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West Sepik Regional

December 25 2011 at 6:47 PM

Who is the Best Choice for West Sepik Regional? With Frieda negotiations coming up West Sepik needs Ramoi who has plenti of experience to negotiate the best deal for West Sepik and Papua New Guinea.

where you been???????

Re: West Sepik Regional

December 25 2011, 8:53 PM 

I hate to wake you up from your decades long sleep, but the name of the province is now Sandaun.

Got it?

Aling Cup

Re: West Sepik Regional

December 26 2011, 2:42 PM 

The name says it all. The Sepik Region Extends from the Sepik River at its Mouth in Kopar,ESP and Extends as far West as the Mambramo River in Hollandia. I have not sighted any gazettal for a Name Change and until you can show me otherwise I am inclined to call that Part of the Island of New Guinea, West Sepik.With that name also comes the responsibilty of Electing Leaders who are aware of Bigger issue and undercurrents affecting this impotant part of our Island Nation. Issues that may include negotiations with Indonesia to allow for the free movement of Peoples with out recourse to Visa's and Passports.
I believe Ramoi is capable of raising these issues at the Highest Political Forum if Elected.


No yoyos

June 18 2012, 5:09 PM 

We do not wan recycled leaders and yoyos into the parliament.. enough is enough


WSP Regional

January 27 2012, 9:21 AM 

WSP needs articulate leanred leaders to assist transcend its social and economic paradoxes to take its full place in the region. HDI is lowest and elites of the province need to educate our citizens to vote wisely. Not blindly vote in those who put self interest first and lead us astray, he or she must be a patriot and have the interest of the citizens at heart. WSP has vast potential in rural industries, mineral and hydrocarbon but lacks human capital that can drive these interests. Get in the right person for the regional and get the best persons for the open seats, the current MPs need a complete paradigm shift and work as a block.Both ESP and WSP must generate a blue print for the Sepik region develop as a region. Investments in downstream procssing and manufacturing in some vaible industry easily sustainable in the region.WSP cannot lift off without ESP or likewise the imaginary line, the provincial boundary must not impede the thinking.


Ramoi's Political Days were Far Gone: Sandaunist-Sepik Needs Vibrant Young Leadership

January 27 2012, 11:19 PM 

The so call "Gabriel Ramoi's" political hay days were far gone. The Sandaunist-Sepiks SHOULD NOT bank or support old fashion leaders like Ramoi. Its about time, the people rally around young and vibrant leaders and support them to move the province forward prosperity and change

Ramoi Supporter

Ramoi is Vintage

January 31 2012, 1:27 PM 

Good people like Ramoi never change they just get better with time just like a Good Cigar or a Good Wine. Ramoi is Vintage and He remains relevent to PNG as he was in 1982, 2002 and 2012. many of your readers forget that Ramoi entered Parliament at 22 and holds the record as the youngest member of Parliament. He rose to be cabinet Minister 3 year later.He was President of the Powerful UPNG Student Union where Wingti,Mekere and Siaguru are also product of. When Ramoi Speaks People Listen because he Probably is one leader with the Sharpest Political Mind of his generation. Ramoi is a the Son of a Colonial Policeman, he has travelled widely, Holds a Law Degree , and continue to support him self through Business and has never asked for Government hand out. His experience in Prison gives him a better insight and under standing of the Plight of the Poor and the needy.
Mr. Ramoi influenced many leader today to get into Politics. They included Governor Agiru of Southern Highlands and Ben Micha of New Island. His peer group includes Kumbakor of Nuku and John Tekwe of vanimo. His views on Resource development and on Contract Mining and Production Sharing in particular remains as relevent today as it was in 1985 in the Montecello Debate. For our Democracy today in these Trying Times. PNG truely need the likes of Gabriel Ramoi. I am sure West Sepik will send him to Parliament this round.

how much time did he spend in jail?

Re: Ramoi is Vintage

January 31 2012, 1:31 PM 

I seem to remember him being caught for stealing money and going to jail but I've forgotten exactly how much time he served for his sin. Do you (or anyone else) remember?

Certainly thieves like Ben Micah learnt a helluva lot from Ramoi. He indeed has been a great teacher of the current generation of MPs. They should be thanking Gabriel every day they fly to their house in Oz or look at their latest bank account figures.

Ramoi Supporter

Great leaders have been to Prision

January 31 2012, 4:20 PM 

Great leaders have been to Prison.Ramoi was a victim of Politics because of his strong Socialistic Views. He was charged for for the sum of K6,000 from his DSIP Funds which he used to charter a Aircraft to ferry the Great Bluff Inn Souls Band of the 80's to Raise Funds for PDM . His crime was that Wingti did not reimburse the expenditure. He was given 3 year in Prision but served only 18 months because he was a model prisioner having set up the Prision Literacy Program and teaching prisioners to read and write and to understand their rights under the constitution.Good People dont Die they keep on coming like good soldiers and good sailors. Compare to what is happening know with DSIP Funds Ramois Crime looks insignificant.

Surely We Can Do Better?

Re: Great leaders have been to Prision

January 31 2012, 4:38 PM 

You didn't mention any of this on your own - it had to be dragged out of you. That is evidence enough that deep down, you're embarrassed. Never expect to hide the dirty laundry of a pollie and get away with it.

But there's a bigger picture here. Surely, surely, SURELY we can find candidates to represent us in parliament that haven't been to prison for any reason at all, and have never been found to misuse money in any questionable way. Sure, nobody's perfect, but we have a big population and out of thousands of people in the electorate I find it very hard to believe that we can't find a person better than nearly all of us, who could be an honest representative. Why must we constantly rely on people whose use by dates have long passed and then try to explain away their deficiencies?


Re: Great leaders have been to Prision

January 31 2012, 5:13 PM 

Great leaders who have been to prison went to prison for reasons other than how they used money!

They went to prison for civil disobedience in their fight for justice, mostly.

Please don't contaminate the memories of those truly great leaders with this small creature Ramoi.


Ramoi is a good man

February 1 2012, 6:18 AM 

I first came accross Ramoi when he was communications minister in 1990. I was amazed by his thoughts and ideas then which were way ahead of our time.

He did go to jail and for the reasons stated already. At the time, many of us suspected that he was setup by Wingti because he was much more articulate then all the MPs at the time. He was smarter then most of the MPs, spoke well, he really had no equal. The only other person at the time that thought and spoke like him was Sir Siaguru. It was easy to see why Wingti would not want him around, the man was a threat.

I later met him in Wewak where he has lived all this time. He is still very smart but much more mellowed now. I have heard him speak a few times and his insight would always be profound.

If he made it to Parliament this time around, he would still have few equals. In fact none of the current MPs could equal him in intellect and clarity of mind, perhaps Sir Arnold could match him, the rest are still about 10 years behind this man.

Noken criticise nating, you have to listen to the man, he hardly speaks in public but when he does, he is a visionary.


Re: Ramoi is a good man

February 1 2012, 6:55 AM 

Let him be a man of ideas behind the scenes, then. But we don't need a convicted criminal as our MP.

The law is made to be ignored

Re: Ramoi is a good man

June 26 2012, 4:13 PM 

In fact the law says that convicts cannot become MPs. But then again, since when did we ever follow any laws in PNG, especially those related to politics?

Phillip Davis

Re: Great leaders have been to Prision

July 28 2012, 8:49 PM 

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Re: Great leaders have been to Prision

July 28 2012, 8:51 PM 


We fully support your view and your perspective on Mr. Ramoi

June 26 2012, 1:24 PM 

We fully understand and closely follow the footsteps of almost all political leaders in our beloved peaceful Island, and even further across Melanesian Archipelago, and we figure out the best persons in correct positions at right time, and for this purpose Mr Ramoi is the one that we pray for to be the Governor of West Sepik Province, whereas Powes Parkop for the National Parliament.

We pray that all Melanesians will see their leaders in Melanesian perspectives, for the sake of Melanesians, by setting aside our local interests and rivalries. We want a Melanesia that is free and independent. PNG, West Papua, Solomon Islands and not yet fully free from foreign interferences. The only difference between West and East New Guinea is that the western part is not free and still occupied, whereas the East is not occupied but also not free.

We need to pick up certain naturally elected leaders who have visions and perspectives for our future generations, not just limited for us now and today and here. We also need leaders who lave visions and perspectives for the whole Melanesia, not only for West or East New Guinea, but for all Melanesians. And for that purpose, Ramoi is the man, Okuk was another but unfortunately he was assassinated by intruders/ robbers and killers.

We pray, for God Almighty, and our ancestors, to give us light into seeking a better and saver and more peaceful future of Melanesians, as we do not want to leave this peaceful Paradise in a mess to our future children.

Wa, wa, wa!

Ramoi Supporter

Ramoi has Character

February 1 2012, 5:51 PM 

Ramoi remains relevent today as he was in 1982, 2002 and 2012. On Page 2 of the Lead story today in the National New paper is a Story on the Current Political Situation in which Ramois Name is Mentioned as one of the Two Guarantors on the Conduct of General Yaura Sasa . No Ramois Days is not gone it is only begining .

concerned citizen

Re: Ramoi has Character

February 1 2012, 5:55 PM 

Oh God. A convicted felon influencing outcomes. God help PNG!

concerned citizen

Re: Ramoi has Character

February 1 2012, 5:55 PM 

Oh God. A convicted felon influencing outcomes. God help PNG!


Re: Ramoi has Character

February 1 2012, 8:57 PM 

Beldon Namah, a convited Felon also has conrol of all facets of State apparatus including the Police and the Army. I say GOOD you Ramoi for Defending the constitution Despite being a felon. Ramoi needs a CMG from the Queen for his efforts. All Knights of the realm who did not Stand up for the Constitution must forfeit their NightHood as with out the Rule of law there is no State.


Re: Ramoi has Character

February 9 2012, 12:18 PM 

West Sepik Regional _ John TEKWE is the man.

John Tekwie is a loser

Re: Ramoi has Character

February 9 2012, 12:30 PM 

I hate to say it but he's the one with that ridiculous idea that Vanimo was going to turn into another Singapore.

All Vanimo has turned into is a port to ship out as much of PNG's valuable hardwoods as possible at rock bottom prices.

Thanks to John Tekwie!


Search West Sepik for the best man or woman

February 14 2012, 2:50 PM 

The Sepik region needs articulate leaders to make a difference in all facets of PNGs development, in politics, business,education and etc. The province should embark on search for contenders and expose them so the simple vote is aware of who he or she is voting in. The region has the potential to be turned into a hub for trade given its potential in hydrocarbon,agriculture, mineral wealth, marine resources and most significantly the proximity to the Asian region. WSP rise up to the ocassion and come out of the nutshell give us the region the best representatives in the 2012 electuions.

like who

Re: Search West Sepik for the best man or woman

February 14 2012, 3:05 PM 

When I think WSP I think of the corrupt Pruaitch.


Ramoi's Political Days were Far Gone - DO NOT USE RECYCLE OR FAIL POLITICIAN

February 19 2012, 2:22 AM 

The so call "Gabriel Ramoi's" political hay days were far gone. The Sandaunist-Sepiks SHOULD NOT bank or support old fashion leaders like Ramoi. Its about time, the people rally around young and vibrant leaders and support them to move the province forward for prosperity and change



February 19 2012, 3:10 PM 




February 20 2012, 12:05 AM 

Oh no. Just what we need-another middleman, making money for a comfortable life that the producers themselves should be getting for their hard work growing and processing the crops. Middlemen like Ramoi are the scourge of the earth because they usually rip off the producers, paying them low prices.

Gentleman Farmer

Ramoi Buying Vanilla form Javanese Farmers

February 21 2012, 5:57 AM 

I am a friend of Mr.Ramoi. Two year ago I met him in Surabaya Indonesian on his way to buy 2 tons of Vanilla Beans from Javanese farmers and to export the Beans from Indonesian to China because he could not get the supply from PNG farmers. When I asked him why he told me that PNG small holder farmers have abandon their cash crops including vanilla because the Politicians were giving to many free hand outs. He said people now do not have to work because they can get a free Motor vehicle from their Political leaders. PNG needs gentleman farmers such as Ramoi

oh gawd

Re: Ramoi Buying Vanilla form Javanese Farmers

May 4 2012, 6:45 AM 

What complete nonsense. Do you just accept what people tell you like this without analysing it or questioning the logic they've told you?

Obviously pollies haven't given each and every vanilla farmer in Sepik a free vehicle. If that were true, the Maprik highway would be like a Bangkok traffic jam, vehicles not even moving because they were so stacked up.

No pollie has the money to buy even 10$ as many vehicles to give away as there were vanilla farmers.

At least you convinced me that Mr Ramoi may be good at business maths, but does not think logically. We don't need another round of illogical leaders in haus tambaran!


Ramoi Supporter

April 30 2012, 12:39 PM 

If You people kept up with the vanilla business, then you should know that the price and demand for vanilla has been down for quiet some time now. Meaning that Mr Ramoi hasen't been getting a lot of from exports and the farmers haven't got much money from the purchase of the beans. As for these so called "middle men" everyone tries to make money for a comfortable, enjoyable life, everyone.



May 19 2012, 7:38 PM 

Sandaun Regional seat needs visionary leadership. We have produced to date the worst governors who have not delivered. It is shameful to see Sandaun being rated below the par in terms on development. We have had Karl Stack, John Tekwie,Simon Solo,and now who? I am very concern about the development indicators which are always below all provinces. I am supportive of Amkat Mai of Telefomin. Can we try someone from Telefomin.

Aitape had theirs thru Karl Stack.
Lumi is Simon Solo
Vanimo Green- John Tekwie

Let Telefomin district have a fair go. Amkat came third in the last election. This time he will make it. Give him a try.



May 25 2012, 2:04 PM 

As per our title stated, Sandaun People we've got Frieda Gold & Copper Mining coming up and the man who
can speak for the landowners, people of Sandaun and PNG as a whole is Mr. Amkat Mai.

People of Sandaun give the man (Amkat Mai) who owns the mine (Frieda Mine)a chance and elect him as our Governor. The man who will talk for the people of Sandaun.

Strong supporter of Mr. Amkat Mai the next Governor of Sandaun Province.


Who is Mr Amkat Mai??

May 25 2012, 2:38 PM 

Who is Mr Mai? The people of Telefomin/Oksapmin do not know him. How much time has he spent home. He is another one of those foreigners. Only appears during election time and into hypernation other times.
He does not own the Frieda River project - no way near to being an LO. Where have you been when the people of Frieda needed help with formation of LO groups and so forth? Stop using Frieda as your political plateform. Now tell the people of Sandaun what you are capable of bringing to the table instead of kain kain giaman toktok na ******** nambaut...Cheers!!


Go Rex Tawian

May 25 2012, 2:40 PM 

Rex you have my number 1 vote.


you have my support

May 25 2012, 10:02 PM 

Amkat, you have 10,000 voters from Oksapmin with you. You will pick better than anyone other candidates in this election. You have spent most of your time teaching in Sandaun Province than any other candidate. Your students are campaigning for you. Last election you came third, this election you will make it. Congratulations.

Ramoi Admirer

Re: Who is Mr Amkat Mai??

May 26 2012, 12:37 AM 

Where was Rex Tavian and Amkat Mai when the Oksapmin Land Owners where looking for Leaders to help them in the Claim over O.K. Tedi in the last 25 years. I know the Gabriel Ramoi was ingaged only less then a year ago and that he has assisted the Group to the level that now guarantees the Land owners ownership rights over O.K.Tedi for that Osapmin has agreed to deliver their votes not to there Two Candidates Amkat Mai and Rex but to Mr.Ramoi. Mr.Ramoi will be the Governor of West Sepik and he will do West Sepik Proud.


Hard to tell

May 27 2012, 9:41 PM 

We will see who will climb to the top. The problem that we have is not all districts are connected by road, therefore, candidates cannot visit every LLG to deliver their vission. What I see is everyone in the province will go for thier own than party policies and candidates own policies for the province. I pround that Sandaun is puting up educated guys in this election. Let our voters decide.


Hard to tell

May 27 2012, 9:50 PM 

We will see who will climb to the top. The problem that we have is not all districts are connected by road, therefore, candidates cannot visit every LLG to deliver their vission. What I see is everyone in the province will go for thier own than party policies and candidates own policies for the province. I pround that Sandaun is puting up educated guys in this election. Let our voters decide.

not sure

Re: Hard to tell

May 27 2012, 10:08 PM 

Sandaun is mostly putting up candidates who are trying to become quickly educated in stealing public money. God help the people of Sandaun because it's almost certain they'll elect a thief!


Re: Hard to tell

July 29 2012, 7:09 PM 

Telly Nuhum

Amkat Mai is the man for the Sandaun Governor seat

June 10 2012, 1:52 PM 

Amkat has 95% of support from Telefomin/Oksapmin. He will also pick up well from Nuku, Aitape/Lumi and Vanimo/Green because of his qualities and popularity. He is the true son of Sandaun. He is not a foreigner as you claimed. 100% of voters from oksapmin are with him.


