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Re: Much appreciated JVH

September 11 2011 at 2:51 PM
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Response to Much appreciated JVH

Yes. As you say JVH, so much for THAT meme. And of course you are quite correct having answered the question satisfactorly on 9/6 with your expressed religious beliefs properly demonstrating whatever truth is in John's meme. i.e., JVH says: "Polkinghorne points to the homey phenomenon of a tea kettle boiling merrily on the stove. .... Poor John Polkinghorne. For one thing, he doesn't seem to realize it's not the kettle that boils - and that as a (former) physicist - and thus demonstrates that religion can (and does) turn quite reasonable people into, erm ... well ... a John Polkinghorne, so to speak."

You definately make your point clear. Driving it home so to speak. Sophistry routinely employs deception, intimidation, humiliation, (etc) as tools to target and often trump the simple logic people routinely use in decifering conclusion(s) for themselves. People are basically tricked, harrassed, whatever, into accepting anothers predisposed conclusion(s) without examining same for themseves against their own experiance. i.e., ones own personal experiance trumps anothers idea of logic etc etc.

It's been said that "whomever defines the terms controls the debate". Sophistry (being a method of persuasion via false reasoning) is difficult for many people to immediatly identify. Your generous posts show that to identify and evade sophistic entrapment folks should try to keep it simple and on point when any attempt is made to turn a discussion into a vague and complex mega-rhetorical "debate".

The various techniques sophists use in re-defining terms, changing directions etc, so as to be better equipted to instill their falsitys satisfactorily enough to sway a 'debate' their way is fasinating to a growing number people.

Your previous and generous covering of the "straw man" (as well as many other devious techniques) is again most appreciated. As you know, years ago Socrates was actually dispatched for providing this public service.

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