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Summer season is coming soon

May 15 2017 at 8:16 PM

Barre  (Premier Login 1pinske)

Here's to hoping everyone has a good Summer season and rolls into fair season nicely. It was a tough Winter and crap Spring up here. I have had commissions that I did too cheap and took up too much time. A couple of guys who I thought were my friends did not do anything close to what I had hoped in deals I made.

It seems the economy is getting a little better homes are moving again up here for more reasonable prices. The last couple of years places that sold were going very cheap. There are five places in my neighborhood that were on the market when I bought my place nine years ago that still have not sold.

I am going to try to add a paper work element to my business to see exactly what's going on. I have to bid jobs better and also have some inventory I have none of my easy sellers in stock and much on order. Maybe I have to add a little to the prices. It seems there is a point where things sell and another not so I have always thought the market set the price more than I do.

I have no help here maybe when things get rolling we will see. Sorry for not posting more I have not been doing as much social Media as I use too. I'm interested in it but I have been working hard and being out doors more.

Keep your saw in the Wood!


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dr bobs
(Login buzzsawz)

glad you survived the winter bear

May 16 2017, 1:56 PM 

us wannabes are looking for you to succeed so we can say we knew that artist he is famous for bowls funny chairs and Scrappy doo bears the sad truth some are failing shows cancelled that had real talent real pros big names now gone like a fumbled football in the last quarter of the game . make us proud bear even though your show got kicked down to Cavendish your still holding the ropes . just be glad Vermont does not have termites or you would be living in a shack less than 200 years old . I have come to the conclusion you are worth what you ask 20 dollar art will put one in a place they never recover from it creates a flea market mentality in the art patron big prices lead to big bank accounts prop your left eye open with a toothpick fiend and you will see we are what we eat and known by our art stay artistic big paydays are soon to be realized !!!!

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(Login OldHick)

The Bear came out of his den !! Happy Summer

May 17 2017, 4:42 AM 

Geeze Barre, I thought you got kidnapped, or something. The forum is boring without your words of wisdom.....

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(Premier Login 1pinske)

Re: The Bear came out of his den !! Happy Summer

May 17 2017, 10:02 AM 

I have got to get into social media a bit more. There is so much happening on line it's a lot to keep up with. I have been trying to get wound up I have orders I have been putting too much time into and no inventory. It sucks having people stop and not having anything for them to buy. I really need to get a good balance of my time. Hopefully this Summer will be good I can pay my shit down and save a bit to get through the Winter better. I want to get my back shop fixed up so I have more comfortable work space. Everything is going up in price except my work! I think Buzz is right we have to present our selves has having value or people will not respect us. I have my CNC working great I just need to be able to afford to hire someone to run it to really get all the return I can.

We don't have out house's up here so I don't have that high end decor market like Buzz has. Rich Koons is doing well down the road from me we need more carvers up here. I would like to be a destination for people who like wood sculpture.
Keep your saw in the Wood!


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(Login D.R.)

I agree

May 19 2017, 12:32 PM 

The people are happier then they been in 8 years.

I am trying to quit and just pic and choose what I want to carve. But people wont let me. Its not hard to tell them I quit doing shows cause I never cared about doing them anyways.
But when they want a stump done I have a hard time saying no. Have 5 lined up and have turned done as many. Leaving in a week to deliver some carvings to Gary Paterson's wife for her shop. Daughter carved all of them. I guess once it gets in your blood its hard to stop.

What's Rich doing that your not? if he is doing so good.

You might try and treat it like a job. Make your self start and stop at designated times each day and take any 2 days off to do other stuff not related to carving. We would start by 10am and stop by 5pm each day. When you have neighbors, if there not up and out by 10 to damn bad and 5pm is a good time to quit, that's when the neighbors get home. If your out in the country then anytime is a good time.

As far as orders, when you have a shop you have to keep stocked. Why not have 3 days to do shop stock and two days for orders. Buddy it really sounds like you need a work plan on a chalk board.

Pick the 3 days your shop in normally busy with customers and do shop stock carvings, that away customers won't interfere with your concentrating on orders you have to get done the other 2 days.

I'm serious, you have to take a couple days away from it each week just like working for someone else. This gives us the since of Friday is coming and then its time to party. Put up a closed sign and leave if you don't have regular home work to keep up with.

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