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The Astral planes

August 12 2011 at 12:13 AM
Jackie  (Login BlueJudah)

Just came across this thread at Davey's old forum (David was an 'Enlightened Christian' who used to impress me from time to time, then fell into Depressions. I lost touch. Hope he is ding OK).

Striver posted this particular post in the thread

I've been dealing with this Astral Plans business since about 1975 when I began holding beginner classes. Those who fool with it are facinated by it, believe it to be a source of spiritual information. It is Disney World. Even the very highest level of the astral is illusiory. To say those addicted to it are angered by people like myself saying these things is an understatement. I speak from o.j.t.

Our job is to be about our Father's business; to become what the woman in Matthew 13:33 is a symbol for; to make our vessel sanctified and meet for the Master's use. What Master? Us, the true us, the God that is using a vehicle...body as a means to express itself.

Even a god cannot sound its intended note, adding it to the planetaty symphony, if its instrument is out of tune. Our physical instrument, our brain, has to be tuned to where it resonates to the tuning fork called the god within. Only the "god within" can accomplish this, not some "disembodied liar" as Morya calls them, on the Astral.

Both the Eastern and Western "Bibles" tell us we are gods. Once we come to understand what is meant by this "god" we also see that we...god... need no help from Spirit Guides or information from Astral levels. There are spiritual guides allright, they're called the gods within...called in the Philosophy "Solar Angels."...the Bible calls them "Fallen Angels."

The Astral Plane is Halloween. Children are facinated by Halloween. At some point however, it is time to put childish things away and become spiritual adults; again, the woman symbol in Matthew 13:33. This is humanity's function in the germination of the seed idea, Earth. If humanity doesn't, as a unit, perform this function, the seed will die and become, like the Moon, a dead and decaying obstruction in space.

Sorry bout the long post. I got into it and couldn't get out.



I used to 'argue' (wink.gif) with Striver time and again that the Atral may have it's purpose, we who 'explore' just need to keep grounded. Of course, I agre that the work we need to do is Earth Work, and with Ourselves. When we be the best we can, it has a knock on effect, imo.

And until we be the best we can, as a critical mass, we cannot push our own evolution - maybe. wink.gif

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"It is only once we've lost everything, we are free to do anything."

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