Go Amkat

June 19 2012, 9:25 PM 

Telly you are right. Amkat will pick up well in all districts in Sandaun. I am from Nuku and I tell you he is going to win. Please givim 1 lo Amkat na 2 lo Rex. The most qualified future Sandaun Governers.. Both have masters degree so givim lo tupla... Na ol recycled leaders lusim Tait lo toktok


Amkat Mai?

June 23 2012, 10:07 AM 

Amkat Mai getting votes from Lumi? You gotta be kidding me! From all the candidates that are contesting, Ramoi stands the best candidate by miles.


Hot hair

May 22 2012, 9:42 PM 

John Tekwie is a leader in a dream world. He had 2 golden terms to prove his leadership.Where is his free trade zone dreams sitting. He is a recycled politican. I had enough of his sweet sugar. Remember action speaks louder than words.

Sandaun soul

Rex Tawian for Sandaun Regional

May 25 2012, 11:02 AM 

Sandaun so far have mandated worse Governors. People like John Tekwie, Simon Solo had done nothing to the Province. I urge Sandaun to Consider Rex Tawian. He is an educated and a God fearing man with with heart for Sandaun. Sandaun Rex Tawian is your Man....

bismarck rangers

Re: Rex Tawian for Sandaun Regional

May 25 2012, 3:04 PM 

im from madang and i think rex will make a good leader. known him and he is a man of intergrity, honest and i hope people of sandaun will see dawn of a sunrise tomorrow


Support for Rex Tawian

May 31 2012, 5:30 PM 

Hello Friends,

Was just trying to do an internet search on PNG elections and came across this discussion forum and delighted to see my former boss Rex Tawian being mentioned as contender for Sandaun Regional.
Sandaun (or West Sepik?) will do well voting for Mr Tawian as governor.
During his time with GRM and engagement by RAMSI in the Solomons, he was top notch strategist and international finance person and command a strong presence, respect and admiration among both our Melanesian and Western officers at GRM International. He is a very humble person and easily approachable - spent most his time with family in local Solomon villages doing community Christian outreaches. We wish him well in the elections and hope Sandaun people will see and vote for this great man.

Regards from the Happy Isles and God bless.

Mangi Sandaun

Sandaun - Consider Rex

May 31 2012, 6:20 PM 

Wow thanks Solomon, I do not know much about Rex other than from verbal reference from family members on the ground in Yankok and Nuku but just reading your post I decided to try find out and stummbled across RAMSI on the web: http://www.ramsi.org/the-team/team-members/rex-tawian.html . Follow the link to see what other people working under him had to say during his time in the Solomons. Sandaun, we have some silent achievers here to consider. Is Rex from Oksapmin or Telefomin or Green River? Could be his wife is from the Min area am not sure. I hear he has a big following in the min area. Am from Nuku but my vote will go to this humble giant, we are tired of people who are boastful and beating their chest too much making noise without substance.

Trupla Sandaun

Mangi Gawa

Rex Tawian - hottest candidate for West Sepik Regional

May 31 2012, 10:23 PM 

I am from Gawa in Oksapmin, we are split in Oksapmin between Rex Tawian and Amkat but more for Rex. Rex is from green River but here in Oksapmin he has half of the total votes.
Sandaun noken faul, I am writing from Tabubil, half of Oksapmin is with Rex Tawian. Amkat and Tekwie can fight for the other half.

Sandaun needs quiet high achievers like Rex Tawian to change the province.

Mangi Gawa - die hard Rex Tawian supporter

Wokabout lek nating

Vote for real leaders not free pig meat!

June 1 2012, 2:13 AM 

Ramoi came third in the last election, not Mai. The late Rex Namah came second. Tekwie came seventh. The 2012 election will be won by either Ramoi or Tekwie or God help WSP because no other candidate has the brains AND the political experience to develop the province. You want free money, free pig meat, tinpis, rice and meri's then don't vote for educated, honest leaders like Gabriel Ramoi and John Tekwie. Vote instead for younger, vibrant CORRUPT leaders like Pruaitch and Namah or vote for an experienced newcomer to poltics and SUFFER for the next 5 years. It's as simple as that.


Stop the nonsense - Rex Tawian is the man!

June 1 2012, 11:06 AM 

Stop the nonsense about who came third or fourth and free pig meat gabbage.
Sanduan people are not stupid. Give it to Rex :)


Mr Tawian for WSP Governor

June 1 2012, 5:13 PM 

Thank you ol poro. Mr Tawian was here in Nuku this week. Mipla kilim cow na welkamim em. Long ples mipla harem em toktok, klinpla kliapla toktok, down to earth and to the point. Em ino tok daun long ol narapla regional candidates na tru long bel blong mipla yet ol lain long ples i hamas na wanbel long daun pasin blong displa man. Mi ken confirm olsem on the ground in Nuku, Rex Tawian igat strongpla support long 1st votes hia long Seim yet, igo olsem long Namblo na go daun long Maimai em mipla stap wantem em.
Yu husait Sandaun lukim displa forum, noken vote faul nambaut...inap long recycle politician, ol proud man na ol meri pes moni pes man...plis helpim mipla putim Rex igo Governor blong Sandaun

Wanbel em stap, toktok long narapla samting

Tianten Faten

Re: Mr Tawian for WSP Governor

June 3 2012, 10:31 AM 

I know both Rex and Amkat. Both would make Sandaun proud if either one is voted in. I urge Sandauners to listen to one's own convictions to vote the right person in. Most often, we become people followers by believing what others say about certain candidates which contradicts our own convictions. Stand up for yourselves and your rights and vote for the best.


Re: Mr Tawian for WSP Governor

June 3 2012, 11:16 AM 

What a hypocrit!

You tell everyone else not to listen to others and then YOU - yes YOU - tell us who would make the best candidates (but can't be bothered to list ANY of their qualifications!!!!).

How do you expect people to vote for the right person when they have no information hardly to base their votes on except for the candidates themselves blah blahing about how great they are or how much they'll do for the people if they get elected.

You see? YOU are part of the problem!

Tianten Faten

Re: Mr Tawian for WSP Governor

June 3 2012, 5:30 PM 

You are the problem. You can not make up your own mind on the person of your choice. These were only my convictions. You have to follow your own convictions based on what you know about people of your choice. You are probably left in limbo because you do not know and understand your own candidates.You have to do your own research and make up your mind. There may be better people than Rex and Amkat that I am not aware of so it is of course foolishness to make up our minds on what people say in these forums.

Tianten Faten

Re: Mr Tawian for WSP Governor

June 3 2012, 6:40 PM 


Check out Rex and Amkat's qualifications and experiences on LinkedIn website. Again be encouraged to make up your own mind.


Re: Mr Tawian for WSP Governor

June 3 2012, 6:56 PM 

You think we're gonna believe any of that cow pekpek? It's their own propaganda. They could be drunken womanizing gambling spivs like Beldon Namah and OF COURSE wouldn't mention any of that!

Never believe what comes out of a candidate's mouth or put on their websites. It's all cow pekpek.

Tianten Faten

Re: Mr Tawian for WSP Governor

June 3 2012, 7:33 PM 

We can live in our comfort zones and make judgements but I think all the candidates that put forward their names up for elections have the guts to face up to the challenges put to them by their people. Let us not be quick to discredit people based on assumptions and comparisons. No one is perfect, we are too quick to jump on one or two negatives and not look at certain positive values that individuals have. Do not get me wrong, I agree that leaders should be tried, tested and challenged by their people to ensure they live up to their expectations. If leaders take it personally, then they are not fit to be in that role.


Re: Mr Tawian for WSP Governor

June 3 2012, 7:46 PM 

I think our track record up to now is so completely horrible that we need to be a LOT more critical and discerning before settling on anyone to vote for, much less promote. This year there seems to be even more rubbish than usual contesting.


Tawian Stands Out on the West Sepik List

June 4 2012, 11:48 AM 

All good comments expressed so far. It is refreshing and indeed good for West Sepik to have the caliber of people like Rex Tawian humbly making the sacrifice to run for the seat.
For too long we have been having people who cannot reason, elaborate argue on policies and deliver insights into the best way forward for West Sepik.

I do not know Amkat's profile in terms of participation with the International community and provision of strategic advice and change management on big issues. He used to be my high school teacher. While he communicates some passion in teaching maths and talk of big vision and new ideas in general terms, he is not the best person as he is not capable of breaking big visions down to small work packages, make budget and plan for them to be accomplished to achieve whatever vision that is presented.
Mr Tawian stands above the rest not only in his academic credentials but also in his beliefs and character. He is a man of integrity. He understands well the role of churches as a development agency, understand the funding mechanisms of aid agencies and have been involved in strategic changes to government systems as Advisor to the Solomon Islands government working with RAMSI. I do now know well other candidates to be able to speak so excuse my ignorance if there are other good candidates out there who measure up.
We all pray and hope West Sepik makes the right choice this election. Happy elections and may the leaders that we NEED come forth in this election. God bless you all.



Hot alright

June 6 2012, 11:17 PM 

Rex Tawian is West Sepik's hottest candidate for the governor seat alright.
There are few outstanding candidates for the governor seat in West Sepik but indeed I hear he is the people's favourite.

All the best Rex. Get in there and please change Sandaun, one of the poorest Province in PNG


Telly man

Amkat Mai has the upper hand

June 10 2012, 2:42 PM 

I urged the people of Sandaun not to be manipulated by candidates who are not speaking the facts. Believe me when I say this. Only Amkat has the upper hand since he has more support province-wide. He is the man for the job. Don't give it to those who will buy your votes with cash. We need services not cash.

Mangi Long Ples

Amkat Mai

June 9 2012, 9:09 AM 

You can stay in somewhere else and boost that Rex will win this election. I am telling you 12500 voters from Oksapmin are for Amkat Mai.

Who told you that half of the voters from Oksapmin will go to Rex Taiwan. Don't tell lies to the people of Sandaun.

Maybe you yourself will go to Rex Taiwan, not Oksies. We are all Telefos and Oksies are die hard for Amkat Mai. He is the winner for this election.

Amkat's full supporter.

Never ever

Re: Amkat Mai

June 9 2012, 9:12 AM 

You aren't offering even one tiny shred of evidence to back up your claims.

Why would you expect that someone like you coming up with all these predictions but not backing up anything with evidence, would ever be believed?

PNGSCAPE is full of mauswara people like you and most of us simply ignore you types.... because you never provide any backup for your opinions.


Voting in Oksapmin LLG

July 13 2012, 12:32 AM 

I observed voitng in Oksapmin LLG and Mr Mai Amkat grabbed highest votes. Total votes cast were more than 9750 and Mr Mai is expected to claim 9000 votes. Wait and hear the result for yourselves. Seremtian

Telly Nuhum

Amkat Mai is the man for the Sandaun Governor seat

June 10 2012, 2:14 PM 

Oksapmin is 100% with Amkat Mai. Rex and John Tekwei will pick up less than 1%.


Alleged 50% of Oksapmin voters for Rex Tawian not true

June 15 2012, 8:08 PM 

Who is this person from Gaua claiming that, half the voters of Oksapmin support Rex Tawian. The tune and wordings says all, he has never been to Oksapmin and witnessed for himself, the current support the Oksapmins have for this brilliant and smart up-coming Governor for Sandaun. The support coming from the Oksapmians is 99.9%. You and the other Regional supports from Oksapmin are very, very, very small. Go to Oksapmin and see for yourself. My fellow supporters for Mr.Mai from all over Sandaun Province, the claim that Oksapmin population is split between Rex Tawian, Amkat Mai and other intending candidates is not true.

Amkats support is truly and well maintained in Oksapmin with over 90% of the voting population and not 50% or less as claimed by the the kid from Gaua. This is a total lie. Keep supporting Amkat because he is needed for a changed - Sandaun.

Meri Sandaun

Re: Alleged 50% of Oksapmin voters for Rex Tawian not true

July 6 2012, 9:06 PM 

So in oksapmin it looks like 1 for amkat. What about 2 and 3. What names have been on the lips there. Can someone update me.
Thank you.

Meri Sandaun

Re: Alleged 50% of Oksapmin voters for Rex Tawian not true

July 6 2012, 9:13 PM 

So in oksapmin it looks like 1 for amkat. What about 2 and 3. What names have been on the lips there. Can someone update me.
Thank you.

ah dont get it

Re: Alleged 50% of Oksapmin voters for Rex Tawian not true

July 7 2012, 2:48 AM 

You just don't get it do you? Haven't you been reading the newspapers - in province after province - the amount of vot fraud has been incredible. It really doesn't matter whose names are on the lips of people in the end the frauds will win. Why aren't you seeing this out of all the news that is coming out??????????????

ah dont get it

Re: Alleged 50% of Oksapmin voters for Rex Tawian not true

July 7 2012, 2:48 AM 

You just don't get it do you? Haven't you been reading the newspapers - in province after province - the amount of vot fraud has been incredible. It really doesn't matter whose names are on the lips of people in the end the frauds will win. Why aren't you seeing this out of all the news that is coming out??????????????


Re: West Sepik Regional

June 20 2012, 3:25 PM 

Rausim Name WEST SEPIK Nabau ya... We are now SANDAUN


locality can speak - Amkat can fell and speak

June 8 2012, 1:38 PM 

should it be fair of if someone from the blue mountains be given. just try Telefomin. you have not given it to Telefomin to test it.

other Districts, you had your turn already, should 2012 be Telefomin's tur.

Mangi Nuku.

mangi vanimo

Re: locality can speak - Amkat can fell and speak

June 8 2012, 4:48 PM 

Yeah Amkat is alright but hope he can muster the numbers in his own turf - which is a split among Rex, Amkat and Tekwie . Leading Sandaun has nothing to do with being from the blue mountains. I doubt Amkat has the background anyway that would have set him up to position Sandaun as a leading province. From what I see and hear on the ground, Rex Tawian is a silent favorite and certainly someone with the credential and experience to drive the province forward. Best wishes Sandaun, vote wisely for your future depends on it.


mangi vanimo


Mr Amkat Mai is the man for change in Sandaun

June 8 2012, 4:55 PM 

Yes, i agree with you Mangi Nuku, The hope of change for Sandaun is Mr.Mai. Like some one said earlier, test him. Frankly speaking, on the ground here in Telefomin is in 100% support of Amkat. Only three provincial candidates from the district and the chanches are very high. So look out for the mountain man.

Thank you Mangi Nuku for the support & trust you have on Telefomin.

meng pewa

yeah right

Re: Mr Amkat Mai is the man for change in Sandaun

June 8 2012, 6:57 PM 

The only time anyone has 100% support anywhere, is where there's vote buying and corruption. Civilised humans simply don't all line up behind the same candidate. Of course, here in PNG we seem to still pick our leaders in primitive caveman ways.

sandaun observer

tok tru

June 9 2012, 6:26 PM 

...what happened to seron wanori...i read some propaganda being written in this weeks p/c lol on wanori and a paul mambai being hot lol...i think most of us were grinning our teeth wondering how post courier really came up with news like that :)
if what i read here between rex and amkat is anything to go by, please people traim na tok tru long national niuspepa..maski kon nambaut kisim biknem nating.

go rex. go amkat....taim blong yupla ol busman


Re: tok tru

June 10 2012, 12:12 AM 

Do not trust and believe the Oksapmins and Telefomins in anything they say. They have always had their differences in every election and looks like they will continue to do the same for years to come. The Telefomins and Oksapmins are split by tribal/village groups so unless they sort out their differences, they will never win the regional elections. Evidence of this is in the large numbers of candidates standing for the Telefomin Open.

Candidates from the lowlands and coast should not worry about the blue mountain boys, they are too proud in their own political egos to even think rationally to put forward their best if they exist.

Em lukluk bilong mi - noken kross.

Not This Again!!!!

Re: tok tru

June 10 2012, 12:47 AM 

Obviously you think they should vote block.

What a sad comment on the state of PNG affairs!

You're as much as admitting that they show every sign of primitive tribalism in deciding who to vote. That they vote their region, not the best qualified person.

No wonder we continue to get such losers as our representatives!

pro Sandaun

free pig and cow meat please

June 10 2012, 9:07 AM 

Free pig and cow meat anyone? It will only cost you one vote and your blind support.


Re: tok tru

June 10 2012, 9:28 AM 

Block voting is a reality on the ground unfortunately. It will take years before we can come to realise that tribalism is not the way forward. I do not believe and promote tribalism. That is why I had to highlight what is really happening.

Mangi tasol

Oksapmin/Telefomin Proof to us

June 10 2012, 7:10 PM 

Ol Oksapmin- Telefomin ya ol lain bilong show off nating. Ino gat wanpla taim bai ol tingim ol lain bilong ol yet antap na bai givim vote long ol.
Oksapmin -Telefomin you show us this time that you are genuine contenders by voting for your own men. Otherwise you are just making numbers only. Proof me wrong this election our mountain men and women.

Olsem Rain save pundaun antap long mountain na kam daun long nambis; your vote will always end up with one coastal blocks. Mi save sem stret long yupla antap ya...Go for your own men!!!

Mangi nating


Thankyou Mangi nating

June 21 2012, 7:23 PM 

Mangi nating yu noken wari. Mountain man bai win. The people of Oksapmin and Telefomin have decided this time to remain on the mountain and become triumphants.


