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The Annual WAFF Awards - 2011

November 19 2011 at 5:01 AM
WAFFer  (Premier Login Faz1)

Welcome to the 2011 WAFF Awards!

The categories for this year comprise of the following:

WAFF Award for Military Knowledge:
WAFF Award for Funniest WAFFer:
WAFF Award for Best Poster:
WAFF Award for the Most Intelligent:
WAFF Award for Coolest WAFFer:
WAFF Award for the Best Moderator:
WAFF Award for Best Flamer:
WAFF Award for Biggest Troll:
WAFF Award for the Most Owned:
WAFF Award for Idiot of the Year:

To vote just copy the categories above in this thread and respond to this message. Then paste the categories and add the name of the person you are voting for and a (brief) comment...for example:

WAFF Award for Military knowledge: Mike - Mike's knowledge of which MRE is the tastiest impressed me immensely.
WAFF Award for Funniest WAFFer: Mike - Who doesn't laugh when Mike goes on about "crying titty babbies"?
and so on..

Voting will be counted/verified by the WAFF admins and is secret ballot. Also please note that you will never see your vote as this thread is post moderated (similar to the suggestions and complaints forum), so please use the preview function before hitting the Respond button.

So please have fun guys and show your WAFF pride by voting! It shouldn't take more than a few seconds....and for some of the "winners" this may very well be the greatest achievement of their lives. wink.gif

P.S. - Our awesome resident Graphic Artist, Destan, has graciously created signature awards for all of the "winners", so you will actually be able to prove that you were voted "Idiot of the Year" for 2011...I'd certainly suggest that the winner of that particular award put that on his/her next job application.

Please work out any matters you have with warnings or bans with the Moderator responsible...only after this has not worked may you e-mail an Administrator for questions about bans or warnings...
[linked image]
MikePapa1, Administrator, ASIA & PACIFIC and HISTORY & POLITICS
Element7, Administrator, MAIN FORUM and THE DEN
fariborz_57, Administrator, GREECE & TURKEY and EUROPE & MIDDLE-EAST

Do not e-mail the forum owner about bans...the final determination on bans rests with the administrators.
[linked image]

This message has been edited by Faz1 on Dec 2, 2011 2:18 PM

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(Premier Login Faz1)

Re: The Annual WAFF Awards - 2011

January 2 2012, 9:31 AM 

(You really should press play)

(...really you should!)
First off, I think a round of virtual applause are in order for Mike...for running such a cool forum that all of you must admit, attracts some of the most interesting characters that exist in the ether of the Internet, so kudos to you Mike. Secondly, another round of applause I believe are in order for Destan...who graciously volunteered his time and skills to not only create these awards but many other graphical improvements to the site over the course of 2011, so many, many thanks to you Destan for all your excellent work. A final round of applause are in order for all of you, who make WAFF one of the most unique (and addictive) spots on the Internet...please always keep in mind without your continued participation WAFF would not be here.

Finally, I would like to point out that these awards seem to always go to the most active posters (in their respective categories), so should you desire to become...a living legend on WAFF all that is required is your participation.

So with that out of the way, on to the handing out of signature bling...

The 2011 WAFF Annual Awards
Military KnowledgeMiltaryknowledge.pngCabatli_53 & Irkut
Well as always this is the big award...and it is with great pleasure that we get to announce a tie between two long time and very knowledgeable WAFFers. Cabatli_53 and Irkut both demonstrate an almost encyclopedic knowledge of their respective country's military and we are very happy to have two such fine posters here on WAFF. We ask each and everyone of you to emulate these two outstanding WAFFers and post military articles and questions that grab your interest from all around the world.

...although for the love of God Irkut, could you please post the English text from stories you link to? ...it really helps us on the Search Engines. wink.gif
Funniest WAFFerFunniestWAFFer.pngEl Wapo
TuAF Lightning
Well what to say here...from discussing how he will make Tim Tebow sin, to his skinny dipping adventures with his sister...or his channelling Thunder and/or Dragon posts, El Wapo's posts rarely do not raise at least a passing grin (or eye roll) from all who read them. So we are very happy to present him this award and look forward to more of the same entertaining and amusing posts in 2012.
Best PosterBestPoster.pngProvost
I think it goes without saying that Provost is by far the most prodigious poster of actual military related articles here on WAFF in addition to being a long serving and hard working member of the staff here at WAFF. We certainly ask all of you to follow his example and continue to post interesting and discussion provoking military articles from around the world.
Most IntelligentMostintelligent.pngCoalde
Aryan Arya
Well what to say? I am blushing, certainly we have a great many intelligent and articulate WAFFers and I look forward to engaging them in thought provoking discussions in 2012.
Coolest WAFFerCoolestWAFFer.pngElement
Well it looks like Eric has finally passed his crown as coolest WAFFer on...although Element is checking already to see if he can cover it in tinfoil. wink.gif

