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Busy Spring

May 10 2017 at 6:09 AM

Pinske  (Premier Login 1pinske)

Believe it or not there was snow on the mountain tops Monday night. I am still heating my building good thing I have wood to burn. Rich Koons an I did a little show together actually I carved and he sold his stuff! How does that work? I think I should get a commission on everything he sells for the rest of his life all I do is make that kid money! We used his truck, trailer and pop ups so it was easy for me you can't do a show out the back of a Mercedes.

A tree fell across the road so folks could not leave we went to cut it up and can back to a broken tent. The wind was whipping. Life is good in Vermont. I am thinking living someplace with better weather would be nice. I think I'm going to start thinking about a new building big open warm and well lit.
Keep your saw in the Wood!


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dr phil
(Login buzzsawz)

heres 8 places to go

May 10 2017, 12:40 PM 

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