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Listen Up you Idiots....[grin]

July 5 2012 at 4:08 PM
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Just about the time you think Obama touched the bottom of depravity he pulls another moral debauchery and skunks us all. And, might I add, this one’s a real winner.

Can you believe this?

In lieu of wedding and birthday gifts or special occasion mementos, Obama wants you to send the money to his campaign for re-election instead. Seriously.

Is this guy for REAL? He’s like a freakin’ dictator.

What’s next, he wants to come on your honeymoon? Oh wait, no. He probably wants you to skip the honeymoon and give him the money instead.

Is there no limit to Obama’s lust for more?

Obama is demanding that all good-hearted Americans send the money to him instead of buying gifts for loved ones—or accepting gifts from loved ones. He even has the gall to call it a “registry.”

What this means is he wants to be your loved one. He wants to take the place of mommy, daddy, brother, daughter and spouse. He wants it all— just like a devious dictator. Hand it all over!!!

Obama is demanding you give him…..

Family heirlooms

Mother’s Day presents
Christmas gifts
Going away mementos
Welcome home gifts to our returning troops
Lockets to your sweetheart
Boxes of chocolate
Graduation gifts
Tokens of friendship
Baby’s new rattle

Obama wants you to hawk them at the corner Pawn Shop and send him all the loot—or don’t buy them to begin with and hand the money over so he can get re-elected.

He’s really stooped to a new low this time.

Think I’m kidding? Here it is in black and white: Click her for the Tea Party article!

As you can see, we quoted our friend Alex Jones in the article:

“Obama Wants Donations “in Lieu of Gifts” from Your Wedding, Anniversary, or Bar Mitzvah. Obama’s official website is asking for “donations in lieu of a gift.”

“Register with Obama 2012. Got a special milestone or event coming up? Instead of another gift card you’ll forget to use, ask your friends and family for something that will go a little further: a donation to Obama for America. Register your next celebration—whether it’s a birthday, bar or bat mitzvah, wedding, or anniversary—with the Obama campaign. It’s a great way to show your support for a cause that’s important to you on your big day.

Just log in or sign up to build and customize your page—and congratulations!”

Obama is not only “America’s Fraud President” but we can say with authority he’s turned the corner and can officially be called “America’s Sleaze Ball President.” Really…of all the stupid, nincompoop ideas!

Who else but a narcissistic boob would strip out special once-in-a-lifetime events, cook your wedding party, burn up your baptism or bar or bat mitzvah, get your expression of love…then fill his coffers with dollars meant for your sweetheart or special someone. That’s despicable.

Obama’s serpentine style of fundraising
is not welcome in moral America

Obviously, Obama thinks this is a wonderful idea: rip off Grandma’s 100th birthday gift in the name of the greater good.

Is Obama yelling: “Hey Grandma, cough up the dough and mail it to me?” Or, does he expect America to pay any price, give up any special occasion and sacrifice any item for his majesty’s treasury?

Have we not already paid the ultimate price for his foolishness and ineptitude as well as his greed?

What’s next, all of America should hawk wedding rings so he can cash in the gold? How about the gold out of your teeth? Shall America sell its blood, its children and its treasured moments so the Obamites can feast on America’s soul? HELL NO!

Isn’t it about time you woke up and realized we have a complete and utter fraudulent fool in the White House?

America is not getting better from Obama’s “change”
…America is getting battered.

Steve Eichler
(Birther) “The Tea Party is non-partisan and we believe in One Nation Under God, NOT a divided nation under socialism.

If America doesn’t put its foot down now, we won’t have a nation any longer. Isn’t it about time people woke up and realized we have a complete and utter fraudulent fool in the White House? America is not getting better from the “Change,” America is getting battered. Moms, dads, daughters, sons and precious family members are struggling just to make ends meet, living to get by, hoping upon hope our government won’t harm us any longer but get out of the way and let us live!

Only true Tea Party Patriots, concerned citizens and red-blooded Americans can put the brakes on the socialism agenda and stop these sinister beings in their tracks this November.”

Are you as sick of Obama’s mumbo-jumbo regime as I am? Are you as tired of Obama’s FUBAR economic plan as the Patriots in the Tea Party are? If your answer is yes, then keep reading,

(However if you are nothing more than a Kool-Aid drinking, liberal scumbag, then do us all a favor and go practice boot licking.)

Tea Party powers up and throws caution to the wind!

It is time to identify the enemies of the Republic and then unseat every last one of them.

LISTEN UP: Every non-conservative must be fired. Yes, I mean FIRED.

Every non-conservative senator, member of the House and the President of the United States must be fired this November.

Not one non-conservative or neo-conservative can survive the vote of the people.

They must feel the heat of the truth and MUST be fired at the polls, without exception and without hesitation. No matter what the party affiliation, they have to go. We the People must stand up and be heard, loud and clear.

That is exactly why we made the decision to expand the “ONE MILLION CALL CAMPAIGN”—to keep by-passing the main stream media to expose “America’s Fraud President” campaign. That’s right, we are expanding beyond the reaches, further and further into America’s communities because of the loyal members and true Tea Party patriots like you!

So here’s the plan:

EXPAND – 1 MILLION household calls to: UNLIMITED.
We are calling households all over America until you tell us to stop!
EXPAND – 15 MILLION emails blasts per month to: UNLIMITED.
We are email blasting until you tell us to stop!
EXPAND – 400,000 snail mail letters per month to: UNLIMITED.
We are “snail-mailing letters until you tell us to stop!
EXPAND – 800,000 fax blasts per month to Washington to: UNLIMITED.
We are fax blasting until you tell us to stop!

Time we put balls to the wall and raise HELL

Here’s where it’s not so pretty. You either have to get onboard or get the hell out of the way! GOT IT?!

We can only dare to do this because of the brave support from donors like you. Other groups have weak-ass donors scared of their own shadows, but not us. We have mighty men and women of valor, people not afraid of the Washington Obamites or the scum that follows them.

Too rich for your blood? Too much too fast? Toughen up and let’s march! This is not the time for a diaper change. Keep marching!

Here’s what I’m asking you to do:

1. FREE: Join our Command Center Social Network Site. Blog, post photos, forums, find events, watch videos, read current news releases, network with other Tea Party groups and Tea Partiers and more. [CLICK]

2. DONATE: Your donations are the fuel we need to keep going. With your help we can continue our work to restore America. Your donations are going a long way. In other words, you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck! Now it’s time to go all-out with our efforts, but we can only do so with your help. [CLICK]

3. FREE: Forward this email to all of your friends, neighbors, co-workers, family and fellow Tea Party Patriots. [CLICK]

Remember, freedom can NEVER take a holiday!

Please donate now to the ONE MILLION CALL CAMPAIGN and keep the incredible momentum going!

Remember, Tea Party Patriots banded together for victory in the governor’s office Wisconsin…now let’s take it all the way to the White House!

Help us put an end to America’s Fraud President and bring down the Socialist house of evil,

Steve Eichler

PS: I urge you to donate whatever you can today so America’s future is secured for tomorrow. Time is of the essence. November is just 5 months away. A donation of just $23 can help us reach 100 households. If just 10 people do that we’ll reach 1,000 households. Think how far we can go! Donate now— whatever you can give will help, no matter how large or small. Give now and keep our campaign to stop Obama rolling across America!


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