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Baing for Morobe Regional

March 30 2012 at 4:03 PM

Response to Re: Open Seats of Morobe Province

Baing to run for governor seat

By EVAH KUAMIN - Post Courier

FORMER Markham MP Andrew Baing yesterday made known his intention to contest the Morobe Regional Seat.
Mr Baing, who served for two consecutive terms as a member of Parliament will be contesting the governor’s seat under the People’s Progress Party (PPP) banner.
Speaking yesterday during a press conference, Mr Baing said his observations of how Morobe has been in the last five years has depicted the need for good effective leadership in the province.
Mr Baing said he has been with PPP since 1972 and had never at one time switched political parties.
He said he had great beliefs in the political party systems of the country, which he said was better than contesting as an independent candidate.
Political stability, he said was very important and switching from party to party only potrayed instability.
Mr Baing said it was pleasing to also see elites like Sir John Kaputin contesting the East New Britain Regional seat.
He said during this time Parliament was full of “cowboys” who were unsure of their stand in the government.
He added that the recent passing of the Judicial Conduct Law was a clear potrayal of these “cowboys” hijacking the Constitution.
Mr Baing said the coming elections were very crucial and vital for the preservation of the country’s Constitution.
He said he was concerned about the current view that the Government was trying to control the judicial system.
He explained that if the Consitution were to be amended, it required three separate Parliament sittings, however, the current new law was not passed through three sittings – all done in one day.
Mr Baing said the Government’s motive in passing the new law has been questionable and should be repealed.

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