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Does the "mortician method" capture cell integrity well enough to say this is "cryoni

December 25 2010 at 1:52 PM
Rick  (Login recreation)
from IP address

Response to Ettinger back in the loop? -- with an interesting perspective.

This debate has gone on for years... and I still don't know that answer. Ettinger puts forward the "local mortician method"... which seems to me to be ignoring the "high tech" aspects of what an SA or Alcor standby team is supposed to able to do... that's why the higher costs...

Ettinger wrote

"The Suspended Animation herring: Some within CI advocate buying service from Suspended Animation Inc. (SA), at a huge price increase which would make the total comparable to Alcor's, Elsewhere I have explained why I think this is a very bad and unnecessary idea. Any member or small local group, with a bit of effort and modest expense, can arrange standby that will be both cheaper and faster and more reliable. This isn't just speculation either--it's what Mae and I did when we lived in Arizona, and it worked very well when she died. Basically you just hire local morticians, train them, equip them, and pay them an annual retainer for a yearly practice session. Modest expense, quick response, high reliability, none of which are offered by SA. "

Maxim has pointed out deficiencies in SA... since 2007... as well as at Alcor...

... presumably she as pointed out those deficiencies at CI using morticians as welll... Here is a search of her
INDEX that I encouraged her to install on her blog... which I motivated her to create... on "cryonics institute"....


From what I can quickly gather, and from my reading of Maxim since 2007, she doesn't really hold CI's up to as
much of a spotlight as other operators... HOWEVER... she DID POINT OUT that CI's method of reading
perfusion pressures was WRONG FOR YEARS....

The best way to garner the capability of CI.. .is to read Best... but Best is in favor of SA working with CI...
whereas Ettinger is NOT...

To winnow this down... we'd have to have Maxim comment on CI's use of the "mortician method"... I'll
ask her to do that.

No log in needed at this time to post. Let's hear your story on your life insurance! The funding gap situation at Alcor is serious and demands everyone's attention.

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