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Alcor could create a new fund too.. based on my idea of equitable cryonics coverage.

December 23 2010 at 1:00 PM
Rick  (Login recreation)
from IP address

Response to Left message with Martine Rothblatt on leaving my insurance money and estate to Terasem...

It occurs to me that Alcor could create a "Cryonics Equity Fund"... as well.... not an endowment... but a giant fund out of bequests/estates ... at the request of the person leaving the estate. I'm sure the guy who left Alcor several million dollars recently did NOT anticipate Alcor would lock it up in an endowment... HE should have seen to it that a NEW FUND was created within Alcor to "help everyone in need" and he could have been the first to "set an example".

The wealthy cryonicists who plan on "permanent individual trusts" should be reprimanded... and told that that is not the way to build a cryonics future... that the cryonics future relies on bequests to the GENERAL POOL ... to the CRYONICS EQUITY FUND.....that takes care of everyone who joins the organization... and that FAST high tech cryonics is AVAILABLE TO ALL who join the organization... as long as we have good indicators and verification that they intend to leave 'some" life insurance... as they see fit.. without specific amounts... and bequest money...

The MORAL CODE of helping the higher mission of cryonics to "help yourself" would be "preached" in "sermons" again and again, weekly... to raise people in cryonics to the moral code that taking care of all takes care of each... that the CRYONICS EQUITY FUND.... will be HEALTHY forever as long as we have "church members" who see this mission for what it is... seeking immortliaty.

The advantage Martine Rothblatt and Terasem have at the moment is that they value digital life as well... where Alcor has no accomodation for that... but then Terasem doesn't have it's own cryonics crew either. It is possible that Terasem could COOPT Alcor... and take over... establishing the cryonics equity fund... within Alcor AND having a team. The beauty of Terasem is that is raises our sights and vision to an EVEN HIGHER MISSION than simply cryonics for OURSELVES.. but cryonics within a context of the "quest for DIVERSITY , unity and JOYFUL IMMORTALITY"...

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