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Re: Ramoi Buying Vanilla form Javanese Farmers

May 4 2012 at 6:45 AM
oh gawd 

Response to Ramoi Buying Vanilla form Javanese Farmers

What complete nonsense. Do you just accept what people tell you like this without analysing it or questioning the logic they've told you?

Obviously pollies haven't given each and every vanilla farmer in Sepik a free vehicle. If that were true, the Maprik highway would be like a Bangkok traffic jam, vehicles not even moving because they were so stacked up.

No pollie has the money to buy even 10$ as many vehicles to give away as there were vanilla farmers.

At least you convinced me that Mr Ramoi may be good at business maths, but does not think logically. We don't need another round of illogical leaders in haus tambaran!

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