Re: Thankyou Mangi nating

June 21 2012, 8:12 PM 

You're referring, of course, to those who haven't already run away from the mountains to the bright city lights.

pro Sandaun

who is rex tawian and amkat mai?

June 10 2012, 7:30 PM 

So much propaganda mauswara tok going on here for Rex Tawian and Amkat Mai so I decided to check them out on the internet. Go and google all of them and see what comes up. It appears that this Tawian fellow is only mentioned here. Mai popped up because he contested the last election. Hardly nothing on the internet about former MP's Yuni and Mambei. The two who stand out are former MP's John Tekwie and Gabriel Ramoi. Somebody also post the names and background of the other Regional candidates here. Lets check them all out properly. Skelim gut. Maski giaman na apim nem nating blo ol man husat nogat han mak na nogat i nap save long ronim gavman. Yupela laik stap long tudak orait yupela tokim ol narapela man long votim ol nupela man na yupela yet traim long stretim rod na stretim pawa na wara na ol risos blo Sandaun. Nupela man bai bihainim rod blo olgeta nupela memba na tingim em na ol lain blong em pas. Weistim taim.

Telly Oks

Re: who is rex tawian and amkat mai?

June 11 2012, 2:04 AM 

it is interesting to see that this topic has been the most discussed on this forum to date. This shows that we Sandaunists are very passionate about getting it right this election. What we are missing from all the discussions is that we should seek God to convict and confirm to us the one of His choice from the list. Our physical woes are a manifestation of a Spiritual problem in us and our leaders. Only God can convict us to vote for the one of His choice if we let Him. We human beings base our decisions on the Physical attributes only but God sees the Heart. I believe that even a simple grassroot can change the course of history through the Power of God's Spirit if his heart is right. No matter how well educated and well off a person is, if his heart is not right before God,very little will be accomplished. The next leader must act as a channel for blessings to flow instead of being a blockage. Satan and his followers do not like this type of propaganda as Satan does not want human beings to prosper and acknowledge God's existence.

I have absolutely no regrets and apologies to anyone for making these remarks.

Telly Oks


Don't vote for self promoting idiots

June 11 2012, 2:11 PM 

Any "hot" candidate (such as former MP's Paul Mambei, John Tekwie, Carlos Yuni and Gabriel Ramoi as reported in the newspaper recently) who has the strongest and biggest base or block vote is bound to win. The candidate will just sit back and collect on the second and third votes from other electorates. So who is most likely to win? Who has the biggest base vote? Paul Mambei was touted to be the strongest contender however he is supposed to be from a small village at the edge of Lumi so he would do probably do better to run for his old Aitape Lumi seat. John Tekwie will do better this election but he may have been wiser to run for Vanimo Green instead of his sister. Carlos (Carolus) Yuni is a Yangkok isn't he? He had his go also as Governor. What did he accomplish during his term? Isn't he the guy who pulled out a gun and shot his wife in the arse? Simon Solo the adulterer and formrr tucker box operator from Lumi who is the current MP won in 2007 because of the NA votes given to him along the Aitape coast. He won't be collecting the same again because people have said they are not going to be voting along party lines, and his performance has been below par. Rex Namah would probably win this round since he came second last time but sadly he passed away. Gabriel Ramoi is still very popular in Aitape because of the tangible improvements he made there when he was the sitting member. Ol man tok hanmak blo em stap yet. Amkat Mai and Rex Wafian will also do well but will have to kill more pigs and cows for the Lumis and Yangkoks and Nukus in order to beat more popular names like Ramoi and Tekwie. Who are the other candidates running?


Re: Don't vote for self promoting idiots

June 11 2012, 7:26 PM 

After reading your posting I'm so depressed. It seems like nothing in this election is about finding honest candidates, its all numbers game, bribing voters etc. How far our country has fallen.

pro Sandaun

Boot the corrupt voters up the arse

June 11 2012, 8:59 PM 

God Bless you Telly Oks and the Telefomin people. Please pray to Jesus not to allow the corrupt voters, who fed on free pig meat and enjoyed free cash handouts from corrupt pollies like Simon Solo and Patrick Pruaitch over the last 5 years, to vote in this election. Educate the people. Tell people to pray for a genuine politician to be elected. Whoever benefited or was treated or suspected of being bribed by any candidate should not be allowed to vote and also to campaign for their candidate. They are the ones selling the country to the Devil by voting for corrupt candidates.

I beg to differ......

Re: Boot the corrupt voters up the arse

June 11 2012, 10:21 PM 

Praying for people to elect a genuinely good leader has never worked and will never work. The only time people elect good leaders is when they stop praying, get off their arses, and start learning how to judge effectively!

Pro Sandaun

Re: Boot the corrupt voters up the arse

June 12 2012, 8:32 AM 

My first vote is for Gabriel Ramoi, second for John Tekwie and third I don't know yet. Ramoi or Tekwie needs to win because of the increasing instability on the Indonesian side of the border. We need educated men with university degrees as well as experience already in politics to be in power to help our West Papuan brothers and sisters and to make sure the money from Frieda River is not wasted or stolen by foreign nationals paying themselves overseas in foreign currency. Ramoi and Tekwie are two of Sandauns brightest and most capable. They have already felt the pain of the dirty side of politics and know how to ignore it and look at the big picture which is the future prosperity of Sandaun and not their own pocktiets and the pockets of corrupt political supporters.


What has Tekwei done

June 12 2012, 10:06 AM 

What has Tekwie done for the province? He is a great talker but lacks action and vision for the province. Why didn't he perform when he was in power? Yu mas wanpla man stap long hul bilong stone na kam. The province does not need Tekwie!!

pro Sandaun

VOTE Ramoi, Tekwie na mi no save

June 12 2012, 4:06 PM 

Yu hul yah. Look it up on the internet. Tekwie has done more than any other Pngean for the West Papua cause when he had the guts to burn the Indonesian flag in Jayapura. The Free Trade Zone is his brain child and needs to be continued. Who is your candidate? Some ignorant useless self promoting dick who would cower in his hole when the Indonesians invade? Vote Ramoi and Tekwie na mi no save.


YOu are wrong

June 12 2012, 5:02 PM 

We are not talking Papua politics here mate. This is Sandaun and PNG politics. You and I have not much say in West Papua Politics. There are international laws that deals with invasion sapos yu no klia. You laik sanap long West Papua orait go long hapsait na play politcs long hap (Indo). Stop wasting your time meddling into someones business instead of developing Sandaun.
I have some trust for Ramoi but not Tekwei. He had his chance and has blown it up.

Tekwie opened the door to destroying Sandaun

Re: VOTE Ramoi, Tekwie na mi no save

June 12 2012, 8:37 PM 

All that stupid Free Trade zone did was open the door to asians flooding in to rip our timber and other resources off. They earn k1 from the resources, they give us 5t and we all jump down in happiness at how many jobs that 5t created never realising the big picture. Why would any legitimate asian group set up factories in a PNG free trade zone when the labour rates are a lot less next door in Indonesia? The whole thing is a scam and people like you are naive enough to fall for it. In a generation, when all the valuable hardwoods etc are gone and Sandaun people are mostly slaves on their own land working the oil palm, you'll curse Tekwie. But by then it will be too late.


Re: VOTE Ramoi, Tekwie na mi no save

June 13 2012, 8:12 AM 

Pro Sandaun, what planet are you on right now? You can send a space ship for John Tekwie because he seems to be so full of fantasy that he deserves a visit to the stars. I laughed out loud when I read in the newspaper that he has his hand up again for Prime Minister as leader of his party. What a "self promoting dick"? Pathetic! He simply does not have what it takes, and his party has no money. What did he do for Sandaun? As for Gabriel Ramoi he is a different breed and light years ahead of John Tekwie so don't think they are the same calibre or character. Gabriel Ramoi is an intellectual who would have become the worlds youngest Prime Minister if he had not been imprisoned.

pro Sandaun

Re: VOTE Ramoi, Tekwie na mi no save

June 13 2012, 8:53 AM 

Bro, yu tok stret. I also believe that Gabriel Ramoi would have become the worlds youngest Prime Minister if he had not been imprisoned. However I disagree with you about Tekwie. He may not be on the same level as Ramoi (thats why Ramoi gets my number one vote) however Tekwie is also an intellectual and was smart enough to sue the State to clear his name and was awarded 100 million. One day the State will pay and he will have the money to put back into Sandaun. The Free Trade Zone is not a pipe dream. Read the Act. Once implemented it will revolutionize Sandaun. So what if the Indo's get less pay. They still have more money than you and me and love PNG products which will be manufactured for sure at competitive prices in Sandaun under the Free Trade Zone Act if Tekwie gets back into power. Tekwie still has my number two vote and nothing will change that. I have not made up my mind yet about Number 3. Any recommendation? Does Amkat Mai have a university degree?


Re: VOTE Ramoi, Tekwie na mi no save

June 13 2012, 3:53 PM 

Amkat Mai has a Masters in Mathematics. He has been a lecturer at various institutions including several High Schools, Passam and Divine Ward University.


Re: VOTE Ramoi, Tekwie na mi no save

June 13 2012, 9:03 PM 

Wow! Sounds like exactly the wrong qualifications for the wheeling and dealing environment of politics. Especially PNG politics. He'll be as useless as Dr Danaya who is an intellectual in a sea of husslers when he goes to parliament. He hardly knows whats going on around him.


Re: VOTE Ramoi, Tekwie na mi no save

June 13 2012, 10:10 PM 

Mr Denial,
You will live a life of self-denial all your life if you underestimate other people's capability.

pro Sandaun

Re: VOTE Ramoi, Tekwie na mi no save

June 14 2012, 10:33 AM 

Impressive. At least he is not another idiot who thinks that 0 + 1 = 0 and has a degree unlike the current Governor Simon Solo who is a grade 10 drop out. In fact "Mr Denial" raised a good point about the "husslers". Solo the self professed born again AOG Christian won with the help of members of the Revival Center in 2007 to bribe the voters in Lumi. Patrick Pruaitch and his corrupt National Alliance party gave Solo at least 50,000 cash to buy off Lumi voters and then ensured the polls were rigged in Solo's favor. So if you smart avid honest God fearing Telefomin and Oksapmin bushmen really want to see one of your own people like Mai or Tawian to win this round then you had better get off the internet and get down to the polling booths and counting centers and make sure there is no foul play otherwise sori tumas but we might just end up stuck with Solo again thanks to corrupt voters who have fed on his and Patrick Pruaitch's free pig meat and tin pis.

Who are your 3?

My 3 preferences for Sandaun Regional

June 15 2012, 10:00 AM 

Here are my top 3 choices for Sandaun Regional when I cast my vote starting next week.
1. Rex Tawian
2. Gabriel Ramoi
3. Amkat Mai

Who are yours? Over to you Sandauners.

ramoi supporter

Re: My 3 preferences for Sandaun Regional

June 15 2012, 3:28 PM 

ramoi is engaging and will no doubt invite tekwei rex and amkat to have a role in his governmet together with noel mobhia.listern to his radio address every thursday 8.15pm on radio sundaun as he outine his plans for the province.the aitape coast has the biggestpopulation and aitape is backing its most favorite son for his third and final race .ramoi is consolidating his base in aitape and lumi and will collect well in oksapmin and yankok

its trading one bad pawpaw for another

Re: My 3 preferences for Sandaun Regional

June 15 2012, 3:35 PM 

All of them are watering at the mouth hoping and waiting that they can get on the PNG gravy train if they get elected. Any one of them won't be able to avoid temptation and will start stealing left & right the moment they're handed their first district development cheque.

Mark my words it will come true as I say.

Mr Mai's support in Telefomin/Oksapmin Split

Fellow Sandauners, Mr Amkat Mai has 99% support in Oksapmin Telefomin is a lie.

June 15 2012, 9:38 PM 

Amkat my has no real experience fellow Sandauners. He does not have any concrete experience like Mr Rex Tawian and others who has both International and PNG experience both in private and public sector.. Do you call teaching in a classroom brilliant? What does that have to do with bringing changes into the province? Don't be fools and trust this man.

Mr Amkat's supporters must know that there is a big split between Tekwie, Rex, Ramoi and Amkat in Oksapmin and Telefomin. Who are you to fool? You must know that all of lower Oksapmin will go out.

Mangi Gawa stap wantaim yu.

oki doki

Re: Fellow Sandauners, Mr Amkat Mai has 99% support in Oksapmin Telefomin is a lie.

June 16 2012, 7:28 AM 

None of you know whats actually going on right now on the ground. You're just promoting each of your bias which makes this thread into a totally unreliable useless one. Sad.

One of Sandaun's Elite

Re: Fellow Sandauners, Mr Amkat Mai has 99% support in Oksapmin Telefomin is a lie.

June 16 2012, 11:23 AM 

I fully support you. Everyone is trying to promote their candidates without being on the ground. We are probably sitting in the comforts of our homes in major cities and towns where there are internet services at our finger tips. This has been all about fantasising our own wishes when we will probably not get a chance to cast our votes. None of what has been said so far has come from those who are on the ground since more than 90% of Sandaun has no internet or phone services. For instance the person who calls himself Mangi Gawa might be in the comforts of the Township of Tabubil or Port Moresby.

Over to you countryman and woman, do the right thing. By the way, I wont be home to cast my votes so all the best.


Amkat Mai has great support

June 16 2012, 3:29 PM 

What has been said and shared so far by mangi Gaua is another of a foreigner who resides in the comfort zones of Tabubil or Pom and is making a lot of noise. I walked all 21 wards in Oksapmin LLG just campaigning for 1 for Amkat Mai. Truly the support on the ground is more than 95% for Amkat. Even the people of Gaua ples blo mangi Gaua have shown their support for Amkat. Other candidates like Ramoi, Tekwei, Yuni, Wunum, Solo and others also have support in Oksapmin and they will still get votes from Oksapmin.


Amkat is the man

June 18 2012, 5:07 PM 

I tell you Amkat is the man.. He receiving support in all 4 districts of the province and he is the likely winner.. I am from Nuku and I mus tell you he is going to win this election...

Mangi Nuks

Amkat is the Man

July 18 2012, 2:41 PM 

Amkat is supported province wide and you can see his is voted in every count in each district.


Gaukutyan says it all

June 21 2012, 11:25 AM 

Gaukutyan has said it all. He is from Gauwa and knows whats the support is like on the ground. I have been at home all this time and infact I am emailing from Oksapmin and can confidently say that, Amkat Mai has a huge support unlike other candinates. Off course a few of the Oksapmians will give thier first vote to Rex and others but thats is about 1%. My preference would be:

1. Amkat Mai
2. Rex Tawian
3. Gabriel Ramoi

What about yours?


Re: Gaukutyan says it all

June 21 2012, 11:33 AM 

Why on earth would you give even your 3923943th preference vote to the corrupt Gabriel Ramoi????????


Re: Fellow Sandauners, Mr Amkat Mai has 99% support in Oksapmin Telefomin is a lie.

June 19 2012, 10:40 PM 

Please omit Tekwei and Ramoi.. WE do not want recycled leaders who have done nothing for the province during their reign..


Re: Fellow Sandauners, Mr Amkat Mai has 99% support in Oksapmin Telefomin is a lie.

June 19 2012, 10:45 PM 

Please omit Tekwei and Ramoi.. WE do not want recycled leaders who have done nothing for the province during their reign..



July 20 2012, 6:11 PM 

All man will come with all their dreams but all end up in the same cycle. Past leaders had their chance as Governors. You should all give to the one woman running amongst the man and trial how woman would run the affairs of Sandaun. Dorothy Tekwie people of Vanimo Green should also give to her.


We do not want yoyos and recycle leaders

June 19 2012, 8:41 PM 

Please Sandaun People we do not want yoyos and recycled leaders to the parliament.. What have they done.. Its time now that sandaun elect new, young, and vibrant leaders who are capable to lead and bring services to the province.. Enough is enough.. We are because of the selfish politicians that we have voted into the parliament..

amkat sapporter

Re: VOTE Ramoi, Tekwie na mi no save

June 19 2012, 9:14 PM 

For your information Amkat Mai holds a Masters in Buisenses administration and Education. He is the Flexible Learning lecturer at Divine Word UNiversity. he has a good background in teaching and working with Ausaid in PNG. So no problem with his qualification...


Re: VOTE Ramoi, Tekwie na mi no save

July 3 2012, 1:39 AM 

Correction. Tekwie never burnt the Indo flag. He raised the West Papuan Morning star flag at a public rally which is a treasonable offence under indonesian law. Most Indo's are timid peaceful and friendly people. Easily scared. They would not last long in png if they try to enter illegally.

Oksap mahn

Tekwie waste of time

July 8 2012, 9:47 AM 

Tekwie can done huge dramatic change over the internet like the free trade zone but what has he done physically for the province. He is full of talking but has done nothing in his 2 golden terms in parliament.


