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Re: Open Seats of Morobe Province

February 28 2012 at 4:40 PM

Response to Open Seats of Morobe Province

The country is into rapid disentigration and no doubt it will require unity in Morobe to the save the Province from continous rout of the national goverment. All 9 members must come together as one to serve. Let us look at all our intellectuals from our 9 districts who are contesting and tell them what we want. Let's call the block "D9 Block" with each candidate being equal in every aspect of leadership to maintainand the long term sustainibility of the block. This will give us muscle to be broker power. The province is bound to benefit immensely from the current economic boom and going forward in the next 30 years and beyond should the "D9 Block" is formed. Others can restle for PM, DPM, etc... who cares as long as we are the power brokers, we can dictate.

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