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Best preservation not guaranteed if new funding minimums not met.

December 18 2010 at 1:01 PM
rick  (Login recreation)
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Response to BOARD of ALCOR

The famous blogpost by Chapman effectively cancelling grandfathering (after several articles in various publications on this) is not being openly discussed online. Chapmans email to me that local residents would probably be okay for now is saying, if you interpret anther way, that the current 50K neuro will not be treated as an 80K neuro, even if local-- neccessarily (if nothing else comes up). And that only applies to the current time period.

The future will be worse for a 50 neuro member like me... in that the value of the 50K contiually falls with inflation... so Alcor will give a less and less viable preservation, relative to the current technology of the time, as decades go by.

Given that, there's no point in maintaining membership at a grandfathered 50K... and given that membership fees are increasing to almost $1000 per year from my original $300 per year in 1991, I "fold" (as they say in cardgames when the betting gets too rich for a player). I've already sunk 20 years of membership fees into Alcor, mistakenly thinking I was buying the best preservation each year into the future for 50K. That's 20 years X about 300, 400, 500 and now 800 per year... for roughly 10K.. which could have been invested for my later years when I'm less able to work (since life extension isn't panning out either). On top of that, I sunk another 10K into life insurance installment payments... a policy I would not have otherwise bought... grand total about 20K...

If I keep my membership, I would end up paying probably 1000 at least per year for 20 years... doubling my past 20 years of membership... for 20K.. .and I just don't want to do that anymore. I've had an epiphany of a sort... and it's more important to me to invest in good dental care maintenance and anti-aging crapshoots like PQQ or at least in long term saving for older age.

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