Mangi mountain

July 20 2012, 11:45 AM 

No u i think u people a talking lousy.traim mountain mangi like amkat bai u lukim.we da coastal people we are selfish n greedy people.so s i say traim mr mai,if u faul m bai u faul na sta,bai mountain ba bruk kamdaun bai karamapim mepla..noken faul bcos mepla ol nambis man we are greedy and selfish..thankyou



July 26 2012, 10:10 PM 



Vote Gabriel Ramoi.

June 17 2012, 8:30 AM 

Ramoi is a true and visionary leader with great potential.he is a very well educated man and has pleanty of leadership qualties. Yes some may say he is a criminal but he is actually a man who works and fights hard for people .West Sepik is a very beautiful place but we are far behind on development on our province thanks to our previous goveners. With a man like Ramoi West Sepik will change for the better. Please people can you not regognize a smart and well disciplined man when see one. God its almost like people want unworthy leaders who are nothing like Ramoi.


Re: Vote Gabriel Ramoi.

June 17 2012, 9:26 AM 

He's a criminal. Full stop.

Stop having standards of quality that are as low as the sewer.

Can you imagine what people in other countries think when they come here and read postings like yours that excuse criminality of our candidates.

I mean, there is NO excuse.

Your way of thinking is exactly the reason why our country is truly in the toilet right now as far as corruption and lawbreaking is concerned. Thanks to people like you!



June 17 2012, 11:06 AM 

Me spoiling this country i am just expressing my thoughts about what I think a leader should be and I have done nothing wrong. Papua New Guinea is spoiled by uncivilized people such as yourself who have no appreciation for people who are trying to help change our country for the better. Please I wonder how many people in png are sooooo arrogant


Re: arrogance

June 17 2012, 11:13 AM 

Yes, people like you who condone acts if evil are part of the problem as you are no different to the people whom you support.


Re: arrogance

June 17 2012, 11:18 AM 

Typo mistake. The above should read people who condone acts of evil are part of the problem.

emi tru

Re: arrogance

June 17 2012, 11:50 AM 

Look at how many scapers actually think there's nothing wrong in promoting known corrupt candidates, because "everyone does it" or because "they're not as corrupt as some of the others." This is the clearest evidence of why PNG has become one of the most corrupt countries in the world.


Em win pinis

June 17 2012, 4:45 PM 

My voting choices.

1.Gabriel Ramoi
2.Alois Mato
3.John T Tekwei

So my first choice will be the winner.You will all see.


Re: Em win pinis

June 17 2012, 6:55 PM 

Good on all you people who support everybodys democratic right to contest without stooping so low as to character assassinate a candidate who is tipped to be our next Governor by calling him a criminal. You do yourself and West Sepik an injustice! Rest assured that Gabriel Ramoi is no criminal. He went to prison in the early nineties for political reasons. At least he had the decency to resign from parliament unlike certain desperate politicians today clinging to power at any cost. He resigned but was later referred by a leadership tribunal to be prosecuted under the criminal code. His offence? Well it is not if any government money was actually stolen and put in his own pocket. According to his history (research it on the net) he put his name on the back of a government cheque worth K6000 and left it with third level airline Talair as gaurantee of payment for chartering an aircraft to fly the band Bluff inn souls to perform at a Peoples Democratic Movement rally in Wewak in 1987. Twenty Five years ago! Pais Wingti was the leader of PDM and Prime Minister at the time. The oldies on this forum will recall that they were trying to deport the expat owner Dennis Buchanan also at the time. Anyway the poor bastards very promising political career was destroyed and he was sentenced to imprisonment after Wingti failed to give evidence in court that he had instructed Ramoi to endorse the cheque. Bear in mind that he graduated with a degree in law so he should have known that what he did was not crimimal. Anyway if the man does not win then it will be West Sepik and Papua New Guineas loss. If he loses then you will have someone else to character assassinate and complain about. Me I am voting for Ramoi because he has the brains and the experience to drive our province and country forward.


Re: Em win pinis

June 17 2012, 10:25 PM 

he thought he did the right thing huh? just goes to show
why the pollies today are clinging to power. They know
what happened to Gabriel Ramoi.


Re: Em win pinis

June 22 2012, 8:17 PM 

I found this on a Facebook group.....The Governor-in-waiting for West Sepik - Gabriel Ramoi's pre-victory speech broadcast over Radio Sandaun. Feel free to comment, criticize and contribute. If you support his 10 point plan (which also concerns West Papua) then please send a text to any eligible voter in West Sepik to vote 1 for Gabriel Ramoi, Box 18. There are reportedly 148,060 eligible voters currently in West Sepik Province.

[Ramoi’s ] 100 days of Power- [ Blue Print for the Sepik Region & Papua New Guinea ] The Art of State Craft in the milieu of the uneducated.
On the eve of the 2012 Election for the West Sepik Regional seat when it seemed obvious from the feed back I was getting from people all over the Province that I will end up as the winner and Governor of West Sepik Province, I suddenly found my interest in representing the people of one of the least developed province of the Country began to wane as the realisation of the mammoth task that lies ahead in getting this Province to begin to turn around and to start addressing its poor HDI [Human Development Index] begin to sink in. West Sepik Province, just like the rest of Papua New Guinea suffers from an acute shortage of political leaders knowledgeable in the Art of State Craft to lead a modern Nation State out of its recent stone age past and to leap frog the industrial and the jet age into the current information age and at the same time manage the ship of State in a manner that make us proud as we carve a place for ourselves in this modern world. My pedigree, training and life experiences has given me a unique opportunity to lead my People and I intend to capture this journey in writing by outlining the pathway ahead in this blue print to make it easier for development partners, civil servants, educators and those serving in leadership roles to follow in the endeavour to deliver the best positive out come for the people of West Sepik Province in the 5 years of my rule. There are a number of issues that I would like to immediately address in my first 100 days of office and I list them here for ease of reference. [ A detailed outline and costings to follow ]
Issues to be addressed in the first 100 days of office:
1] Preparation for presentation in Parliament The Aitape Notal Tsunami Restoration Bill – The failure of the leadership in the Province to address the continuing problem of settling and providing infrastructure to over 20,000 people of the Aitape West Coast who are still affected by the 1998 Tsunami is indeed shameful and I intend to address this issue which remains outstanding for the last 14 years and to bring this disaster on par with the funding level the Gazelle Restoration Authority enjoys.
2] Re-visit the Border Development Authority Act - to bring back to my original concept which is to establish the Border Commission which will be vested with National Government functions and which will have the administrative responsibility to manage exclusively our land Border with Indonesia in the areas of Migration and Trade and to be responsible for the administration of our Border Patrol and communication systems and infrastructures.
3] Re-visit the Telefomin District Agreement - This initiative will see OK Tedi Mine play a more pro-active role in providing direct financial contribution to Telefomin District and to do more in terms of the development of the Min Region and People. This initiative will also include my Government supporting and financing the claims by the Mohomal Kweiptan Clan of Oksapamin to the special Mining Lease Areas of OK TEDI mine.

4] Economic Initiatives - West Sepik must learn to exploit its proximity to the third biggest market in the World after China & India. My role is to facilitate this by a number of initiatives. This includes but are not limited to :
A] Introducing Bahasa Indonesia to all our Primary, High School and Vocational Schools so that the next Generation of our citizens can speak the language and engage our neighbours in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore in trade and commerce.
B] Ease of Inter-Country Travel - My Government will work towards easing travel between Indonesia’s Papua Province and West Sepik by jointly accepting Citizenship Cards [we will introduce a Biometric version of our own travel and citizenship Card] to allow not only People by People movement but also movements of vehicle and motorbikes and boats to travel with ease into Indonesia for the purpose of Trade and Commerce and to enable the same from their citizens who are holders of the Red Katape Pass who are born in and are residents of Papua Province to travel at ease into West Sepik Province.
C] Commissioning of Fibre Optics Cabling from Jayapura to Vanimo to enable internet access for all our people located between Wutung and Vanimo Town and to take West Sepik forward to meet the challenges of the Information Age.
D] Establishment of the Sepik Agriculture park -This initiative will look at developing the Sepik Plains jointly with the East Sepik Government and to developing a road and rail infrastructure that will run through the Sepik Plains from Kopar in East Sepik through the 12 Sepik Electorates to the PNG Indonesia Border and emerging into Genyem Valley in Indonesia and exit at Tanahmerah
5] Negotiation over Frieda - The Government of West Sepik is committed to seeing that copper is delivered through a pipe line with road Link from Frieda to the coast in Aitape and will be looking and buying its full equity in the mine.
6] On Timber Concessions -My Government does not support industrial logging and will work to support Land Groups to develop small scale operations that are sustainable and that timber licenses must revert back to Resource Owners.
7] Development of water & sewerage systems of our major towns of Vanimo and Aitape. This embarrassing situation must be addressed and I intend to address this issue in the first 100 days of Power.
8] Clean water supply and micro hydro power supply to all our Villages - The Aim of this program is to modernise our villages and to prevent Rural Urban Drift
9] Housing for all - As part of our modernising our village program I intend to work closely with Habitat for Humanity in looking at building better quality houses for our People in Villages and will have in place costing and plans for this program in my first 100 days of office.
10] Introduction of new technology and a paradigm shift in road construction and sealing techniques - I intend to construct new roads to our hinterlands and seal our major roads by having in place within the first 100 days new road building and sealing system which will rapidly see all major population centres in the province linked together in a modern durable road system.
LikeUnlike · ·Unfollow PostFollow Post · June 16 at 6:37pm
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Re: Em win pinis

June 22 2012, 8:33 PM 

1. Gabriel Ramoi
2. John Tekwie
3. Amkat Mai
4. Rex Tawian


36 candidates contesting. Choose the best!

June 22 2012, 8:45 PM 

22 Alois Mato
23 Bernard Kull
36 Bob Fig Namah
16 Canisius Kapu
28 Caspar Onbaiye
21 Clement Tumana
12 Francis Tamata
18 Gabriel Ramoi
15 Ignas Aro
43 Ignatius Wunum
27 John Wuni Fani
31 Joshua Nonwo
29 Julie Kevin Modie
37 Kos Umion
33 Luke Tom
20 Mauri Nemantu
32 Micah Wes
35 Michael Melasa Masamba
17 Noel Colin Mobiha
38 Paul Hugo Mambei
30 Paul Saroya
40 Peter Yemin
13 Raphael Yerwe Tuwalou
39 Thomas Kile Wakopu
10 Willie Aloitch
34 Yuni Carlos Kalang
41 John Talu Tekwie
25 Jack A Rahman
42 Simon Solo
11 Rex Bunar Tawian
24 Kelly Mossong Waranguai
19 Patrick Muliale
26 Seron Wanori
14 Akmat Mai
45 Andrew Max Maiyin
44 Amos Sufengi Daniel


Re: 36 candidates contesting. Choose the best!

June 22 2012, 9:47 PM 

My first choice is former MP and law graduate Gabriel Ramoi.


My best 3 preferences

June 24 2012, 9:11 AM 

My best 3 preferences when I cast my vote tommorrow for the regional seat are: 1. Amkat Mai 2. Gabriel Ramoi 3. Rex Tawian



June 25 2012, 9:03 AM 

Voting in Vanimo today

Togather with 200 others from our settlement

1. Rex Tawian
2. Gabriel Ramoi
3. Amkat Mai

Tait long toktok. lukluk long counting


Re: TawianRamoiMai

June 26 2012, 8:00 AM 

Was your name on the roll? I heard that many people were unable to vote yesterday in Vanimo because their names were not on the roll, but that is not unusual.


Votim Pinis

June 26 2012, 1:10 PM 

Yes we voted aste. Only 15 of our 200 that I know are voting same as me did not have their name for Word 4 as their names ino stap long roll. Otherwise all is good.
By the way Namah may loose his seat according to polls feedback after voting from the settlements and vanimo town. wanbel stap - mipla sampla hope an educated and knowledgeable person like Florian Gubon kisim long open. For Regional all Green, Imonda and Amanab and a good pickup in Vanimo went for Rex Tawian on first count for regional. Best wishes tu igo long Ramoi na Amkat Mai - wokim samting stret ah.


Re: Votim Pinis

June 26 2012, 2:57 PM 

Thank you. We also heard that ballot boxes from Bewani went missing and then reappeared again on the way to Vanimo after polling. Anybody got any inside information on this? The car carrying the ballot boxes broke down on the road???

Vanimo Mangi

Albert Mutumap & District EO

June 27 2012, 12:13 PM 

The key figure in this scandal is Albert Mutumap, a public servant in Vanimo who is embroiled in the centre of this ballot box controversy. He arrived in Vanimo 3 am in the morning after the polling day when it normally takes 3-4 hours to travel from polling location down to town.
the Electoral manager for Vanimo Green is almost halfway into his grave too and grossly incompetent - typical of everyone else in the rundown Sandaun Administration.



June 28 2012, 10:21 AM 

Can anyone from Telefomin,Nuku and Aitape-Lumi
update us vanimo voters on the status of votings conducted
in your areas??


Re: Updates

June 28 2012, 2:39 PM 

For Nuku, we are 50% Complete.. No hicups.. Bai mipla finish lo weekend.. Everything is just flowing smoothly

watch out

Re: Updates

June 28 2012, 3:52 PM 

You haven't a clue what might go on behind the scenes when the votes start to be counted. That's the problem that is now developing. Not saying that this corruption is planned for your area but it's happening elsewhere. Bribery of electoral officials and security.


Re: Updates

June 28 2012, 4:51 PM 

Polling teams send out into the remote parts are almost completed. Maybe by the weekend or so. However, in Oksapmin there is a delay awaiting security forces. Polling in the distant remote location have been done already. In Telefom urban, votting would be completed 2morrow.


Nuku and Telefomin

June 29 2012, 4:13 PM 

From voters feedback which candidate
was voted most on 1st and 2nd preferences
in your areas??


candidate update

June 29 2012, 4:50 PM 

For Nuku Open I Belief Win Bai Stap Namel Lo Joe Sungi, Benedict Ambasi and Sitting Member... But its people's power so mipla wet na Lukluk..

For The Regional.. Many are voting for Benard Kull, and Kelly Warranguai.. Both are from Nuku so ol i kisim planti votes liklik.. But it deends if they can pick up well in other districts..

The Candidates from outside Nuku Who who will Get many votes are Amkat Mai, Gabriel Ramoi, and Rex Tawian.. Ol Narapla Candidates bai Kisim wanwan Nabaut..
But planti em Amkat Mai bai kisim

Thanks... Nukuman


Re: candidate update

June 29 2012, 5:03 PM 

behind the scenes many more votes will be moving to Ramoi. Secretly


Re: candidate update

June 29 2012, 6:47 PM 

What do you mean by "Secretly"? I heard on Radio Sandaun last night that Ramoi is disputing all the votes at Ulau. This MEANS he will probably LOSE!!!


Re: candidate update

June 30 2012, 10:09 AM 

That is only one box from sub-village Daie
in Ulau.Check Aitape-Lumi blogs and you all
will see.


Re: candidate update

June 30 2012, 10:10 AM 

I think you mean 'threads' not 'blogs'. Look up the meaning of blogs using Google please!


Re: candidate update

July 1 2012, 9:45 AM 

Thanks Nukuman, lo Vanimo green em grin imonda amanab, base vote 17,000 givim first count to their own son Rex Tawian. That is a rough estimate at the moment. Others who will pick from other areas are Amkat Mai , tekwie , kos union and few to Bernard Kul.


Re: candidate update

July 1 2012, 10:54 AM 

Thanks for the update from Vanimo-Green.. I belief a New Sandaun governor will be elected.. Mi Wanbel Nating tru lo Rex Tawian na Amkat Mai... As well as Benard kull.

Em ol save man na ol gat heart lo people.. But mi admirim stret leadership blo Rex na Amkat. I hope one of them can become the next Sandaun governor..We need change please..



Rex or Amkat for West Sepik Governor

July 1 2012, 9:31 PM 

My on the ground analysis - If Amkat Mai fails to consolidate his own base and fails to pick up in Aitape, the West Sepik Governor seat will go to Rex Tawian. with a strong solid base in Imonda, Amanab and Green River, with split in Telefomin and loose votes in Oksapmin, Tawian stands very strong to pickup in Nuku, Yankok amd down to the Aitape coast, from the islands to Aitape West. If candidates like Nonwo gets eliminated in Kabore, all the CBC votes from Kabore are going to him. Elimination of Carlos Yuni in Yankok will see Rex soar. Maimai wanwan with John Wootongs support base are giving Rex Tawian the first count.

All Lumi candidates and drowned themselves as there is very remote possibility of them picking elsewhere outside of Lumi.
Ramoi is good for Aitape and a bit in Vanimo but is getting nothing from the rest of Vanimo Green and Telefomin, Lumi. Maybe a few in Nuku.

My best guess now, the battle is between ( in order of preference)

1.Rex Tawian
2.Amkat Mai/ Bernard Kul
3.Gabriel Ramoi/ John Tekwie

May the most preferred candidate by the people win.

