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Cplatts "every man for himself" philosophy won't elevate cryonics.

December 13 2010 at 10:37 PM
Rick  (Login recreation)
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Response to CPLATT'S articles turned down by Alcor Cryonics mag

CPlatt makes his position regarding cryonicists' funding their preservation, storage and reanimation... he basically writes that it's every man for himself. That belief stems from an atomistic reductionism that leads societies in general to civil strife and tyranny by oligarchies. It'll happen to cryonics too if not challenged and defeated. Unperson has challenged that notion on CF... and rightly so.

Cryonics is an idea-- an integrated idea. Cryonicists have to concieve of making cryonics happen for everyone who wants it on agreeable and well defined terms that eliminates elitism... We have to learn to accomodate everyone... and not simply say that the wealthy get preferred preservation... and the poor get lousy treatment. After all, we're talking about the end of life here... which is the great equalizer. All men die, wealthy and poor alike. At the point of death, the rich man ought to make one last attempt to merge his humanity with his fellow man and leave his estate as a bequest that helps both himself and others... in that way he elevates cryonics as a whole... as an idea... and thus does his greatest service and opportunity to himself for his own reanimation.

The trend has been for the wealthy in cryonics to create perpetual trusts.. the most bizarre concept in the history of humanity. What kind of dying man thinks of his reanimation fund when reanimation is best made possible by contributing to the whole effort of cryonics as an integrated and achievable aim for every man who want it? It's short sightedness to believe that one's self-interest is found in one's own pursuit alone... Self interest is actually found in the interests of the other. That philosophy is difficult for reductionists to see-- but it's easy for integrated people to see. Let's elevate cryonics to an integrated effort... and think of the common interest of all cryonicists... all for one and one for all.

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