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September 13 2011 at 4:27 AM
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JVH say  (Login JVH)

Response to 1~10 = deductive reasoning for nothing


JVH: "In the realm of reasoning and logic; also called common sense, an argument is a mode of reasoning wherein a set of statements mean to establish a definite proposition while logic serves as the means to evaluate the quality of ratiocination applied within the argument as to determine whether the conclusion reached proves valid, or not."

JVH: "A deductive argument is an unbroken chain of sound premises necessarily connected with each other through valid inference leading to a therefore necessarily true conclusion."

Out of context quote.

1. The universe exists.
2. The universe had a beginning.
3. Before the beginning of the universe, there was no universe.
4. Since there was no universe, there was nothing.
5. Since the universe does exist, it came from nothing.
6. Nothing comes from nothing by any natural cause.
7. Therefore the cause of the universe is supernatural.
8. Life exists.
9. Life always comes from pre-existing life of the same kind (the Law of Biogenesis).
10. Life cannot come from nonliving matter by any natural cause.
11. Since life does exist, the cause of life is supernatural

The above argument, or rather arguments, contain several fallacies, such as
Affirming the Consequent/Denying the Antecedent/Appeal to (common) Belief/Argument from Ignorance/Begging the Question/Composition/Converse Accident/False Cause/Division etc..

In short, the above arguments are both Non Sequiturs and Intrinsically Flawed (see Formal and Informal Fallacies).


In order to recognize and appreciate unsound premises and invalid reasoning (for what they are), one must be (sufficiently) aware of the distinct differences between fallacious, abductive, inductive and deductive reasoning. 



rejected and denied by many, accepted and embraced by few : incontrovertibility
- it is not what we (think we) know that matters, it is what we can show true that does
as the maxim demands; truth is demonstrably fact and fact is demonstrably true
everything else ... mere BS -

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CD: short for inevitability

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