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Navigating WAFF

October 20 2010 at 6:36 PM
Coalde  (Premier Login Faz1)

Note this is a brief overview of the features and functions built into WAFF intended to help new users to get around. If you cannot find your answer in this document, please ask for assistance in our Help, Suggestions & Complaints forum.

The Basics
There, everything you needed to know about getting around on WAFF in 3 bullets, please go explore.

...alright for you bookworms, here is a bit more.

The Navigation Table

The items are being discussed roughly in order from top to bottom as they appear on the page. The main "device for getting around on WAFF is the "Navigation Table"...


...the Navigation Table has two main parts, the "Title Bar" and the "Navigation Grid"...


...both of these, Title Bar and Navigation Grid, has features/links which are as follows.

Title Bar
The title bar has three elements in it.
  • Left WAFF Logo - When you mouseover this it changes to "Vet Forum". The Vet forum is a place for our long time members to post in. If you are not a member of the Vet Club, don't bother clicking on it you won't be able to access that forum.
  • Forum Title/Join WAFF Link - This is a handy way to keep track of which forum you are in. If you click on it you will be taken to a page with instructions on how to join WAFF.
  • Right WAFF Logo - If you mouseover this it changes to "Mod Forum". If you are not a member of WAFF Management, don't bother clicking on it you won't be able to access that forum.
Navigation Grid

The Navigation Grid is a simple 3 x 3 table of links, which link the following way...
The next row contains our regional discussion forums...
The final row provides links to some tools to make your life easier here on WAFF, they function as follows...
Help, Suggestions & ComplaintsThis is a link to our Help, Suggestions & Complaints forum, in this forum you may ask for assistance for something on WAFF, offer us a suggestion which we greatly appreciate or complain about something here on WAFF. Please keep in mind, for complaints we are only responsible for content contained within the WAFF pages.
Social Media Icons
  • [linked image] - Click on this to Tweet about a forum or an individual thread on Twitter. The green check mark means that you are logged into Twitter.
  • [linked image] - Click on this to post a comment on your Facebook wall regarding a thread or forum. The green check mark means that you are logged into Facebook.
  • navwaff10.png - This is a standard Facebook like button, if you don't like us on Facebook already, please like us...we are very insecure.
  • [linked image] - Click on this to email your friends a link to a particular thread or forum.
  • [linked image] - Just bringing your mouse over this allows you send a link to a thread or forum to dozens of social media sites.
navwaff3.pngThe WAFF Tools link has a drop-down menu that appears when you bring your mouse over it. This allows you to click on any of the entries in the menu. The entries function as follows...
  • Join WAFF Now! - If you are not a member of WAFF we strongly recommend you click this link and follow the instructions to become a member of WAFF so you may participate in our lively discussions.
  • WAFF Registration Help - If you have problems posting after you have registered to join WAFF, please use this link to go to the forum and request help (you can't use the main help forum if you don't have a registered WAFF account, so use this one instead.
  • WAFF Testing Forum - This is forum for you to test out your signature (see the posting section below) or just play around with HTML and stuff.
  • The Rules at WAFF - This is a link to the rules and regulations here at WAFF, we strongly recommend that that all WAFFers familiarize and learn these rules.
  • Navigating WAFF - A link to this document for reference purposes.
  • Contact WAFF - This will take you to a page that lists all the members of WAFF management and provides email links to all active members of WAFF Management.

Polls, Features and Causes

If you look on either side of the Navigation Table you will notice either a poll or a Neoworx/Amazon widget...


...the Navigation Table and these icons/pictures/polls are collectively known as the "WAFF Header" and these function as follows...
navwaff8.pngWAFF Polls - WAFF runs polls to gauge our members opinions on various topics. Just select your choice and press the submit button to register your vote. Most polls will also have a link that "Discuss Here..." this is a direct link to a thread on the click on it.
navwaff16.pngNeoworx Hit Counter - Here you can see how many people from each country have came to a particular forum. You can grab the scrolling list and move it up and down. Product Cloud - This is the standard product cloud widget, it provides direct links to items related to the content at WAFF...if you see something that interests you please click on one the links as it helps defer the cost of the forum.

The Message Table

Immediately below the WAFF Toolbar is a brief description of every forum which includes links to register to participate in WAFF and a link to the WAFF Registration Help forum. On occasion there may be a special message below the description this is followed by the "Message Table".


The first item is a list of the people is a list of people currently logged in (within the last 10 minutes, so they might not actually still be there). This is followed by a series of links immediately on top op the message table, these links (from left to right are as follows...
  • Your Login Name - This shows what account you are logged in as.
  • My Account - This provides a link to your Network54 account settings. Here you can add a personal photo/avatar, change your password or a variety of other functions directly related to Network54.
  • Edit Forum - Unless you own the forum you won't see this.
  • Logoff - As it says, this link logs you out of your WAFF/Network54 account.
  • Search - This allows you to search the current forum for a particular word or short phrase, your search can be ordered by the closest match or it can be ordered by date.
  • Chat! - Certain forums have integrated chat rooms, by clicking this you can enter the chat room to chat with your fellow WAFFers (the link will show how many WAFFers are in chat).
  • Post Now! - Clicking this creates a new thread in the forum you are on.
Below these links is the message table proper where all the threads in each forum are available. The table is laid out as follows...
  • Message Title - This the title of thread and since it is BEIGE it is a link, click it to read the the posts in the thread.
  • Author - This shows you which WAFFer created the thread.
  • Replies - This shows you how many replies each thread has received.
  • Last Post - This shows you when the last post was registered, note that WAFF uses GMT as it's timezone.