West Sepik Observer


Election update from Telelefomin

July 2 2012, 7:39 AM 

Election in the district got off to a slow start due to security personnel delay in deployment. however polling proceeded in some parts of Telefomin with out police. polling will continue to this week. due to rough terrain, chopper is needed at the moment. In Oksapmin, most went for Amkat Mai, John Tekwei, Rex Tawian and Gabriel Ramoi also pick up some and Simon Solo picked up only 3 voter. that was due to his last minute committment for the long over due submission, however turned him down. in Telefomin area, Seron Wanori and Amkat splited it and Rex Tawian is not far from the Amkat and Seron.

From Teleoks.


Election update from Telelefomin

July 2 2012, 7:44 AM 

Election in the district got off to a slow start due to security personnel delay in deployment. however polling proceeded in some parts of Telefomin with out police. polling will continue to this week. due to rough terrain, chopper is needed at the moment. In Oksapmin, most went for Amkat Mai.others like John Tekwei, Rex Tawian and Gabriel Ramoi also pick up some and Simon Solo picked up only 3 voter. that was due to his last minute committment for the long over due submission, however turned him down. in Telefomin area, Seron Wanori and Amkat splited it and Rex Tawian is not far from Amkat and Seron.

From Teleoks.


Regional Prediction

July 2 2012, 1:10 PM 

Thank you Telioks. From further on the ground analysis, the following are some pointers as to who could be the next West Sepik Governor, going by districts/electorates

1. Vanimo-Green

Green River/ Amanab / Imonda

17,000 base votes on first count to their own son, Rex Tawian (rough estimate - could be more or slightly less)
Most second preference will go to Kos Umion, his own family in Green River may give him a few 1's but mostly all the votes for this three areas go to Rex Tawian.

John Tekwie will be picking up heaps of twos and threes. Same with Amkat Mai but Amkat's support will be limited to Imonda with most of his ex students in the Walsa area

For Vanimo Urban - the following have picked up 1's : Rex Tawian, John Tekwie, Gabriel Ramoi ( very few from Aitape communities). Lumi's in the Vanimo urban settlements, being the creatures of habbit that they are will vote back to Lumi candidates, which are 17 candidates so the the estimated 4-5,000 Lumi votes from Vanimo urban are diffused among the 17 Lumi regional candidates.

Bewani-Wutong Onei

John Tekwie will pick up family votes along the coastline on first count but so will be Rex Tawian.
The Bewanis may be considering John Wuni and Bob Namah and Micah Wes but that is about all this three will ever get from anywhere in Sandaun

Aitape West Coast
Gabriel Ramoi, Rex Tawian, John Tekwie and family connection votes to Bernard Kul though his campaign supporters out of Aitape

Aitape Islands
Gabriel Ramoi and Rex Tawian will battle it out on first count with Rex collecting first counts through family connections in Ali, Seliou. He will get a few in Tumeleou with most going to Ramoi.

Aitape East Coast
Gabriel Ramoi is the name there but Tekwie will also pick up. Lumi settlers there will as usual diffuse their votes among the 17 Lumi candidates.

17 Candidates in there - expect diffusion among themselves. Sitting member stands the advantage as usual but that depends on how hard other have campaigned against him. Mambei seems to be the name creating sound waves but that is about all there is to it - just noise. The Wapes have a different voting culture and with 17 candidates its hard to Tell. Tekwie may pick up a bit there and maybe Ramoi with a few of his loyalists.

Seim and Namblo votes will mostly go to Bernard Kul and KElly Waranguai , em asples ya. Outsiders picking first counts will be Rex Tawian, John Tekwie and Amkat Mai - hard to tell how much of first count they will pick but these three will stand strong on second count votes. Not forgetting our good old Carlos Yuni picking a few loose votes in Nuku

MaiMai Wanwan/Yankok

MaiMai votes on first count will see Rex Tawian picking a good number on first count - through John Wootongs Our DEvelopment party connection. Tawian will battle it out with Kul and Yuni there with a few loose votes going to Maori Nemantu. Tekwie will pop in and out picking loose votes here and there. Ramoi will pick up a few through his followers on his idea of bringing logging into the area :).
Yankok CBC votes will be a tight between Rex Tawian and Carlos Yuni. But Yankok em ples blong Carlos so he will pick up strong on first count. Maori Nemantu also will pick some first count. Kos Umion will pick a few CBC votes there but most of the support will be between Yuni, Tawian, Bernanrd Kul and Nemantu. Tekwie will pick loose votes from former loyalists.

Edwaki station - Seron Wanori/Amkat Mai/ Maori Nemantu/ Rex Tawian
Magleri hitting down to Namea and sepik plains - Rex Tawian territory with Maori Nemantu picking a few family votes.

Telefomin - good and almost accurate update by Telioks
Seron Wanori/ Amkat Mai / Rex Tawian territory and Tekwie getting lose votes, maybe some loose once to Ramoi too but not sure. Rex has a strong family network in Telefomin leading all the way down to Frieda so it is equally his base as well as Seron Wanori's and Amkat but there is something about Telefols voting for the Oksi's so will see how Amkat does in Telefomin itself.

Oksapmin is the reverse of Telefomin - Amkat will be strong there no doubt. Seron Wanori and Rex Tawian will pick up too on first count but less than Amkat. Tekwie as usual will pick up loose votes from former loyalists.

Rex Tawian territory with second count to Amkat Mai

This is the latest on the ground analysis. Hope it does not appear biased as I myself voted for Amkat, Tawian and Tekwie. But West Sepik the strongest contender for the regional seat I see now is Mr Rex Tawian. This is my prediction and I am at this point 90 percent sure pending final feedback from on the ground polling crew with conclusion in Telefomin in the next two days.

Thank you and God bless.


Mangi Sandaun (DWU)

Go Rex, Go Amkat

July 2 2012, 3:22 PM 

Thanks all for the election updates.
I would be very happy to see our people elect either Rex or Amkat to to represent us in the next five years. They have the heart for the people.

Keep udating us...


Mangi Elips_ DWU Madang


Re: Go Rex, Go Amkat

July 2 2012, 3:52 PM 

I aggree with you Mangi Elipse.. Either Amkat or Rex for Sandaun Regional will still OK.. we need change.. And I hope one of these two can bring change to the province..

Mangi Sandaun (DWU)

Observer, Seron Wanori will not pick up Primary Votes in Eliptamin and Framin

July 2 2012, 3:49 PM 

Eliptamin and Framin are within Telefomin LLG but unfortunately Seron will not pick up primary votes in these areas...he will pick up only few. Most primary votes will be picked up by Rex followed by Amkat.

Mangi Elips (DWU)


Thank you for the affirmation Mangi Elipse

July 2 2012, 4:10 PM 

Mangi Elipse,

Thank you for the affirmation on status of support within Telefomin LLG around Framin and Eliptamin.
As usual I did not want to drum up too much for Rex Tawian and I do not know the full extent of his ground support in Telefomin but it is very reassuring to hear from those of you with strong ground connections.

Rex Tawian certainly looks strong to hit home as our new West Sepik governor. Thank you for all your support.
I hear from his crew his first 100 days will be spent visiting all electorates and meeting with Sandaun students all across the country at the different institutions. Smart move I think but fingers crossed and hope counting goes well as planned. Writing from Vanimo all is looking good with counting set to start on Friday. Central Telly room at the Vanimo army depot.
Hopefully this EVDO modem from Telikom holds up I should be able to give and inside view on the numbers as counting progress from the central tally room in Vanimo.

Best wishes to Rex and Amkat.



Re: Thank you for the affirmation Mangi Elipse

July 3 2012, 1:22 AM 

It looks like Rex Tawian and Amkat Mai are their own biggest fans. Don't believe the analysis on the voting. It is a load of kcrapp designed to make you think it is genuine. Rex Tawian probably typed it himself whilst deluding himself that he has already won. Or maybe his buddy bernard kul did. Don't forget folks there are 36 candidates all thinking that they are going to win.

Mangi Elips

Visiting Electorate/Universities/Colleges will not make difference

July 3 2012, 9:25 AM 

Visiting each electorate and University/college students through out the country will not make difference.

The same thing happened in 2002 when Carlos Yuni visited all the electorates in the province after his election victory.After Yuni's visit to all electorates, nothing had been done until 2007 when Solo takes over the reign from Yuni.

Rex or whoever is elected and planning to do the same, I really discourage that. But visiting University and College students through out the nation is of great idea.

I visited Sandaun students at Unitech last week and I know they have some great ideas to contribute to the development of our province if our leader is of visionary leader who consults advice from our prominent leaders in the province, students and all walks of life.

DWU Sanadaun Students will be more than happy to see our Regional MP visiting us after the election.

Keep updating us.

Mangi Elips (DWU)



July 20 2012, 5:45 PM 

Your predications are wrong. It seems Aitape East Coast and Islands split votes between Ramoi, Simon Solo and Julie Kevin Moide. Suprisingly the female candidate did pick up quite alot of votes in that area Heard she delivered a very simple campaign back to basics message intelligently.


Re: candidate update

July 3 2012, 3:24 AM 

Keep on deluding yourself Rexie boy. 17000 base votes? Never. Unless you know something that we don't. Check the electoral rolls properly for ghost names. Too many damm cheats and idiots getting elected. They just think they are smart enough to get away with it. How many cows did you end up paying for Rexie boy? Pathetic. You are just another corrupt creature hiding behind christianity when it suits you.


Re: Updates

July 3 2012, 1:08 AM 

If that is true then why did the Post courier (2/7) report that polling teams are still awaiting transport to Telefomin? Maski long giaman kon.


Re: Updates

July 3 2012, 3:00 AM 

God help Sandaun province if this fellow Rex Tawian wins. He is just another slimy version of Simon Solo except he has a Masters degree which is hard to believe. What is easy to believe though is that he is just another sleazeball cheat and full of vanity after viewing his early campaigning posts dating back to March 10 on his "Rex Tawian Election Board" on Facebook. He is the type of guy who has to rubbish others just to make himself look good. You can see it on his face. My advice to you Rexie boy is stick to the euros and pounds because it is clearly evident from your comments that you are a complete novice in politics plus you are not very articulate.


Re: Updates

July 3 2012, 7:10 AM 

Givim lo Rex o Amkat.. Tait lo yoyos na selfish leaders..


Re: Updates

July 3 2012, 8:58 AM 

Do you even know who Rex Tawian is to be making those purely jealous remarks here. The guy made a huge self sacrifice and took a pay cut to put his hand up to serve the Sandaun people. Mi tokim yu ol busman nau from imonda to telefomin down to edwaki na nuku ino longlong, they are looking after their own sons in Rex, Amkat and Bernard Kul...yu ken kros long pngscape, suit yourself and die in your hatred. It won't change a thing.


Re: Updates

July 3 2012, 10:42 AM 

How many people do you think you will influence on Pngscape with your pathetic self promotion on this thread Rex Tawian? It seems your ego is bigger than your brain. There are many fine sons who put their hand up also. Maybe they can also tell us that they also took a pay cut. Get ready to weep Rexie boy because you will not win. God forbid. We have had enough of self centred wannabe pollies preening and fattening themselves while Sandaun suffers. Take note people that most of the posts here about Tawian and Mai were posted by Tawian himself. Amkat will come second. Tawian maybe Fifth or Sixth. Wait and see.


Re: Updates

July 3 2012, 11:27 AM 

Wait and see.. Mi mangi NUKU ya.. Rex, or Amkat bai win.. From voter


Re: Updates

July 3 2012, 12:07 PM 

Yeah na mi mangi Lumi ya. Tawian o Mai bai nonap win. Yu lus pinis ya.Wait and see.


Re: Updates

July 3 2012, 12:16 PM 

Lumi a? 17 pla candidates ya yu ting bai yu win a? trangu lo yu


Ol Amo Givim Pinis

July 4 2012, 12:36 PM 

Mipla ol amo long kunai kantri edwaki givim yu pinis Rex Tawian.
Abrau, Mokoitami igo daun olgeta long Sepik plains. Pawa stap long han blong u nau.
Wanbel stap

Mangi Elips

Election Updates for Telefomin

July 3 2012, 1:14 PM 

I am intouch with the election at home (Telefomin) and the updates I received as of yesterday (2/7/12) is that the polling in the three LLGs of Telefomin, Yapsei and Namea have been completed and the ballot boxes are ready to be airlifted into Telefomin starting today (3/7/12) till Friday as counting is schedule for next week Monday.

Polling in Oksapmin just started on Thursday last week after the delay of the deployment of Police personels to the area from Vanimo. Hopefully the polling in Oksapmin would finish on Thursday this week and ballot boxes would be expected to be airlifted to Telefomin for counting starting next week Monday.


Re: Election Updates for Telefomin

July 3 2012, 1:18 PM 

For Nuku, It is a small district in terms of land mass so polling in Nuku Central LLG and Palai will be completed today. Except for MaiMai WanWan and Yankok which will be completed tomorrow.. Counting should start on thursday or friday..


Not Sure

July 5 2012, 2:42 PM 

Can someone clarify as to how the counting will be conducted for Sandaun regional? Will primary counting be done first at the district counting centres and then elimination at the provincial head quarter? I heard that all boxes for regional will be counted in Vanimo for both primary and elimination. Is it true? Please I need a clarification. Thank you


Re: Not Sure

July 5 2012, 2:50 PM 

Yest all the boxes for the Reqional Seat will be sent to Vanimo. It will be counted in Vanimo PNGDF Baracks. For the open seats, counting will be done in respective districts..


Re: Not Sure

July 7 2012, 7:20 AM 

Rexie boy has gone silent?



July 7 2012, 11:42 AM 

Can anyone from the counting area give us
update from the counting??


Re Voter

July 9 2012, 11:57 AM 

Support, we need to be inform...!
Update for Counting plis.



Re: Re Voter

July 9 2012, 12:04 PM 

I was informed this morning that counting for the regional seat will start tomorrow Tuesday

Voter 2

Re: Re Voter

July 9 2012, 12:32 PM 

The regional ballot boxes from the remote Telefomin district are yet to be transported to Vanimo. My question is: will they wait for the Telefomin regional boxes or will they start counting the boxes from the other districts first despite the delay?



July 10 2012, 11:32 AM 

When will counting start for the Vanimo/Green and Sandaun Regional? Please update!


Re: Counting

July 10 2012, 11:43 AM 

Counting have just started few minutes ago. Will post the results as soon as it is made available..


Regional Update

July 10 2012, 1:10 PM 

Any update from the counting room...Sanduan Regional and Vanimo-Green.


Go Joe Sungi for Nuku Open

July 10 2012, 1:35 PM 

Nuku people deserve change of leadership in the National Parlt and I am not surprise to hear Joe Sungi leading in the Nuku Open. He is the right man!




Re: Go Joe Sungi for Nuku Open

July 11 2012, 9:06 AM 

Any updates for Sandaun Regional o. When will counting commence?

Oksap Mahn

Re: Go Joe Sungi for Nuku Open

July 11 2012, 12:35 PM 

Fellow Sandauners any latest update for the counting. If no latest or updates this clearly indicates how undevelop Sandaun province is.


Re: Go Joe Sungi for Nuku Open

July 11 2012, 12:56 PM 

Don't Criticise your own province.. Know that what comes out of our mouth brings curse and prosperity..
SO talk positive about yourself and your province..
The time will come when Sandaun will see its prosperity..
And that is through yu and mi

The progress is, ol stil countim yet..I will post as soon as results are made available



Re: Go Joe Sungi for Nuku Open

July 11 2012, 1:03 PM 

You emphasizing for prosperity...how long have we been waiting for it? Update and lets see who will be the real agent for PROSPERITY.


Re: Go Joe Sungi for Nuku Open

July 11 2012, 1:43 PM 



Re: Go Joe Sungi for Nuku Open

July 11 2012, 2:02 PM 

First count for the WSP regional seat. The box is from Amanab. Top five

1. Willie Aloitch, 78
2. John Tekwie, 34
3. Rex Tawian, 16
4. Patrick Muliale, 10
5. Casper Onbaiye, 9

The only female candidate Julie Moide polled only 4 votes.

Source: Elias Nanau


Re: Go Joe Sungi for Nuku Open

July 11 2012, 2:03 PM 

First count for the WSP regional seat. The box is from Amanab. Top five

1. Willie Aloitch, 78
2. John Tekwie, 34
3. Rex Tawian, 16
4. Patrick Muliale, 10
5. Casper Onbaiye, 9

The only female candidate Julie Moide polled only 4 votes.




July 11 2012, 8:56 PM 

Please update us for Sandaun Regional counting for today. Thanks



July 11 2012, 8:58 PM 

Please update us for Sandaun Regional counting for today. Thanks


Sandaun regional after count 8

July 12 2012, 7:44 AM 

This is the pprogressive score of Sandaun Regional after count 8

After count 8, Top 5 41 John Talu Tekwie 904
22 Alois Mato 228
37 Kos Umion 218
42 Simon Solo 172
11 Rex Bunar Tawian 157

chafu eng @dwu

Re: Sandaun regional after count 8

July 12 2012, 12:09 PM 

IT is my deepest sympathy to the people of Sandaun. Seems like thy are recycling dinorsaurs leaders like John Tekwie who are already extinct.

