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Not liking Winter!

February 2 2017 at 5:11 AM

Barre  (Premier Login 1pinske)

It's an icy mess up here in Vt. yesterday I went to look at wood on an unfamilure road it has a sharp turn to segway a RR track the corner was ice and my car broke loose into the snow bank I went. Noting to bad happened to the car but it still was not fun. Then. I went to the Select board meeting and decided to visit Richie. It was dark and there was a slushy pot hole i stepped in dropping my phone in the water soaking my feet and glove as I quickly grabbed my phone. The one only splashed in and it's a 7 so it's water resistant but still not fun. Then I went out to the wood pile with a big bucket to get wood that down hill path is solid ice with a nice light dusting of snow over it I fell down on that too. I think I have been trying to ignore the inconveniences of this time of year but yesterday I could not do it. Sales out of the gallery are slow too I am going to try real hard to make a plan to be able to get away next year or save some dough. I've never minded a struggle and I don't have it that bad but Winter makes things way harder there is no question about it.
Keep your saw in the Wood!


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dr phil
(Login buzzsawz)

insanity is the artists friend

February 2 2017, 9:05 PM 

poor unsuccessful artist are crazy , rich wonderfully successful artists are crazy the difference is not crazy or crazy . quit worrying about sales and money ru a slave to money or is money your slave and you put it to task as its task master . can you see what others don't a patron of the arts is the goal money is transmutable into another form art is the final form its omega existence money is alpha art is omega its the goal of the artist to move art through the process . if you end up sleeping in your car for heat your sleeping in a Mercedes

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