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Any thoughts

April 8 2017 at 3:36 PM
Lusttruck  (Login Losttruck)

So I'm new to carving with a saw not new to being around saws cut fire wood all my life but craving today it popped in my head an was curious if anyone else had this idea or tried it so chainlube has anyone ever used veggie oil I wasn't a fan of the red lube getting on in the wood an being a new bar an chain an knowing better would never run it dry just wanted to see what people are using any thoughts an or ideas would be awesome cheers everyone

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(Premier Login 1pinske)

Re: Any thoughts

April 8 2017, 5:29 PM 

Go the the search and you will find lots of posts. Many carvers use canola oil. Not all bar oil is red. Most carvers burnish their sculptures the oil on the surface has no effect.
Keep your saw in the Wood!


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(Login Losttruck)

Re: Any thoughts

April 8 2017, 7:16 PM 

Awesome thank you an red is just what I had kicking around I had a few gallons given to me a yr or so back but I do like the idea of canola oil I can get it an bulk an it's cheap as well I know I still have to sand an burn what I'm carving still bugs me thou lol im kind of a clean freak sometimes with my work I appreciate the imput all search the forum a little more cheers

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