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My small trailer

April 29 2017 at 8:53 AM
Indy  (Login D.R.)

is ready to go. I have my 6' x 14' v-nose 2007 United trailer to sell now. This trailer was used for doing on-sites.

Tires are a few years old 3 or 4 also. When I put tires on things, I put them on everything the same year. It was used a lot more then the big trailer. I liked doing on sites a lot more then doing shows. So it did get used and has its war wounds but is still sound. Paid 3495.00 when it was new. Asking $1400. OBO. Hey I have to start some place. Its black, 3500 # duel axle and has a spare tire. Has a work bench in the nose. Has a ramp door in the back and levelers in the back also. Side entrance door.

I did blow a tire once (please no wise cracks LOL)and it wrinkled up the finder some, well I mean a lot. Not as pretty as when it was new but will still do the job. Finders can be bought at a fare price if it bothers yah. If anyone wants picks of ether of the trailers, email me and I'll send a couple.

On the little trailer. It measures 12' from back to where the V nose begins. than its 2 more feet to the point of the V, then to the end of the tongue total measurement is 15 1/2 Feet. So I guess its called a 6 X 14' trailer.

I will be selling my dually some time this year also. A 3500, 2005 crew cab Silverado 8' bed with only 108,000 miles. Loaded. more on that later.

Thanks Barry for the opportunity to use the forum this way. I'm just getting started or should I say I'm retire ring. More to come.

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(Login D.R.)


April 30 2017, 11:31 AM 

Little trailer is gone. Neighbor got it.

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