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LATER YEARS - not the same as earlier years.

December 21 2010 at 10:04 PM
Rick  (Login recreation)
from IP address

My later years-- now in my 50's -- don't feel at all like my younger years... 20s, 30s, even 40s. I'd say things changed really rapidly from age 50 to 53. I'm afraid for my future now. I don't feel like I have "time" anymore. There are problems I can't resolve... as I thought I could when younger. I'm not "set up" for later years... at all. I'm in trouble in many ways... and I have to unload cryonics expenses... as well as a lot of other expenses... and be much more careful... I can't take the agony and pain of mistakes anymore. All this might lead to my resignation of my Alcor membership... costing more and more... with the concept of a 50K policy maintaining its worth long gone...

Even Rudi's offer of 100K insurance through a transfer plan... which would cost more than twice my current policy-- consider economical-- is not going to be viable for me, I don' think. Membership is too costly relative to other costs I have in my life now... and the urgent need to save more... for my "late late" years...

My situation is not conducive to the easy going way I had earlier about cryonics... the idea that it would all work out somehow... it's not working out "somehow"... not at all. I wonder if this is what all those Alcor dropouts go through that Alcor publishes but never comments on? They write about the "net gain" in members.... as if the loss of members is just a number... when they're actual human beings with stories to tell... and they never do despite the interent. I've never seen a member on Cryonet write "I had to drop my membership today because"...

I'm the only writer online who is confessing to things I'm confessing to. Why is that? Is there something wrong with me? Or do I understand what the whole purpose of writing is in an ostensibly free society... turning more and more fascistic, corporatist and dumbed down? See the blogs on google blogsearch and you'll get guys like Reason, or Maxim or the Oregon crowd... but never the cryonics dropouts. I might be the first cryonics dropout who continues to write.

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