Certainly Element is one of the most level headed and patient WAFFer there is and rarely lets a debate opponent get under his skin...something perhaps we should all keep in mind here on WAFF. We look forward to more of his interesting and unique posts in 2012.
Best ModeratorBestModerator.pngKamikaze
If you look under hard working in a dictionary you will find a picture of this dedicated, balanced and tireless member of WAFF staff (...also if you look up "hard partying" in the dictionary, you will also find a picture of Kam... wink.gif ). While Kamikaze certainly deserves this award more than anyone else we can think of, we also think a round of thanks and applause are in order for all of the volunteer staff here at WAFF who give their time so that WAFF can continue to function.
Best FlamerBestFlamer.pngFN
El Wapo
On WAFF this is perhaps the toughest award to win (due purely to it's nature and the number of real competitors that it draws), but we are very happy to give this award to another long time WAFFer, FN. Certainly his ability to get under the skin of the Chinese here at WAFF is beyond legendary (Panda having bookmarked Olympic medal counts for the last 50 years at this point) and we look forward to more entertaining flames from this long time WAFFer in 2012.
Biggest TrollBiggestTroll.pngSerkan
As a self-professed troll, this long time WAFFer never lets contrary facts get in the way of his desperate attempt to engage other human beings in some form of communication...we are all hoping he gets a girlfriend someday before he turns 40.
Most OwnedThemostowned.pngPrado
Well if trolls are desperate for any kind of human interaction, the winner of this award is the WAFFer who most supports his opponents arguments...frequently by posting things without actually reading them in a desperate attempt to support their arguments. With the abdication of Thunder from this category, Prado stepped up nicely and owned himself throughout dozens of threads this year thereby winning this award by a landslide!.
Idiot of the YearIdiotoftheYear.pngTezel
Well our one posthumous award for the year...demonstrating his idiocy spectacularly, Tezel managed to get himself banned several times throughout 2011 and finally wore out the patience of Mike AND all the Administrators and has been permanently banned from WAFF.

Note: Unless a massive wave of forgiveness and charity sweeps over Mike sometime in 2012 and he decides to reinstate Tezel, all votes for Tezel, in any category next year, will be discarded.

Closing Remarks

2011 has been truly a great year for WAFF, traffic has increased dramatically and we have more WAFFers than ever participating in the site. We are all looking forward to having an even better 2012, please remember that WAFF only exists because of the participation of all the amusing and quirky people that WAFF attracts, so get out there and post regularly and often in 2012.

Some notes to the award winners...
  • You are encouraged to use the Award graphic you won in your signature, to do this simply copy the image location and paste it into the "Formatted Text Signature" box of a new post and you are done.
  • We would be very appreciative if you were to put your Award graphic into signatures you use elsewhere on the web and link the image to WAFF's main forum
  • Note that all signature rules still apply to the Award graphics, so please keep that in mind when designing your signature and please use the WAFF Testing Forum and not the discussion forums when testing your signature
  • If you require any sort of assistance in doing any of the above, please post a help request in the Help, Suggestions & Complaints Forum and someone will help you sort out all the HTML formatting and linking...likely Provost. wink.gif
Finally below is the vote count in case any of you care how the WAFF community perceives you...


Please work out any matters you have with warnings or bans with the Moderator responsible...only after this has not worked may you e-mail an Administrator for questions about bans or warnings...
[linked image]
MikePapa1, Administrator, ASIA & PACIFIC and HISTORY & POLITICS
Element7, Administrator, MAIN FORUM and THE DEN
fariborz_57, Administrator, GREECE & TURKEY and EUROPE & MIDDLE-EAST

Do not e-mail the forum owner about bans...the final determination on bans rests with the administrators.
[linked image]

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