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Taiwan military dismisses allegations of faulty armor

August 15 2011 at 2:30 AM
WAFFer  (Premier Login Faz1)


The military paraded a few locally developed armored vehicles in central Taiwan to dismiss allegations that their steel armor is faulty.

The parade of the Cloud Leopard, which has already entered mass production, was organized by the defense ministry to demonstrate its support of the armor-maker, China Steel.

Eight Cloud Leopards armored vehicles with different camouflage patterns took part in the demonstration at a military center in Chihchi, Nantou County.

They showed spectators their capabilities of maneuvering in mountain terrains. Firing of blanks with yellow smoke was also mesmerizing, the Chinese-language United Evening News reported.

The military said the vehicles can withstand 50mm armor-piercing shells. It added it will continue to have China Steel construct the body of the Cloud Leopard.

Previous reports questioned the quality of the steel plates covering the eight-wheel vehicle's body, claiming the armor had cracks.

A China Steel official, Hsu Wen-tu, admitted that cracks were formed in early development of the armor, but the issue has already been solved, the paper said.

Hsu, president of the company's mechanical department, said the CSMS armor developed for the Cloud Leopard is as good as any other foreign-made steel materials.

He said the France-based Renault has also come inquiring about the possibility of adopting CSMS armor for armored vehicles it was developing.

As the military has no plans to impose export restrictions on the CSMS armors, China Steel is looking to market the product abroad, Hsu said.

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