to schedule another hearing in a different court to rule on our Petition – Motions. She said that we had run over the time allotted and that the Court house was being secured and locked down for a confidential trial and we would all have to exit the Courthouse so the Sheriff Deputies could search the building and make sure no unauthorized personnel was in the building.

We brought forth numerous witnesses for Testimony to assist us!!! WE EVEN BROUGHT THE HEIRS TO COURT WITH US YESTERDAY FOR THE PROTECTION OF ALL INVESTORS!!!!!!! Yes, we had the entire William Richard Meadows heirs represented in the Courtroom along with documentation from the James Meaders heirs FOR THE PROTECTION OF ALL INVESTORS!

All that Angela Carter, Robert Mercer & Attorney Arvin could present was that everything we presented was hearsay and lies and we were not good people and not worthy to return a phone call, send a letter to or respond by e-mail. WE HAD ALL THE PHYSICAL EVIDENCE TO BACK UP EVERYTHING WE PRESENTED TO THE COURT!

We presented information regarding the contracts, the Cayman Islands companies, entities & accounts that were set up and activities of Jewell’s daughter still selling shares at this time. We provided information where Jewell had a Settlement Agreement for $176,000,000,000.00 (ONE HUNDRED & SEVENTY SIX BILLION DOLLARS) and had already received the first payment of $44,000,000,000.00 (FORTY FOUR BILLION DOLLARS) and that the JEWELL ROBBINS ESTATE HAS NOT SHARED THIS WITH THE COURT OR TURNED OVER ANY MONIES TO THE COURT!!!!!!!

The Judge will hear more testimony & evidence at the next hearing which is on October 1st 2013. There is MUCH, MUCH MORE THAT WE STILL HAVE TO PRESENT TO THE COURT. Jewell had taken several “settlements” years ago that she never disclosed to the Court NOR TOLD ANY OF THE HEIRS & INVESTORS. Jewell Robbins, Robert Mercer, Don House and all of Jewell’s children have NOT spoken to the HEIRS (James Meaders & William Richard Meadows) in over FIVE years!!!!!!!

It will all come out in Court! It is an active ongoing case.

We do not have time to answer hundreds of phone calls, so please do not call us. Please do not call our witnesses and bother them, they will be back in Court with us for the next hearing. Mr. Mercer was passing out our phone number and our witnesses’ phone numbers last night. Please leave them alone and let them tell their testimony to the Judge. It benefits ALL THE INVESTORS!

You can e-mail us the questions; however we will NOT be able to answer them until after the Judge gets finished with the case. We trust you understand why.

The absolute good news is that the Heirs want the investors protected!!! THE HEIRS ARE ON OURSIDE & IF IT WASN’T FOR THE INVESTORS THEY WOULD BE NO WHERE!

Please continue to keep us lifted up in prayer. The prayer has opened many doors and given us information to push this through for the victory for ALL INVESTORS!!!



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