Elips Man

Re: Sandaun regional after count 8

July 12 2012, 1:17 PM 

Relax....Tekwie will be thrown out, they havent counted the boxes from rest of the districts.


Re: Sandaun regional after count 8

July 12 2012, 2:27 PM 

Sapot.. Tekwei no climbim ol mountain blo Nuku, Lumi na Telefomin Yet.. Kus blo em bai pundaun na em bai askim lo wara klostu klostu.. em displa taim nau bai ol mounten mangi usait save climbim mountain tasol bai go pass.haha YUPLA Kisim a?
Em nonap win..

Mangi Nuku


Re: Sandaun regional after count 8

July 12 2012, 4:14 PM 

I support you mangi Nuks....
We'll see when we go away from Amanab, Bewani, Vanimo areas.

Can some one from the ground (counting room) continue posting the results on this site so we can get intouch with results back in our home province.

Country Man

Mianaptei Apnita

Re: Sandaun regional after count 8

July 12 2012, 5:53 PM 

Pls someome update me on the latest of the Sandaun Regional.


Update for the Regional Seat

July 12 2012, 6:53 PM 

Source: PNGEC Website: www.pngec.gov.pg

After Count 15

1: John Talu Tekwie- 1268
2: Rex Bunar Tawian- 781
3: Amkat Mai- 656
4: Kos Umion- 403
5: Simon Solo- 319


Re: Update for the Regional Seat

July 12 2012, 10:52 PM 

Oh, thanks for the latest update, but what! not again another recyclist.
Go Amkat and Tawaian. Go! go! go!


Any latest updates!

July 13 2012, 5:43 AM 

Please post the latest progressive results for Sandaun regional after count 19 as of 1:00am early in the morning.


Re: Any latest updates!

July 13 2012, 2:30 PM 

After Count 19

1: Kos Umion- 1728
2: Rex Bunar Tawian- 1493
3: Joh Talu Kekwie- 1309
4: Amkat Mai- 711
5: Simon Solo- 365


Mangi Telioks

Re: Any latest updates!

July 13 2012, 4:05 PM 

The casa has just took off for Vanimo with thousands of votes for Mr. Mai having the majority. Thankyou olgeta long support for Mr. Mai. He is now running forth. We know very well from the count sofar that he is collecting over a thousand votes the least from all three districts and would have the bases to win the Governor seat onces the boxes for Telefomin district are counted. Mangi Nukz tenktru long support.


Any latest updates!

July 14 2012, 12:03 PM 

Please we need the latest update for Sandaun Regional counting


Re: Any latest updates!

July 14 2012, 12:12 PM 

We need latest update for Sandaun Regional.


Any progressive results

July 15 2012, 6:46 AM 

Please can anyone give a latest update on the progressive results for the Sandaun regional seat?


Re: Any progressive results

July 15 2012, 7:49 AM 

yeah it seems that the results are getting progressively worse.


Re: Any progressive results

July 15 2012, 11:58 AM 

The Sandaun Regional seat has more than 140,000 eligible voters. The absolute majority required to win the seat is around 74,500. Somebody please provide the precise majority required. None of the candidates will win on first primary votes. All the figures will change dramatically after the primary count is completed then we will really see who is in the race - probably only half a dozen or so. SO don't your count your chickens before they hatch. Still a long way to go.


Go Amkat

July 16 2012, 7:59 AM 

WSP regional progressive as at 11.30 pm. Count 47. Box from Telefomin electorate.

1. Amkat Mai 9153
2. Rex Tawian 3248
3. Kos Umion 2827
4. Seron Wanori 2238
5. Simon Solo 1790


Go Amkat

July 16 2012, 9:02 AM 

Regardless of 2500 votes going out of Oksapmin LLG, Amkat has picked up well in other districts.Akmat will make it even to the last elimination. Mangi BRK


Re: Go Amkat

July 16 2012, 9:32 AM 

VOTE CORRUPTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Go Amkat

July 16 2012, 9:45 AM 

hi X-its good you have a corrupted mind and voted for corruption.best wishes in your corruptible dealings.


Latest Update

July 16 2012, 10:19 AM 

Latest update as of this morning for Sandaun Regional seat is as follows:
1. Amkat Mai 9901
2. Cos Umion 2822
3. Seron 2614
4. John T 2559
5. Solo S 1805

More boxes to go



July 16 2012, 10:33 AM 

Mangi BRK, where did you place or position Rex B Tawian, I think he should be in the top 5.



July 16 2012, 10:43 AM 

Thanks Observer

This is just the top five. Each candidate has their base. Final results will reveal in the final elimination. Cheers


Re: Updates

July 16 2012, 12:48 PM 

Who is the corrupt person you are refering to..


Result after count 51

July 16 2012, 3:10 PM 

Source: www.pngec.gov.pg

1: Amkat Mai- 9983
2: Rex Bunar Tawian- 3465
3: Kos Umion- 2828
4: John Talu Tekwie- 2672
5: Seron Wanori- 2626



Re: Updates

July 16 2012, 8:36 PM 

There are still 120 boxes to be counted and all candidates have their bases. Even someone at the bottom of the list could win by 2nd and third count as all the one block votes have done their favourites.


Re: Updates

July 16 2012, 8:48 PM 

There are still 120 boxes to be counted and all candidates have their bases. Even someone at the bottom of the list could win by 2nd and third count as all the one block votes have done their favourites.


Wining candidate

July 17 2012, 2:07 AM 

Yeah olsem upla olgeta tok pinis
olsem Mai,Tekwei na tawian bai
win but 100 more boxes to count
so from my personel stats I
conclude that Gabriel Ramoi will
snatch the victory with around
15-25 thousand votes.Counting
no kam lo Aitape-Lumi na Nuku
yet.We will all see when the
dooms day arives.hahaha...:-!


Any latest

July 17 2012, 5:42 PM 

Any latest updates for the Sandaun regional as of 5:00pm this afternoon? Please update!


Re: Any latest

July 18 2012, 9:16 AM 

This is the latest for Sandaun Regional

Amkat Mai - 11,273
John Talu Tekwie- 4,923
Rex Bunar Tawian - 4,006
Seron Wanori - 3,622
Kos Umion - 3,308


Any latest

July 19 2012, 5:52 AM 

What's the latest as of 5:00am this morning for the regional?



July 19 2012, 8:05 AM 

After yesterday evening count...1st-Akmat,
2nd-Tekwei and 3rd-Ramoi.Ramoi jumped
from 18th spot to 3rd spot.100 more boxes
to count for Aitape-Lumi and Nuku.


Re: Tally

July 19 2012, 9:29 AM 

Plis givim ol progressive score so that mipla bai save?



July 19 2012, 6:55 PM 

Latest update at 6:40pm Thursday afternoon.13 more boxes from Lumi to be counted.
1.Amkat Mai 11,815
2.John T 5,514
3.Gabriel R 5,439
4.Solo S 4,359
5.Rex T 4,130

Mangi SimaSima


Re: Updates

July 19 2012, 7:00 PM 

Thanks Mangi SimaSima you did a good job.. Thanks




July 19 2012, 7:22 PM 

You are most welcome Mangi Nuks


Any latest

July 20 2012, 10:09 AM 

How many more boxes are left for counting for the Sandaun regional seat? Please update.



July 20 2012, 1:47 PM 

West Sepik Regional Seat ( count 107) 3.30am
1: Amkat Mai - 12,130
2: Gabriel Ramoi - 5,743
3: John Tekwie - 4950

Hope Ramoi will continue to climb up as boxes from Lumi and Aitape are on count at the moment...but hopefully Amkat would continue his lead if he picks up some primary votes from Aitape/Lumi and Nuku.There are 37 boxes remaining for Vanimo/Green and we should not forget Tekwie on the race of the governor seat.


After Count 111

July 20 2012, 3:57 PM 

Source: PNGEC Website:http://results.pngec.gov.pg/westsepikprovincial.html

Below are the results after counts 111

1: Amkat Mai 12162
2: Gabriel Ramoi 5752
3: John Talu Tekwie 5743
4: Simon Solo 5082
5: Rex Bunar Tawian 4135
6: Seron Wanori 3755

concern citizen

cofirm boxes

July 21 2012, 8:41 AM 

Hello; Can someome please confirm, was last night's boxes (count 23/24) were from Nuku or from Vanimo east & West coast.

thank you for responding.

tirless follower

concern citizen

cofirm boxes

July 21 2012, 8:45 AM 

SORRY my APPOLOGY; Not count 23/24 but count 124/125, Can someome please confirm, was last night's boxes were from Nuku or from Vanimo east & West coast.

thank you for responding.

tirless follower


Re: cofirm boxes

July 21 2012, 10:30 AM 

Counts 124/125 are from Vanimo east/west coast not Nuku.


Re: cofirm boxes

July 21 2012, 10:20 AM 

I think it might be from Vanimo since the box don't has many papers. Boxes for Nuku are packed and contain 2 to 3 thousand papers..
Note only 16 boxes for Nuku open

concern citizen

cofirm boxes

July 21 2012, 11:50 AM 

thank you for confirming that. thought so coz Nuku should have thousand papers than this.



How many boxes left to be counted now?

July 21 2012, 7:36 PM 

My fellow men and women of Sandaun. Can anyone from the ground tell us how many boxes left to be counted before the elimination?



Re: How many boxes left to be counted now?

July 21 2012, 7:42 PM 

We have about 35 boxes remaining


WSP Regional race

July 22 2012, 12:59 AM 

While WS provincial count is winding down,we should now think about the likely leader elect to be decalred soon.Mr.Amkat Mai is way ahead.It's good to have him soon if he is decalerd.Let's give the chances for min people to enter the governor's office. We had enough of the dumies... in the past. WSP had not changed since its politcal birth years ago.


Re: WSP Regional race

July 22 2012, 9:11 AM 

Amkat deserves to Win.. He has all the qualities to be the Next governor of Sandaun Province.. Enough of yoyos and followers. We hope Amkat is the answer to the prayers of Sandaun People..

Go Amkat


Any latest

July 22 2012, 9:26 AM 

What's the latest on the sandaun regional? How many boxes more to count? Please update.

yu yet wokim

Re: Any latest

July 22 2012, 9:28 AM 

Nobody on this site knows anything more than what you can see with your own eyes if you go to www.pngec.gov.pg and clidk on the 2012 election results. em tasol.


Re:Go Amkat .....annanymous

July 22 2012, 8:08 PM 

Thanks for the great support.Our hope for prosperity is now with Mr.Mai.He was once my High School Match teacher and I know he has the skills to calculate and measure the strenghts and weakneses of Sandaun Province.
For mean time.....Pray harder to reveal his victory.

Keep watching....Amkat is the winner*******


Very sad

July 22 2012, 11:20 PM 

We just await results for the Governors seat. With the current results, Sandaun people will continue to lie dormant as they have not changed thier Aitape/Lumi and Vanimo Green leaders who have become millionaires in their own backyard without people even knowing. Our people have once again accepted cash in xchange for votes. Very sad. We will remain the once again leased developed area until we all wake up to reality.

Solan and if Ankat Mai does make it will even be sad as they do not have the necessary expertise to run Telefomin and Sandaun s well and do not have the necessary confidence. They may be lecturers or businessman but to run the affairs of Sandaun is a huge task. All the best Sandaun, continue to be blinded and remain as we are.

Yumi sindaun sori.


Re: Very sad

July 23 2012, 3:26 AM 

If you don't trust Amkat then just wait and see... He is qualified to become Sandaun Lecturer


Re: Very sad

July 23 2012, 3:26 AM 

Not lecturer but governor


Very sad

July 23 2012, 10:35 PM 

You said to wait and see Amkat Mai. What decison has Amkat just announce on Saturday to roll over and join Belden Namahs Party after Beldens victory. I for one do not have any high regard for Belden. He has brought total disgrace to the people of Sandaun with his dictatorship styple of leadership.

For Amkat to make this decision is the first step to him being a very undecisive man and shows already weak leadership he potrays that he will never be steadfast in his decisions. He has not even won the Sandaun Seat yet and has made that decision. He may become a laughing stock if he does not make it.

I am and will stand for the 2017 elections but until I know that Sandaun people can vote for quality leadership rather than based on tribesman, clan connections and money.


Very sad

July 23 2012, 10:37 PM 

You said to wait and see Amkat Mai. What decison has Amkat just announce on Saturday to roll over and join Belden Namahs Party after Beldens victory. I for one do not have any high regard for Belden. He has brought total disgrace to the people of Sandaun with his dictatorship styple of leadership.

For Amkat to make this decision is the first step to him being a very undecisive man and shows already weak leadership he potrays that he will never be steadfast in his decisions. He has not even won the Sandaun Seat yet and has made that decision. He may become a laughing stock if he does not make it.

I am and will stand for the 2017 elections but until I know that Sandaun people can vote for quality leadership rather than based on tribesman, clan connections and money.


Re: Very sad

July 23 2012, 9:22 AM 

Sandaun needs people like you "Sad Sandaunist". Why posting unecessary and negative comments about your home province on this site when you are hiding somewhere enjoying yourself.

If you are so sad about the development of Sandaun then you wake up and contest for the next elections to come. Our former leaders(Tekwie, Yuni, Solo) have tried their best but they have not done anything.

Amkat is a first timer and we have not seen his potentials and capabilities as yet. He has not been declared as yet and you are making such negative comments on Amkat and Solan. It's better you keep your words until 2017 when Solan and Amkat do not perform during their term then you can start make all your criticisms and comments on them, and I also encourage you to contest for the 2017 election if you are really concern about the development of our province.

I will have always positive mind for my leaders and my beutiful province.


Re: Very sad

July 23 2012, 9:35 AM 

No true accomplished person would ever contest an election. Candidate slots are reserved for ol kon mangi na ol spiv man nabaut.

Bakan Bakeng

Re: Very sad

July 23 2012, 4:01 PM 

By reading all your views, complaints, arguements and suggestions, draw a big picture in my mind that we all have the heart for our province (SANDAUN). Dispersing your thoughts into the air is not a problem. So, long as you've got right motive in your heart.
For electricity to generate a power must have postive and negative charged particles. Remember to take "CRITICS AS CHALLENGES". For critics and challenges will motivate and cultivated you to be a really leader and to be a real person, if only when having a conviction of determination to change and recreate the new image of sandaun.

Lets all work together with the upcoming leaders and change the old image and history of sandaun. Remember, Unite we stand, Divide we fall.

Bakan Bakeng.

sad sandaunit


July 23 2012, 10:45 PM 

Sandaun people will continue to vote for their tribesman, clan members and money for their votes. Already reflected well in this 2012 results. I hear Solan has three wives - expect more to come in his victory.

For Amkat, a decision he made to move over and join Belden on Saturday already shows a very poor undecisive leadership potrayed already. He has not won yet and he just allowed his pride to overrule him. What if he does not make it?



July 24 2012, 7:45 AM 

His decision is in the best interest of Sandaun.. He know realy well that in order for him as new governor to bring services to the people, he need work together with MPs from Sandaun..His decision is not regretable..

Na Amkat bai win...



July 24 2012, 9:20 AM 

Of course in the world outside of our PNG banana republic, his decision would be described as "having no principles". And they would be right.

Our standards of ethics are extremely low, some of the lowest in the world. I wonder why?



July 24 2012, 11:39 AM 

Do you think Amkat will win? Em bai nogat watch someone who is unknown amongst the candidates will take that seat. He may be leading in the first count but no-one has reached the absolute majority votes which means 2 and 3 will be taken into account. Who knows it maybe someone we do not expect. Someone GOD has prepared in this time and season. U watch and mark my word, you will congratulate me in the end and my name is Willie.

The decision that Amkat is making is not for the best interst of Sandaun but to utilise Beldens dictatorial drive to win this elections through Beldens already connections in the counting team.

When have Sandaun leaders ever worked together. They have been nothing but a divided group and for people to bring the same people in again - both Partick and Belden cannot even see eye to eye. Their pride is the pride of sandaun a deadly sin that brough the downfall of Lucifer a sin that will cripple Sandaun. It is still a very stronghold in Sandaun and until it is broken down we will see light in Sandaun.

Mi sore long Sandaun



July 24 2012, 12:05 PM 

Olgeta 2 and 3 blo Rex, Seron na kos bai go lo usait? Amkat bai kisim na em bai win.. We need new leader.. Em tasol.. Les finis lo ol lapun na recycled leaders



July 24 2012, 12:16 PM 

Yes, we need a much more talented corrupt new leader to replace the average corrupt old recycled leaders. Bring him on, the tax money is sitting there, just waiting to be stolen!


Under age voting in Oksapmin

July 24 2012, 1:28 PM 

It was widely published today in our daily papers that under aged children of ages between 7-14 were allowed to cast their votes.

It was revealed yesterday on the MTV news as well as today's newspapers. Tekwie is currently in POM to raise that concern to the EC boss to stop counting.

If that was true then, we wait and see what happen next. EC boss might allow the counting to proceed and declare winner, and Tekwie might bring the matter to court of disputed returns.

