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Welcome to our Chainsaw carving forum. Anyone can start a new thread or make a comment please do so. This is a great venue to learn about chainsaw carving, promote your work, share ideas, photos and list events. On this type of forum posts stay to be seen rather than scroll by unseen. The other cool thing is posts are saved on the World Wide Web so they come up in Web searches. By using key words like you would on your web site you can promote your work, Web sites and events. In order to post photos you need a photo bucket account.
Thank you to all who attended the Big Buzz Chainsaw Carving Festival in 2016 the 2017 event will again be held over Columbus Day weekend here in Vermont.

Don't be shy starting a discussion or respond to a post. Thank you. Contact Barre Pinske directly at The views expressed on this forum are the views of the person making them they may not be reflective of the group as whole or Barre Pinske and should be considered as such. Some personal feelings are real others are intended as humor or made to create controversy. We don't define intent here or explain motives it's all in good fun. I hope you enjoy the forum.

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