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Momentous times

April 25 2011 at 7:10 AM
Striver  (no login)

Response to Ancient wisdom and Bibles

What I find interesting is that in every culture there were ways written down in so called holy books which, if understood esoterically, describe the evolution of mind quality. The Masons have their builders, the Cabala the Tree of Life. Then there is the Zodiac and the Labors of Hercules and lastly the Bible. Understood esoterically, all have identical meanings. Some one had to compose them.

But you are correct. It is time to leave those ancient documents behind and live in the modern world in which science and spirituality (not worshipping religion) are merging. It's really too bad a book like the Tao of Physics cannot become the new Bible. Humanity needs to stop worshipping and begin participating. The Aquarian Age will be one of participation; the realisation of what the Bible means when it says we are Gods, the Word (God) made flesh. As one of the Masters put it, "out of a wild jungle I can raise a grove, but a stone polished by worshipping foreheads will not produce a seed."

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