Hard evidence of photographic images are published in the newspapers, but the question is_how did Tekwie got those photos and who actually taken those photos. If he cannot reveal the fact then those photos are just photoshop images produced to disturb the counting and tarnish the name of the leading candidate.

Very sad


July 24 2012, 3:47 PM 

Are you blind. Can't you tell genuine photos compared to non genuine. This are real photos. Remember there were other candidates committee working on the ground in telefomin. Obviously someone picked it up.

As I said Sandaun Provincial seat is a protected seat by GOD almighty and all corruptions will be exposed prior to the declaration as it this seat will play a big role in PNG's prosperity.

Other seats can be muggled around with but not this seat. Mind you someone unknown is going to pick this seat up in the mighty name of YESHUA.


Desperate for power

Desperate for Power

July 24 2012, 9:06 PM 

The gentleman who provided photos of underage children voting in Oksampmin to John Tekwie has gone into hiding in Nuku last night 23/07/2012. He is an Ambunti man married to an Oksapmin woman. The photos he took were in fact the supporters of Tekwie and Solo in lower Oksapmin area. His hope of securing numbers for his candidate was unsuccessful. He took photos of children from his wife's village and brought them to Tekwie in Vanimo. This is a desperate attempt by someone thinks of himself and not being considerate. Photos of innocent school children were taken in front of a polling station and officials purportedly to make unfounded issues on the number Amkat has collected from his base vote in Oksapmin. This practice is not known in Sandaun in the last 36 years of independence. We are law abiding citizens. Sandaun province has one of the best election records in the country and I condemn such unfounded negative media statements from our leaders who only think about themselves.Has Tekwie done his own investigations to give credibility to his media outbursts or only relying on campaign coordinator from Oksapmin who provided him these photos. This is a cheap media statement from a loosing candidate who has lost his credibility in Sandaun.

Professional journalism needed.



July 24 2012, 1:19 PM 

First sign of corruption in todays news. We never taught Oksapmins would cheat. What a disgrace - no wonder he Amkat hit a 10,000 at first count. All a lie. Sandaun seat is reserved for an honest person to occupy as it will be a leader who is going to negotiate the best deals for teh Frieda, Oil and Gas finds in Sandaun. That is why corruption is already being exposed prior to the seat even being declared. It needs a clean person who knows what GOD is up to in Sandaun. My first email said clearly, his decision to join up with Belden is not the best intrerest of Sandaun and now this is exposed. Thank me Willie once you see the results.

Underage children vote in Oksapmin


CHILDREN under the age 18 and as young as eight years old voted in one of the Momase Region’s remote stations.
The PNG Electoral Commission is now in receipt of pictures and complaints of under aged children casting their votes in Oksapmin station, Telefomin electorate of Sandaun Province.
The PNGEC yesterday could not give further details of the latter but advised their office was investigating the matter.
Late last night Indigenous People’s Party Leader John Tekwie condemned outright the act of allowing underage children to vote.
He told the Post-Courier that he had written to the PNGEC boss Andrew Trawen over the matter including many other discrepancies that they witnessed in their electorates. Counting for the Sandaun Regional Seat is still in progress, but already, Tekwie is calling for the police to act on the underage and for Trawen to make an immediate decision.
“…second issue, which is most urgent and of the greatest concern to me and all civilised law abiding candidates and citizens of Sandaun province is the fact that there had been widespread and rampant voting foul-play in most of the 21 wards.
This involved underage children with ages below twelve and seven years. There were widespread cases of double voting also... I will file relevant affidavits from policemen who were involved in the polling soon. These documents will be used in the Court of Disputed Returns, depending on your response,” Mr Tekwie wrote to Trawen.
“My Chief Commissioner, this is a crime which must not go unpunished and I now call on you in the strongest term to act swiftly as your officers of the Electoral Commission polling team involved themselves and have now gravely compromised the integrity of the Commission. Based on this evidence, I am led to believe that these members of the Electoral Commission have been bribed by certain Political parties to allow these offenses.

[Go to the top] Copyright©2012, Post-Courier Online. Use of this site is governed by our Legal Notice.


Political propaganda

July 24 2012, 6:49 PM 

Those pictures of underage children voting in Oksapmin is another media propaganda by candidates who are desperate for power. They definitely know they will not make it to the top. The results have spoken.All polling stations in Oksapmin had security personnel present. campaign managers and Coordinators for John Tekwie, Simon Solo and Peter Iwie came up late from Vanimo, only to find that voters had already casted their votes. Knowing that voters have not been casted votes to their candidates,they conspired and brought underage children to the polling stations and took photos of innocent children who know nothing about this ordeal. These were innocent children who did not know why their photos were taken at the one polling station. I know five campaign coordinators for Tekwie, Iwie and Solo who have taken these photos. My question is where were the security personnel when these irregularities took place. Why did polling officials allowed these under aged children to vote. Why circulating these pictures when declaration is about to be made? Why didn't the scrutineers dispute these boxes before being admitted to the counter center. How credible are these pictures.I do not think these pictures have any weight. Tekwie can bring his election petition to the court of dispute returns.

Oksapmin people in 1991 and 1997 gave full support to John Tekwie and he won two terms. He failed to provide the leadership for the province in ten years. He expected the same support from them in 2012. Unfortunately this has not been the case, that is why is questioning why 7000 votes to Amkat. They have gone for their own man.

We know who those uncircumcised palestines who have taken those photos to discredit and derail the election process. This is the desperate act of someone is not going to win. Give Amkat a fair go.
As an educated man Tekwie should question the credibility of these pictures instead of going to the media and tarnishing the good name of the oksapmin people and Sandaun as a whole. John never went to Oksapmin, nor his campaign coordinators available in all polling stations. His campaign coordinators flew in very late on the last day of the following and took those photos in one of the polling stations. This is a FAT LIE.................


Re: Political propaganda

July 24 2012, 7:17 PM 

John Tekwei, maski long strong nating. 10 year yu stap governer blo sandaun ya, nogat han mak blo yu. Lus ting ting long complain, larem narapla man kisim na senisim sandaun.

Mangi Kange


Re: Political propaganda

July 24 2012, 7:21 PM 



July 24 2012, 10:19 PM 

Wow! Let the arguments roll out now. I support "Very Sad" with his messages. The seat will not be taken by Amkat nor John Tekwie nor Gabriel Ramoi. Somone unknown will take that seat.

I agree with him as well. The seat of Sandaun in this elections 2012 is assigned to someone GOD has marked for it is in line with YESHUA end time plans for this world and Sandauns wealth will play a big role in the extension of the Kingdom of GOD. It shall not be marked around with. Light penetrates through darkness - all is being exposed now.

very sad

Political propaganda

July 24 2012, 10:45 PM 

My hope for Amkat got lost when he announced to join sides with Belden.

Belden has tarnished Sandaun name and for Amkat to announce that very early, it is bad start and bad move.

A clear display of foul play in Oksapmin and Telefomin has caught us by surprise.

Concern citizen of oksie

Underage voting in Oksapmin

July 24 2012, 7:52 PM 

I was also frustrated, when I read todays newspaper. So then, whom are we going to blame for?? I think such issues should have discussed by the polling officials before the polling commence. So its too late to raise such concerns. You cannot bring back the past activities you have done to the present. Never at all. Samting igo pinis inap lo tok tok 2 mas. The bottom line is that talk to those polling official who conducted pollings in Oksapmin. I think they will satisfy your cocerns.

Master Dick

Re: Underage voting in Oksapmin

July 25 2012, 9:06 AM 

If John Tekwie had win this Sandaun Provicial seat, is he still gonna bring this matter to court????
I don't think show...Therefore this is real political propaganda.

Just tell that thing (John) not to be jealous coz he knows he will not going to win. Tekwie's term has been expired and nothing good has been done to the province.



Concern Telly

A disgrace for the Min

July 25 2012, 9:12 AM 

Telefols are peace loving and law abiding people. I do not understand what really went down in the political history of Telefomin and Sandaun as a whole of which underage children in Oksapmin involved in casting their votes in this year's election.

Such cases are common in many parts of PNG especially up in the Highlands where there is extreme law and order problem exist during elections.

People of Sandaun, to tell you the fact, Telefols are really inocent and do not include us with this very sensitive case of underage voting. The incident occured in Oksapmin and they (Oksaps) should be blamed for what has happened. As concerned Telly citizen, I was really ashamed when J.Tekwie came on the EMTV on Monday and appeared both in our daily newspapers.Hope this type did not happened in other three LLGs of Telefomin, Yapsie and Namea.

What a disgrace for the people of Oksapmin?

Inocent Telly


Re: A disgrace for the Min

July 25 2012, 9:22 AM 

Don't blame the whole Oksapmin.. It might be a particular village that is doing this. Lets not make an issue out of it. The EC have heard about it and are investigating the problem. I hope the counting for Sandaun Regional should continue and maybe if the problem is real, then proper channels should be followed to lay the complain. I think Amkat is a man of integrity his name should not be tanished just because of this incident..

Keikon Nuar

Gawi One

Hunger for Power

July 25 2012, 10:37 AM 

John Tekwei's comments and presentation on EMTV does not match with media report on post courier.
On EMTV John T made a personal attach on Amkat Mai saying "Amkat is a corrupt leader, a criminal and other deformatory remarks". John twisted his story on the post courier.

"John is really hungry for Power"

1.Amkat never had any corrupt practices in his entire life nor known by the public as such.
2.Amkat was not present in Oksapmin or Telefomin to buy votes - Iso (the photographer), Tekwei and Simon Solo presented K12,000.00 to group of ladies in Oksapmin in May (a corrupt practice)

3.Oksapmin station we Iso got the photos were strong hold for John Tekwei and Simon Solo. Iso lied to John, Solo and Peter Iwei and received lump sums of money.

4.John served 10yrs as governor for Sandaun province and did nothing much for the province, especially Telefomin district

5.John could take the matter to court professionally rather than personal attack on Amkat
6.Amkat may sue John for deformation as shown on EMTV

7. Possible by-election both Open and Regional boxes from Telefomin .....


Re: Hunger for Power

July 25 2012, 10:48 AM 

Amkat Mai is really an inocent person and he should not be blamed for that incident. Amkat does not know what really happened in Oksapmin and Tekwie should not make personal attacks on Amkat. He is a man of intergrity and does not involved in corrupt practices.

Min Man


Re: Hunger for Power

July 25 2012, 11:05 AM 

Oi, why yupla lukautim longlong blo Ambunti stap long Oksapmin, salim em go bek long ples blo em. Tumbuna blo em no bin stap long Oksapmin bipo. Even papa mama blo em tu.

Em stap long oksapmin na bagarapim gutpla nem blo yumi stap.

Salim em go long Ambunti East Sepik province. Maski long painim pipia long Oksapmin.


Gawi One

Latest Update

July 25 2012, 1:19 PM 

Hi Everyone

Here is the latest updates:

Primary count was completed and elimination started at 5:30am this morning.

excl 1: Luke Tom
excl 2: Raphael Y
excl 3: Thomas Wakopu

In the race are:

1. Amkat Mai 14,625
2. Solo M 9554
3. John Tekwei 7968
4. Ramoi G 6323
5. Kapu 5540
6. Kelly 5016
7. Rex T 4678
8. Seron W 4620
9. Julie M 4481
10. Aro 3595
11. Umion K 3789
13. Amo 3307
12. Kull 3279

Rest are 3000 and below

Update from Gawi One


Honest Citizens-4LLGs: Telefomin District

July 25 2012, 12:52 PM 

Hi concerned Telefol

Please do understand that not all oksaps are invloved in this matter. There are many honest citizens from the 4 LLGs who make up Telefomin district.

In regards to polling in the district, there were rumours of double and underage voting in all 4 LLGs. Outcome of these rumours is shown on TV and reported in the paper.

This will affect both Open Seat boxes and the regional.

Worst of all

Worst of all

July 25 2012, 3:45 PM 

Too many witchcraft killings this year and last all happened in Telefomin. Is that peace loving in telefol dialect. You are the worse law breakers. Killing in silent. Stop proving yourself innocent.

If you are an intellect you would analyse the facts before making such childish comments like your brain. The fact is is that team # 89, polling at Oksapmin station which consisted of Tekwie, and Solo supporters decided to bring innocent children and took their photos to make an issue realising that most votes have gone to Amkat. We are not surprised by this media outbursts. We expected this to happened.

Too small to think outside of the box.


Re: Worst of all

July 26 2012, 7:05 AM 

"stop proving yourself innocent" you say?

WHERE is the proof of innocence? I haven't seen any yet!


Respond to Innocent Telly

July 26 2012, 11:14 AM 

Hi Innocent Telly,

You are too small to think big and analyse issues before hand proving yourself innocent.You have five figures all pointing at you. When leaders bring in development, it is not only Oksapmins that will benefit. All of us will benefit. Therefore you take a holistic approach in analyzing issues and make such primitive comments.


Respond to Innocent Telly

July 26 2012, 3:12 PM 

Hi Innocent Telly,

You are too small to think big and analyse issues before hand proving yourself innocent.You have five figures all pointing at you. When leaders bring in development, it is not only Oksapmins that will benefit. All of us will benefit. Therefore you take a holistic approach in analyzing issues and make such primitive comments.


Respond to Innocent Telly

July 26 2012, 3:13 PM 

Hi Innocent Telly,

You are too small to think big and analyse issues before hand proving yourself innocent.You have five figures all pointing at you. When leaders bring in development, it is not only Oksapmins that will benefit. All of us will benefit. Therefore you take a holistic approach in analyzing issues and make such primitive comments.

Bakan Bakeng


July 25 2012, 10:51 AM 

Intellectual of Sandaun " Who do you think blame of underage voting would be blame? Underage voting in Oksapmin is non of Amkats business. Why can't such was sorted out before the casting of votes. If such would happen then polling officials,scrutineer and personels security such done something about it. I think blame would be laid upon electoral commission workers of sandaun in Telefomin electorate and the security personel.

Who was on the ground to monitor the movement of people? Which councillor ward in Oksapmin did that underage voting. Which group of polling officials carried out in that particular polling boot. Remember, such photos were taken from one the councillor ward in lower part of the Oksapmin

I am pretty sure that countries intellegient will further investigate about this issue. And we will still come to the top.


Never say anything to Amkat.

His is innocent and will win the victory of the battle.

Amkats supporter (Bakan Bakeng)


Give full name for that photographer

July 25 2012, 11:14 AM 

The photographer was Iso, full name (first and second name please)


Re: Give full name for that photographer

July 26 2012, 10:29 AM 

Is Iso an employee of Post Courier???? Was this picture taken with the presence of Post Courier clients or the dutied personnel during polling?


Re: Give full name for that photographer

July 26 2012, 11:17 AM 

Iso is from Ambunti who got married to an Oksapmin woman.Area that the photograph was taken is the strong hall area for Tekwie and Solo as lower Oksapmin always have differnces with the upper Oksapmin people. Amkat is from upper and they always have political differences.



July 25 2012, 12:36 PM 

No country gives a damn if we corrupt ourselves into poverty by fraudulent voting. Why would they care, it will force us to sell our raw resources to them for even less money.



July 26 2012, 6:11 PM 

Unless a great leader is voted by merits on not on tribal, clansman or money votes, we can change manipulation of our raw materials.

So far with the 2012 election results, we have picked already past disfunctional leaders which clearly states that as Sandaunist quality leadership does not matter so long as our tribal connections and moeny are strong indicattors we will vote for our tribesman. Can they perform at an international level, can they as leaders negotiate the best deals honestly for our people.

Amkat made a bad move to join hands with Belden. I bet you, he may win but cheating has already manifested thorugh photographs and this will not change the fact that corruption has crept in already.



July 26 2012, 6:48 PM 

Does that photograph shows that those kids were voting for Amkat? You better make reasonable comments here.. It is not known yet whether those kide were voting for Amkat. You can not draw a conclusion without facts.. YU NA JOHN wok lo bagarapim name blo amkat stap.. Mipla les finis lo ol dainasos.. Their time is over. They are extinct and gone for ever. TAIT LO TOKTOK




July 27 2012, 12:30 AM 

Amkat prior to his declaration has already got himself involved in a bad move and decision by announcing that he will join Beldens party. Bad bad indicator of a leader who had to depend on someones strenght to move him.

First step, bad announcement to join a leader who has already indicated he will not bring any services for people who did not vote him. How would Amkat fit in with that decision now that Belden is his party leader. First bad step and move.

Second step, we believe that there was discrepancies in the voting system in Oksampin and Teleformin. Unbelieveable for someone to just pick up an immediate 9,000 votes from that area.

We will see only time will tell.

Sandaun must jump out of its choices of leaders. All East Sepik sittin members got outsted and new ones came in. There are hurdling for a great change ahead of them. When will Sandaun get out of their prideful strongholds and bring true change in leadership rather than cotninue to abuse the voting systems through alot of foul play.

Only time will tell.



July 25 2012, 12:36 PM 

No country gives a damn if we corrupt ourselves into poverty by fraudulent voting. Why would they care, it will force us to sell our raw resources to them for even less money.


Simon Solo Ba kisim Governor seat gen

July 27 2012, 7:53 AM 

This dump man Simon Solo will win the governor seat, and not Amkat nor Tekwie.

