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results San Diego airgunerd BIG BR50 match 6-24-12

June 25 2012 at 12:05 AM
howard  (Login deleterman)

Boy Howdy what a day at the you can see it was a up side down day. for some reson you could go from 1st to last just like that..! that old devil wind was out i was ready to clean that target ..i had some real good pellet that i weighed out and lubed in fact i gave some to Roger can see what happened to him...
Target 1.
1. Roger Lovett.----4700
2. Ron Fusik.-------4100
3. H.Pray.----------3975
4. B Baylis.--------565
Target 2.
1. Ron Fusik.-------3945
2. H.Pray.----------3860
3. R.Lovett.--------3750
4. B.Baylis.--------1465
I was bumpped out of the sweet spot but scored well anyway.
thanks guys for all your help.H.B.

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