Thread Reading

When you click on one of the messages (these are called threads) in the message table, you will see the WAFF Header and below that you will be presented with screen similar to this...

navwaff19.png across the top you will see the following links...
  • Previous Topic - a handy link to allow you to look at the Previous thread.
  • Next Topic - a handy link to allow you to look at the Next thread.
  • Return to Index - a handy link to allow you to go immediately back to the main page for that forum.
Immediately below this is the message/post and it provides some additional links...
  • Edit Message - Clicking on this allows you to edit any message that you have posted.
  • Delete Message - You will not see this.
  • Lock Thread - You will not see this.
  • Respond to this message - Clicking on this will allow you to post a response to the message. You will only see this link in the first post and at the end of the thread.
Below this are some additional links that have been described above. This will be followed by the footer, also as described above.

Post Message Screen

If you click either the "Post now!" or "Respond to this message" links, below the WAFF Header, you will see the following screen...


...and here is a brief description of each of the links and fields...
  • Return to Index - a handy link to allow you to go immediately back to the main page for that forum.
  • Login Status - This just shows what account you are logged into...if you expand this selection (little button to the left of the account name) you can log off, which will clear all the fields and take you back to the Forum Index page.
  • Your Name - This is your name here at WAFF, and whatever you enter here will show up under the Author in the message table. If you leave this blank, the author will appear as WAFFer. Note that at WAFF "Your Name", need not match your account name, but please try to keep your name as short as possible. Also please ensure that your name complies with WAFF Rules.
  • Your Email - You can enter your email address here, which is required if you wish to be emailed every time someone posts in this thread. Generally we recommend against providing an email here at WAFF.
  • Message Title - Here you enter the title of your message, note that if you are creating a new thread this will appear under the Message Title in the message table. Also please ensure that your Message Title complies with WAFF Rules.
  • Message Text - Here you enter the text of your message. WAFF supports basic HTML formatting of messages, so feel free to use HTML code in your messages. You cannot directly paste images into messages, you must link to images either on the web or (better yet) in your Photobucket account (see below).
Below the message text field there are several additional features that you can use here at WAFF...


...these work as follows...
Image Services
Image Services - This allows you to post images from your Photobucket account to your posts. Basically you select the image you wish to upload from your PC to Photobucket by clicking on the browse button. Then you click on Upload and once you see the image appear, you copy the URL from the field below the images. Please got to for additional information regarding their service.
OptionsThese are some options for your posts...
  • Enable formatted text - You must check this box if you wish to use HTML formatting in your posts. Please click the Huh? link to get details as to what is supported.
  • Also send responses to my email address - When you check this an email will be sent to the email address you entered in the "Your Email" field anytime someone posts into the thread in question.
  • Include Signature - When you select this your Formatted Text Signature (see below) will be appended at the end of any message you post.
Signature Type
Formatted Text Signature - This is where you enter your text signature, it supports HTML just like the Message Text does. We request that if you wish to test your signature you use the WAFF Testing Forum and that your signature comply with all WAFF Rules.
  • Preview Button - When you click this you will go to a preview screen that allows you to see what your message will look like, from there you can further edit it or if you are content, post the message to the thread. We strongly recommend that you use this function.
  • Post! Button - When you click this you will post your message to the thread.

Finally beneath of all this there are a row of Emoticons for you to use in your posts...


...just click and drag these into your message text, note that this does not work for IE users. The standard ( happy.gif ) and the winking smiley ( wink.gif ) are included directly in the website, so just type the symbol for them and they will appear when you post.

We hope that this document has been able to answer all of your questions regarding the layout and functioning of everything at WAFF, if however you still have a question or something is not clear to you please ask your question in our Help, Suggestions & Complaints forum and we will attempt to answer your question in a timely manner.

WAFF Management

Please work out any matters you have with warnings or bans with the Moderator responsible...only after this has not worked may you e-mail an Administrator for questions about bans or warnings...

World's Armed Forces Forum MikePapa1, Administrator, ASIA & PACIFIC and HISTORY & POLITICS
Element7, Administrator, MAIN FORUM and THE DEN
Coalde, Administrator, GREECE & TURKEY and EUROPE & MIDDLE-EAST

Do not e-mail the forum owner about bans...the final determination on bans rests with the administrators.
World's Armed Forces Forum

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(Premier Login Faz1)

Re: Navigating WAFF

October 24 2010, 10:06 AM 

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