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Free and Fair?

April 18 2012 at 4:29 PM
Meri Wau 

Response to Re: Morals and ethics? A FAIR 2012 election? Don't make me fall down laughing!!!!!!

How can you say I believe blindly that the elections will be free and fair? I know they won't be and they weren't last time around either and I know it probably better than you as I was a candidate.
In the towns in our electorate they were reasonably free and fair but towards the Waria Valley,particularly in Biaru and right in the valley at a place called Sim, many more people voted than there were names on the rolls.People voted over and over again and when my people pointed this out to police and polling officials they were laughed at.Other scrutineers for other candidates also saw and were ignored when they protested.
I would imagine it happened in the home area of other candidates as well but you know,you lose heart and stop caring and stop trying to get elected.

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