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Are Alcor members underfunded because they were undersold?

December 24 2010 at 10:39 PM
Rick  (Login recreation)
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Response to Rudi makes no secret of the fact he has 2M in life ins for family + cryonics

Rudi indicated to me that it would interesting to consider an inflation and technology increase-adjusted number for a "cryonics futures contract" that had a nominal amount of insurance consistent with the end of the life expectency of the member. He himself has, in my estimation, a million for his own cryonics plan... he's the same age as me.. 53.. life expectation... roughly in the 80's somewhere officially...

...BUT... he's actually selling LOW BALL figures... of 100 or 200 or 300,000. He's got 80% of the cryonics insurance business... and has been selling cryonics insurance since 1978... a long time... which means that (sorry Rudi, to point this out)... that he may have been INSTRUMENTAL in low balling... the real cost... of cryonics to buyers of cryonics insurance.. and thus part of the cycle that produced today's problem that CPlatt points to of the "funding gap"...

As a piano salesman, I understand what Rudi did. A lower priced sale is an "easier" sale. I could sell a $4000 piano more easily and often than a $20,000 piano. I often "assumed" that the prospect would be a candidate for the lower priced instrument... after qualifying them.. BUT... I do wonder what would have happened to my piano sales if I made no such assumption... ??? What if "Playing a Piano" REQUIRED a Grand Piano of at least 5'8" which would run at least $12,000 ... and that anything "less" was a "toy"???.. not worthy of the name "piano"? I don't know.

In the cryonics business... the ONLY product worth anything is "the grand piano"-- isn't it? Anything less... is a mere semblance of cryonics... and Rudi proves that personally as having bought the $1M nominal amount. Was Rudi selling policies of nominal amounts of 50K or 100K etc... as a way to make an easy sale... ?? KNOWING that that would not cut it... 50 or 80 years down the road for the client... and USING the idea that "economies of scale" would "kick in".. when in fact there is no sign of that and may not be for hundreds of years?

No log in needed at this time to post. Let's hear your story on your life insurance! The funding gap situation at Alcor is serious and demands everyone's attention.

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