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June 23 2012 at 10:19 PM


NWA-BR TSC OBR-R/P 06/23/12

Mother Nature must not have heard the "Positive Feedback" I gave to her about the last match!!!!!!!!!
Today must have been "That Time of the Month" for Mother Nature.
She gave us the Brutal Wind and Rain and tried to make us Cancel and go home.............................
BUT, we all stuck it out and completed the first Combo Rifle & Pistol Bench Rest Match for NWA-BR.
There were four of us competing plus a Father and Son Team that shot in their initial exposure to Bench Rest.
Pat Scott and son, "Z" came with their "Break Barrel" Scoped GAMO and did exceptionally well despite having
absolutely NO experience in Bench Rest Shooting.
Dave set them up with bags for front and rear and we ALL gave about 20 years of guidance condensed into a
15 minute briefing.
Dave and John provided them with "Target" diabolo ammo since all they had was "Hunting" pointed ammo.
We had to put awning covers over the targets, because of the rain, and that helped SOME, but they still got soaked.
Twice we had to call a "Cease Fire" to correct target stands that had been blown over by the wind.
Jim Benson kicked everyones hind end with his FWB P70 and we thought we might get some recognition once
we started the Pistol Session.
We were Wrong..................he tore us up there also with his CROSMAN 1701P.
It was , HIS DAY, AGAIN, even though he was constantly telling us how bad he was doing.................Yea, Right!!
He was todays Match Winner with a 1036/26X out of a possible 1110/111X in very "Un-enjoyable" weather.
John lost ground at todays events because he "FORGOT" his Bench Rest Pistol.
He decided he wanted to show us how well he could do with his CO2 Action Pistol.
He was struggling at a distance 5 times further than what the pistol was designed for, but we were proud of him
giving it his all. Check the photo of one of his targets that was so far away for his gun that the pellets didn't even
go through the target!!!!
I decided that, as the Match Director, I would give him a "100 Point Handicap", but I didn't tell him.
I should have...............because he gave in and started firing at his targets "Rapid Fire" AND "Shooting Flies",
which we all he is prone to do at times.
Long Story Short............he didn't turn in any of his pistol targets.
Next Months Air Gun Bench Rest Match will continue with the same program format as we had today.
We look forward to seeing Pat and "Z" at next months match and hopefully more folks will come out and join us
in our Fun Times.

Benson-MW-1036/26X, R=708/19X, P=328/7X
Dodge-2d-976/17X, R=657/14X, P=319/3X
Brown-3d-968/15X, R=663/11X, P=305/4X
Calhoun-4th-673/9X, R=673/9X, P=DNF
Scotts-were in training today

The Scotts went to the Puyallup Gun Show and Jim, Dave, John and JD adjourned to SHARI'S for lunch and
discussed the days events.
See ya'll next time!!

"It's an AIR Thing, You wouldn't understand"

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