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Folks are going a bit nutty over my Rough out Bears!

September 1 2017 at 8:32 PM

Barre Pinske  (Premier Login 1pinske)

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(Login buzzsawz)

bear you are the most interesting dude in the

September 2 2017, 6:05 PM 

what you mean a good way or bad way I'm not joining to see page

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(Premier Login 1pinske)

Re: bear you are the most interesting dude in the

September 3 2017, 9:52 AM 

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Steve backus
(Login flashbackus)

go getem Barre

September 4 2017, 9:05 AM 

Followed that thread on Facebook you got the rookies stirred up pretty good,sales buy time for art.

why is a painter allowed to make prints off an original but sculptors cant make reproductions?

Its an insatiable market that cant be filled according to my uncle mike McVay in 1976, he had been carving with a chainsaw for twenty years at that point.

In the pacific northwest I know of at least 3 carvers that have duplicators {Terrco'S from north Dakota from at least twenty years one guy upgraded to a machine that did twenty at a time,he is still spewing carvings out.

This is old news.

We have been discharging carvings into the pacific northwest bloodstream for forty years handmade or handcrafted with no end in sight, there is in my estimation 100s of carvers from the canadian border to Portland Oregon.

Anyone willing to work is as busy as they want to be.

The common problem unique to all is a lack of inventory so thank you barre for your pulic service and pot stirring!

These new carvers are like Teenagers and Sex, they think they invented it when they merely discovered it!

and remember carve or starve...

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(Login D.R.)

Re: go getem Barre

September 4 2017, 2:12 PM 

I bet its a good discussion. If it wasn't a pain in the ass and having to have more passwords and all that crap I'd come over.

I have said from day one if you don't want it copied then don't do it. Once you publish it its a free for all. Its like painting a copy of a Rembrandt < spelling)painting, they give painting classes of doing his art all the time. Or sculpting a Mikael Angelo statue. They do it all the time. There's no law says you cant copy them as long as you don't try to sale it as a original.
Plus how yah going to stop anyone from doing a bear like yours???? You going to stand by everyone 24-7 to make sure they don't. Right........hahaha

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(Login buzzsawz)

bear what a hornets nest

September 5 2017, 12:01 PM 

I think your doing great duplicate everything the only thing I see is the prices are to high make a carving roughout that's 10 bucks and sell them to the public as a bear kit they can finish there own bear and forego selling to carvers your main problem is trying to sale to broke people and carvers are the brokest its like watching broke back mountain and your the star . jesus said the poor would always be with you so find the folks with money you hire the poor to do the heavy lifting and sale to the money folks

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