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Selling out

April 22 2017 at 6:20 PM
Indy  (Login D.R.)

Having all but quit carving, I am selling my trailers and Trucks. Right now I have my 27' twin axel trailer for sale. Some of you old timers have seen this trailer. I had it special made with 8' sides, the box is 24' long. It has full ramp in back, ramp door on road side and entrance door on curb side. Electric lights trough out and receptacles also. Has a propane heater on curb side inside wall. In my younger days I have sleep in this trailer at deferent shows and when heater is on high it gets warm inside.
It has a nice work bench in the front end. It did have shelves on the sides to put small carving on but I removed them.
I have had upwards of 250 carvings of all sizes in this trailer. Tires in good shape, I be leave I put them on new back in 2013 or 14. I used this trailer for only 3 shows each year. So tires don't have much use.
The inside is well keep, the outside is weathered with some letters still on it. Those I'm working on taking off. Just thought if there is a young carver looking to expand and needs a descent big trailer to haul carvings and possible make a living quarters in it. Just give me a call 574-586-7175 or you can text me at 574-607-5228 for pictures. I don't know how to post picks here. I have 10grand in this set up when I ordered it new. Asking $4000.00
Thanks Doug R

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(Login buzzsawz)

hate to see you go

April 23 2017, 7:30 AM 

have you sold your cabin in tenn yet I'm debating about buying a piece of land and build one from scratch to sale or weekend rental I need projects I get bored . somebody will get a good deal on that trailer setup

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(Login buck893)

Re: Selling out

April 23 2017, 8:03 AM 

Hate to hear you are giving it up but I understand for sure. You sure sold a lot of stuff out of that rig and it is a nice one. I'm in the same boat and like you I have enjoyed the whole thing. My daughter is taking over my trailer and my business. Gook luck old friend.

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(Login D.R.)


April 23 2017, 3:31 PM 

Sold it last month Buzz. Guy walked in and paid cash. Man I like them kind. He's going to use it for his get a way and work at home office. Some kind of a insurance investigator Doctor or something like that. Does all his work on a computer and at home. So its going to be his office in the mountains. His wife works in Chattanooga and lives in the condo down town. Nice couple. he's talking about adding on a big bed room, etc. Great, good to know someone will be taking care of it and not just trashing it.

All most giving it up Art. Still going to do a on-site now and than. But no more of those 3' + diam and 10' tall ones. Keeping my feet on the ground. Don't do any shows any more, reason for getting rid of the big trailer. Time to get picky and play around. Got me a new Harley to putt around on, and still looking for the right classic mussel car. I guess we never can give it up carving totally can we.
Coming your way in May hope to stop in and see how your doing. Till than take care and hope you get back on your feet soon. I cant imagine the CS Art World with out you and your Indians. See you soon buddy.

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(Login D.R.)

forgot to mention

April 23 2017, 3:46 PM 

Our daughter and her husband will be taking over some of the shows and doing inventory, etc. We are picking up a new 16 foot trailer in the morn for them to haul inventory to shows, etc. The old one is just to big for them to pull with a 150 pickup. So I suppose I'll get roped in to helping now and than. If they can catch me.

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(Login D.R.)

Trailer Picks

April 25 2017, 7:32 AM 

Over on the carvers forum I sent some picks of trailer to forum leader Jerry. He said he'd post them for me. Thank you my friend.


The trailer is a 2003 Coyote Pup made by Timber Wolf in Middlebury IN. Long closed down now do to the economic crash.

Anyways the box is 24 1/2 feet long X 7 1/2 feet wide. The rear door height is 7' and total center height is 7'9".

As you can see in the picks when they get posted the inside is in some what decent condition. Usually the first thing that falls of are those little thin wood strips they staple over the seams of the plywood. There all intact. the floor is in good condition other then some paint from finishing carvings at shows.
the out side is pretty marked up do to years of hanging carvings and leaning them against the trailer. It isn't pretty but it is still sound. And speaking of sound I assume your wondering what the little mail boxes are for in the front of the trailer. Its to catch your air mail when your away from home, LOL just kidding that was a old stupid joke LOL. They have speakers in them so you can attach a radio on the inside of trailer and play music when out side doing demos. I always set my canopy in the front of the trailer when demoing.

The wall heater stays with it. Its a Glo-Warm 20,000 btu. Works fine. But you don't get my Bar-B-Q propane tank with it. That you will have to supply your self. Right now it has a electric tong lift on it. If it gets sold before I put the old crank back on then it goes with it, with out my boat battery though.

After thinking about it I really don't need this trailer anymore. Soooo heres the deal, if a carver wants it and you have to travel a distance to get here I'll help ya out. For every 100 miles you have one way I'll deduct 100$ up to 1000 miles. that could be up to 1000.00 bucks off. If that's not a good deal then lets talk.

Stop over there and take a peek.
Thanks berry for letting advertise this on your forum.

I'd like to make a suggestion to all the CS forum leaders.

Why not set aside one day a week for all members to sell equipment pertaining to carving or work shops. Everyone post under the same post. We all have tons of old unused stuff or dead saws that someone might be able to save some bucks by buying on here. Heck I'd even be willing to pass on a small percent or a donation to the forum to help pay for its up keep. As I said just a suggestion. Think about it, there are plenty of sites out there that started out small and are now the biggest retailers in the world. Its something I think we need. With a lot of us old timers slowing down it would be great to help out a new b to save money. Heck if I knew anything about these computers and how it all works I state a site just for used equipment for carvers. One thing, no retailers selling there new stuff, there's plenty of them out there with out loading up a site like described. But of course that's up to hum ever jumps on this idea.

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(Login D.R.)

Re: Trailer Picks

April 25 2017, 7:35 AM 

sorry for the miss spelling on some of the words above. My fingers cant spell worth a damn.

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