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March 2 2012 at 9:07 AM

Response to Maru's business credentials are a problem

Maru's credentials only indicate his track record in business. There is a difference between being a "manager" and a "leader". It is the "managers" that fail in politics, NOT the leaders. Maru has demonstrated excellent leadership not only in Business but also in the church and community. Em gat pasin. Em save lukautim na holim man.

Take for example his leadership at his local congregational church in Port Moresby.
He has been the head of that church for the last 5 years and made it the most prominent SDA church in PNG, they pay millions of kina in tithe and offerings and are very active in community work. Members of the church that Maru is in charge of include MPs Don Polye and James Marape, and several former prominent politicians including John Giheno and Paul Torato, and also IRC Commissioner Betty Palaso amongst other VIPs. NO OTHER YANGORUAN HAS AS MUCH NATIONAL INFLUENCE AS MARU AND HE SHOULD BE ABLE TO USE IT TO YOUR GOOD IF HE BECOMES MP.

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