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August 6 2017 at 5:42 PM
Indy  (Login D.R.)

OK. I just went back to face book to see if I could figure it out now that I'm a bit older. Last time and only time I was there was 2011.
Soooooo how does this work. There are a endless number of folks and post on my old site that I have no idea who they are. I still don't get it. Took me the better part of an hour to find the log out button. Why would they not have that in the bar visible rather then in a pull down?

My main question I need help with is, How can I delete this old site and start over with a new one? or can't I do that?
Also I only want friends I know not everyone else's friends. The whole world doesn't need to know who I am or who my friends are.

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(Login D.R.)

Re: FaceBook

August 7 2017, 2:08 PM 

Ok I found out if I close my account I will never be able to get on again. Not that I have ever been on it more then twice as it is.

So still debating if I want to dump it or not. Some say its great time will tell.

I just don't get it why you all would rather be on a site that is half advertising and half the people you don't even know.

Rather then on a forum where you talk to like minded folk. Not bothered with half the screen full of adds, and post from friends of friends of friends talking about nothing.

Am I that much more deferent then most. I just don't understand telling the whole world about your self to strangers.

I signed up on it back in 2011 because my daughter were on me too. Was On it once, maybe twice and never went back. So just got back on and the post from people on my site is endless. I keep going and going and finely stopped. Crap on there has nothing to do with carving or me at all.

Is that what you all deal with? Why? When you can come to a forum and talk directly to a person, show your pictures but not to the whole world.

Ho well I guess I am done crying, time to cook a steak on the barbee and have a cold beer.

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dr phil
(Login buzzsawz)

facebook is a liberals wet dream so

August 7 2017, 7:24 PM 

they can be social justice warriors I saw an old post of somebody from California crying I was racist and i had plaques my dog bites demoncrats . well I have obummer art !!!!!chicken obummers obummers in fry pans obummer board carvings. said she would have spent money with me but after seeing how racist she would not well hell I only accept confederate money a lot of my friends are slit eye Asians or wetback Mexicans . I was working out in the gym one time and my Mexican friend was there and I was helping a lady set up a machine and she was dissing about Mexicans I said I don't like em either and I started hollering at my friend I was going to whip him she about had a stroke . rabid racists and social justice warriors are of the same coin fanatical dummies . suckerberg runs faceless book for the cia as a facial recognition tool and a way to track you through the internet so they can bombard you with ads and sale stuff . facebook can get mean just like here , had a lot of folks get mad about my rat in the hat al Sharpton pics haha!!!! hell I cant stand republicans either paul opie ryan is the worst what about john McCain what a traitor and that was while he was a prisoner of war last of his class trump was right and Lindsey graham he might as well be a tranny . and nancy Pelosi lets pass obummer care so we can figure out whats in it total imbescile and Hillarys Clintons could not even travel the country and give speeches but when she did she coughed like a TB patient and would collapse and screwed over the communist Bernie the colonel sanders . if Bernie was fit to be president why is Vermont such a hell hole he is helping run it . Georgia has larger counties then Vermont haha , one thing is for sure government is one big swamp full of creatures who don't care if your a social justice libtard warrior or a screaming racist lower taxes conservative they just want your tax money so they can play to either side and get there big fat paychecks and cushy lifestyles and like wrestlers after the big match they have dinner together . this will upset you indy but I think pence is a closet homo

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leroy bobs
(Login buzzsawz)

pence gun

August 7 2017, 7:39 PM you know a lot of libtards thinks obummer saved us but bush spent 9 trillion then obummer got us in 9 more trillion in debt that's 18 trillion . spending money and throwing it down a rat hole is not fixing the problem I could borrow a bunch of money get me a fancy car fancy house and boat and folks would say man hes doing good but first sickness/recession/job cut I lose it all America is in the same shape I know someone who was upset the military did not want to keep trannys and pay for there surgeries and hormones well its the taxpayers paying for there crap roads are falling apart but we need more tranny turlets .

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(Login D.R.)

Re: pence gun

August 8 2017, 9:29 AM 

Although I like Pence he's no kin to me so call him what ever you want.

It is crazy we live in a society that the collage kids have no clue. A big percent of them think if they miss a payment or two on there credit card it will make there credit report better.

Most couldn't tell you who is running for what ever, but still go and vote.

What a sheltered life they live, to be sooooo ignorant about life. And now the country wants to legalize weed. Hell half the reason they cant get a job is they cant pass a piss test. Add legalize pot and nobody will be working. Including ME, LOL.

The conservative media cant figure out why MSNBC CNN, ABC,CBS and the rest of the liberal media is unloading on Trump so bad when he is doing more for the working man then any President before him.

I'll tell you why and no one has said this or thought of it and I don't understand why.

For the 8 years of Obamer not one news organization would say anything bad about him. Maybe Fox now and then but not much.
Reason is non of them wanted to labeled as a raciest.

So with all the built up frustration of having to act like nothing was wrong, they unleashed it all on Trump cause he's white and we all know we can say anything about the white and the raciest card will never be used.

If anyone would have attack Obamer like they are doing Trump the black would have revolted and burned down the country. Sorry but that's as plan as I can put it. And that's the truth, and its time it stops.

But really what does any of this got to do with my original post about facebook.

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dr phil
(Login buzzsawz)

facebook is a liberals wet dream

August 8 2017, 11:45 AM 

if you post any pro conservative stuff you will get shutdown and the deep state will put you on the red list if your pro gun pro life pro lower taxes if your white your an automatic racist . if you want grown men in dresses to stay out of the womens turlet your a hater

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Guest Poster
(Login MerkinMuffly)

Re: facebook is a liberals wet dream

August 10 2017, 2:29 PM 

Why not create a woodcarvers fb page (maybe someone has) and invite all of your carver friends. You can make it private so no one else sees it. Its easy to post photos to fb

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