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We never KNOW the truth that is beind these Corporations, Rainbow sister

November 19 2011 at 10:44 AM
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Jackie  (Login BlueJudah)

Response to Hi Jackie...You mentioned that you "believe" this. Why is that?

You know this. One name is bantered here wghle another lies hidden.

When I read Snopes and see so much being debunked that suits the Agenda, then I smell rats galore. When I can find damned as false, which really is only opinion, or agenda (wink.gif), well, pretty obvious to me that Snopes is a bigoted, puppet controlled tool.

Simple as that!

As for searching for the truth, who is going to know The truth? The best we can do is take in and chew and keep or spit out. You take in, so do I, you spit out, so do I, you keep, so do I, only not always the same choice. Stuff happens. happy.gif

We can all produce articles and comments to suit our own favoured opinions. The way I work it to look at what I have gathered as likely so far in my experiences, and say, now this says this and that says that, what makes the most sense?

When I read, say the debunking of inside job 9/11 theories, well, I have already made up my mind (to date of course, but still OPEN wink.gif) as to what I think about happened and how much, and there is a lot, that needs to be looked at again with the official version, and we get puppets like Snopes, who are massive debunkers of theories that are actually worth looking at again.

And so forth...

I really do not care much what one site or group may think of another. Being a Free Spirit, I nip in here and there and take the best and drop the worst. So I can see the crap and the gems in each puzzle piece.

I am NOT a celebrity sheeple. Just cos Truth Fiction says this, it must be OK.

Smile. I think NOT! happy.gif

When we quote from people and documents and web sites, we will always be second hand scholars. We were not there, we did not see the forms, or what was signed. We do know that the Elite are big time Puppet Masters and all that comes with that well dug in mind set and learning.

We need to look at WHAT is being spoken about, what we think of that ourselvs, and does it make sense to ne, or you, what is being said as a TRUTH or usually, this is FALSE.

We already know that Snopes DO make 'mistakes', and have apologised. We also know they are WRONG to say that Aspartame being claimed to be dangerous to health is WRONG. (It is, of course, their opinion - why, I wonder?)

So if just in ONE instance, a claim is found to gave been wrong, then the whole of their credency goes, imo. They are found to be fallible.

We really do NOT know who does or does not supprt web sites, Rainbow. We KNOW that a lot is done which is hidden though. The nature of the game.

Yes, I can believe Soros is behind Snopes. Easily.

"Shouldn't we therefore conclude that is biased too? "

Well yes, indeed possibility!!


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