I said he's dump because when I was a student at Don Bosco Secondary School back in 2007, he (Solo) and and few other MPs from Sandaun came to the school. After Namah made his speech and made a commitment of K250 000 and a set of VSAT Disk to the school Solo went to the stage and gave his speech.I was really sad that he's not fit for public speaking and does not deserve the governor seat.

He is on second spot with 14304 votes after elimination 26, 3896 votes difference with Amkat.

Go Solo, Sandaun needs you for another term.



Re: Simon Solo Ba kisim Governor seat gen

July 27 2012, 10:06 AM 

Sorry lo yu.. Amkat win finis.. Taim ol Eliminatim Seron Wanori nau bai yu lukim.. Solo bai catchim Amkat tu o?


Re: Simon Solo Ba kisim Governor seat gen

July 27 2012, 10:11 AM 

Sandaun ino nidim Solo.. Solo is an extinct being..


Re: Simon Solo Ba kisim Governor seat gen

July 27 2012, 11:12 AM 

Solo is not an extinct leader....people have shown through their votes. You know he is on the second spot with more than 3200 votes behind Amkat and we have 8 more candidates to be eliminated.

Majority of the votes from Seron Wanori will go to Amkat and followed by Tekwie but we don't know about other 7 candidates.

Watch out for Solo, he's going to pick up well from those 7 candidates, and mark my words people of Sandaun will return him back to the Parliament


Re: Simon Solo Ba kisim Governor seat gen

July 27 2012, 12:51 PM 

Yupla nidim Grade 4 Parliamenterian lo parliament gen a? Solo has spoiled Sandaun People's name with his uprofessional public speaking and debating in parliament.. Tingim em no save pronouncim ol words gut nay.. Never on earth will you find a studip politician.. Ol ol liday na ol potreyim how their people luk like.. Mi less lo sem gen ya..


Re: Simon Solo Ba kisim Governor seat gen

July 27 2012, 12:55 PM 

To lead a province does not mean you from Aitape, Lumi, Nuku, Oksapmin, Telefomin or Vanimo. So long as you've got the heart to the people of Sandaun. If you do not have that mentality, remember that is wrong mentality and motive in you. That is categorized under corruption and need to be fixed.

We the people of sandaun need development, both in human and and infrasture development. Remember, we've got frieda copper mining coming up, Tifalmin mining coming up, oil, gas, forestry and list goes on. Sandaun will be the next rich resource province in the country and where is our human resources

I tell you never give damn **** to ESP and other province as well. Stap olsem pikinini SAN IGO DAUN.

Honestly, mi trupla pikinini man blo sandaun, and I speak without fear and favor. You supporters of the candidates need to advice/talk to your candidates. And not about arguing at its other here. Soim color blo yu long 5 year na mipela lukim.
Because of natural resources coming up we need to equip ourselves by building technical, teachers, and school of nursing colleges. Convert existing secondary schools into technical colleges and existing high school into secondary school.
Let road link to our capital from the six districts and boost the economy of our province. Maski long go kam long Wewak (ESP) na Tabubil (WP).

Over to you leaders and supporter.

Die haert Sandaunist. Kolim em pikinini SANDAUN IGO DAUN.


Re: Simon Solo Ba kisim Governor seat gen

July 27 2012, 1:08 PM 

Guys any latest update oh! maskai todok tumas lo development, umi harim counting pastaim



July 27 2012, 6:37 PM 

The Progressive Result after Elimination No 26 as at 27 Jul 2012 03:45Ballot
Order Name Party Gender Previous

Total Votes Current

14 Akmat Mai Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party M 18200
42 Simon Solo National Alliance Party M 14304
41 John Talu Tekwie Indigenous People's Party 12588
18 Gabriel Ramoi Independent M 10302
29 Julie Kevin Moide Independent F 8363
11 Rex Bunar Tawian Our Development Party 7568
20 Mauri Nemantu Independent 7321
24 Kelly Mossong Waranguai PANGU Pati 7235

Newcomer leading, 3 previous governors and 5th a female candiate. Elimination ikamap long last last two nau.

Mi hamamas long wanpla meri blong yumi lon sandaun i ron na stap long namba 5 ples.




July 28 2012, 5:41 PM 



mangi sandaun


July 28 2012, 7:02 PM 

I hope he becomes minister and gets as much money as he can in Waigani then send it all to Sandaun and give it to us to spend as we want. I want him to get a nice place in POM that we Sandauns can use when we pass thru POM. He can get rich if he wants as long as he gives us some i am so happy for his ellection.



July 28 2012, 8:34 PM 

Go Amkat.. Yu kisim blessing na Saport blo DWU Sandaun Sudents..We wish you well in your political carrier. We know for sure that you will make us Proud.. Go Paps Amkat.. With you all the way

Papa Amkat


July 28 2012, 8:37 PM 



THE SUM OF US$ 2,100,000,00

PHONE NO: +27-73-000-5375.
EMAIL: irvan_khoza2010@live.com

Congratulations'' once again from all our staff and thank you for being part of our promotions program.

Universal Building, 210-211
Park Hurst,Balfour-Unit 1440
P.O. Box 91711,

AS THE 2010



July 28 2012, 8:38 PM 

Mangi Sandaun


July 29 2012, 8:57 AM 

Papa Amkat,

Your post is useless....******* get out of this forum. You youself won that prize and go to South Africa or Brazil for FIFA World Cup.

**** you and get out of this forum.



July 29 2012, 10:26 AM 

You sound verrrrry defensive. Now why might that be? Could your conscience be waking up? Hmmmm??????



July 28 2012, 9:07 PM 

There is no logic in your message. Get out of here. With Amkat there is no free handouts, like you've staying in POM and use peoples money for your tribesman and to grow your wife's buttocks. Thats why real citizens of Sandaun have been cry for last decades.

People of Sandaun need development. We don't need cash handout like you and your governer did. Dont be narrow minded.

Tingting olsem pikinini man. Maski ting ting olsem pikinini meri.

Overe to you.

Mangi Sandaun


The Bum Won!

July 30 2012, 3:09 AM 

Sori long Sandaun. It was NOT a free and fair Election. Too much cheating. Using children to vote brought huge disgrace to the electoral process. The bum who won is just that...a bum! Sandaun will not improve under that dishonest, power hungry bums leadership. Eat your fill, pulapim bel blo yupela, while you can you shameless Amkat Mai supporters. Fill your bellies and pat yourself on the back and enjoy yourself just like all the other bums whilst the rest of Sandaun suffers.


Re: The Bum Won!

July 30 2012, 5:24 AM 

the corruption this time in Sandaun was obvious and I can't understand why people would be so aware of all that yet they continue to support the winner as if he's some good guy. Isn't this the problem with us? So long as we support dishonest people as our leaders won't we always get s lapped in the face with their corruption?


Re: The Bum Won!

July 30 2012, 6:58 AM 

Is it been proven that those little children voted for Amkat? Stop making comments without facts behind it. Na John Tekwe, Simon Solo na Rex Tawian no kisim vote lo Oksapmin a? Ol tu kisim votes so at the moment, it is not proven, and who does the votes goes to...

"Noken coment natingx2 olsem meri na liklik pikinini"



Re: The Bum Won!

July 30 2012, 8:39 AM 

Putim disla underage voting long Court of Disputed Returns na salim maus pas man Simon Solo go back long Parliament na em ba kisim service kam long Sandaun.

Nogat wokim by-election na salim John Tekwie go back lo parliament for the third time na mekim kamap "FREE TRADE ZONE" a major development project for West Sepik so ogeta lain long Telefomin/Oksapmin, Aitape/Lumi na Nuku ba kisim service long displa major development blong Sandaun (FREE TRADE ZONE).

Ol save man/meri blong Sandaun, yu ting osem election blong Amkat em curruption ok pushim through court of disputed returns na get your true son, a dumpy man "Simon Solo" back to Parliament.

Go Solo, Go Tekwie....Sandaun needs you.For Solo go na continue kisim disgrace kam long Sandaun long how you save toktok long public na parlt.



July 30 2012, 10:38 AM 

Congratulatons to Amkat. At least Oksapmin for the first time kisim seat long Governor. Olgeta place long Sandaun in one way or another sidaun pinis long Governor Seat - lusim ol Oksapmin traim nau.

If he does not perform in the next five years, give it to the women to run it this time around. The women husat kam number five. No bad for a start for her. Mi bai definetly givim em vote long 2017 behain mi skelim Leadership bilong Oksapmin.

Inap noken tok pait nau. Amkat kimis Governor pinis.


Re: The Bum Won!

July 30 2012, 10:50 AM 

They are all bums but right now this bum Amkat Mai is the biggest bum of them all because he is going to enter parliament knowing full well that the only reason he will do so is because of the votes of little kids. Did anybody claim that Amkat Mai personally held a gun to the heads of polling officials to force them to allow the little kiddies to vote? No? So who forced who? This bum Mai is not the rightful winner and anybody with half a brain knows that. As for "dumpy" Solo he can keep on committing adultery and go back to running his tuckerbox. God has forsaken the people of Sandaun. The Devil is still in control until such a time good men prevail.


Bring it to Court

July 30 2012, 12:46 PM 

Declaration of Amkat Mai did not go down well throughout Sandaun Province. Simple is that just bring the case of underage voting to the disputed courts of return instead of people making unecessary comments on this site to tarnish the good name of Amkat.

Amkat is really an inocent man. Put the blames on the Electoral Commisions representatives in Oksapmin who allegely allowed the underage children to vote for this year's election.

Like I've said in my earlier posts, just get in the Solo and rest of the people of Sandaun will continue to suffer.


Carry -on

July 30 2012, 1:22 PM 

Listen, don't make an issue out of this little under-age thing. there are alot out there that we could contribute for better. Do not talk about the past. If you are continually bringing this up, nothing good is going to transpire out it. There are alot of things that did not go well in this election, not only for Sandaun but through out PNG. e.g on last week saturday after the Governers declaration, John T & his supporters went into Yako camp (Amkat's camp) in Vanimo and brought disunity to the community,few of "hand swings" that is not fair election, be a happy looser. There is no two winners in every game; there has to be only one winner.

so let us not talk about the past. Look ahead and put your constructive ideas togather for the common good of our people.


Sandaun to the max

Re: Carry -on

July 30 2012, 6:11 PM 

I personally hope that the corruption that tooko place is brought up continuously for the next 5 years and more.

People should never, ever be allowed to cover up corruption. Ever.



July 30 2012, 6:11 PM 


Mi harim olsem ino underage pictures are the issue. There were other issues were ballot boxes in Aitape East Coast were hampered with to bring Simon Solo home by his NA cohorts. Olgeta scrutineers igat evidence.

Displa election must be declared as a null and void and by elections must kamap.

Mi tok pinis dis taim around sapos by-elections. Mi bai votim displa wanpela meri ron long Governor Seat as mi gat bikpla bilip long ol meri ronim kantri blong yumi. Lae na Sohe makim meri. Mi tu bai mi tokim ol lain blong mi givim meri vote.

Real Sandaunist


July 30 2012, 1:13 PM 

Hi All Sandaunist

I would like to take this oppportunity to bring following comments:

Firstly we all should congratulate our governor elect, whether you like it or not.

Secondly, please be mindful that underage voting in one of the wards in Oksapmin should be analysed more logically rather than just making nonesense and making unacceptable comments about our Sandaun leaders (Amkat, Solo, John, Ramoi etc). Here are few thoughts to consider.

1. Amkat Mai or any of the leaders: John, Solo, Ramoi did not iniate such underage voting, hence anyone of them should not be blamed

2. More than 2750 votes from Oksapmin LLG went to Solo, John and Rex while Amkat retained 3/4.

3. Polling officials, srutineers and police onsite failed to dispute the box from polling boot, to Telefomin and onto Vanimo. There is a gap,photos came out after count number 178/181.

4. The polling officials represent the EC and they will also be liable for questioning

5.Were the names of the children on the common roll list?(Eligible voting list)

6. Photos were presented on EMTV /newspaper by a second party, not the original photographer

7. The only avenue to dispute is through the Court of Disputed Returns.

Thank everyone and have a blessed day

Real Sandaunist

Oksie Mono

Re: Logic

July 30 2012, 4:18 PM 

Congratulation, Mr. Amkat Mai for the great victory that you have won over the last few months battle. People of Sandaun have spoken through the ballot papers. The great victory for you is not just from your electorate, especially Oksapmin, but have spoken that your support is all over the province. Their hope, trust, and faith is upon your shoulder now.

I know you will use Oksapmin's traditional numbering system (traditional mathematics)to calculate the weakness and strenght of the Sandaun.


Oksie Mono


Re: Logic

July 30 2012, 5:26 PM 

Oksy Mono
No tribalism, we are seen as one people, one province....we all are Sandaunists.
Your statements are illogic. Go to your home place in Oksapmin and congratulate Amkat in Oksy way....you should congratulate Amkat in Sandaun way.

Oksie Mono

Re: Logic

July 30 2012, 6:49 PM 

What do you mean? This personel congratulation to Governer is non of your business.Why don't you as an individual congratulate your new governer rather than sticking your nose into other peoples business.

I beg you to congratulate your new governer.

Oksie Mono.


Re: Logic

July 30 2012, 6:51 PM 

The FACT of the MATTER is that Amkat Mai is not the rightful winner. Of course the little kids who were forced to vote for him had no choice but to vote for two other candidates. Should we hold those two other candidates (Solo and Tekwie) responsible? No! Should we hold Amkat Mai responsible? Yes. Because em ples blong em. He will not last 5 years because his win will soon be declared invalid in the court of disputed returns. If you are stupid then of course you will vote for the bum again.


Re: Logic

July 30 2012, 8:07 PM 

Oksy Mono,
I don't want to argue with you. Your post does not make sense. Sandaun people did not give Amkat the mandate to be governor. Get the fact right, do you know that Tekwie and Solo will put the underage voting in your place in Oksapmin to the court of disputed returns?

Get that fact right and fingers close and see what happens next.

oh no

Re: Logic

July 30 2012, 11:11 PM 

Not that the foolish minded John Tekwie would be all that better of an option.........


Re: Logic

July 31 2012, 12:31 PM 

When are educated West Sepiks going to stop voting for bums? All the Oksapmin people who stood by and watched those arrseholes force the little kids to vote should also be charged for aiding and abetting a crime. They should all be forced by the court to repay every toea spent by all the candidates for their campaign costs. Those bush kanaka's from Oksapmin should pay for all the posters, fuel, transport, cost of scrutineers and the cost of conducting another election. This Mai guy is a big joke. All the top seasoned pollies and political observers and advisors have been laughing at his foolish move to leave THE party and join up with Belden Namah's PNG PARTY before even the primary votes are even finished being counted. Don Polye should sue the pants off him. Amkat Mai showed PNG that he is the biggest yoyo of them all. A proud, vain, stupid fool and a disgrace to Sandaun. He will never get into government. He will never become a Minister. He will be a lousy Governor of the worst type. Get your project proposals in fast to get your handout if you can because he won't last long.


Re: Logic

July 31 2012, 12:38 PM 

With all the mobile phone-cameras around, why hasn't NOT EVEN ONE PIECE OF PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE OF KIDS VOTING come to light so far?

Anyway, you're wrong. Who ever said that people couldn't become Ministers if they were vain, dishonest, corrupt, etc etc. Goodness knows we've had heaps of absolute buffoons (example:Patrick Pruaitch) become ministers in past governments. Nothing will change.


Re: Logic

July 31 2012, 1:22 PM 




July 31 2012, 1:43 PM 

Tok nogut is not a good solution. Were did you come out of. Exactly we you tok nogut. Use this site to do constructive criticism and not a site to swear you head off.

Sandaun because of the low poverty and illiterate level, people will continue to use politics as a cheap avenue to make money then suffer for next five years. Patrick and Belden are evident already.

Amkat should not have cheated the system, he could have easily won the elections.

Please refrain form tok nogut.


Re: Logic

July 31 2012, 2:52 PM 

I'm laughing. Who, may I ask, makes the determine of whether a post is "necessary" or "unnecessary"?

I think you need to educate yourself on what free speech is all about.


Get your dump man Solo into the Palt

July 31 2012, 1:35 PM 

Mate I tell you, just stop all those unecessary post, you simply bring that matter up to the court and it will decide. Other wise you will waste your own time posting all these useless and meaningless post on the internet.

Oksapmins are better than you...becareful of what you say.

That type of case is not the first of its kind in the PNG's Political History. So many foul plays and discrepancies have occured throughout PNG. You must know these facts to avoid making yourself stupid in this PNG Scape.


Re: Get your dump man Solo into the Palt

July 31 2012, 4:46 PM 

An amkat mai supporter being crude merely represents a prime example of a bush kanaka from oksapmin being immature and obnoxious. It is indicative of what sandaun province can expect during amkat mai's brief stay in the governors seat. The reason why he will never become a minister is because he was stupid enough to team up with belden namah and his losing camp. Any politically astute observer could correctly predict well in advance that O'Neill and his PNC Party will form the next government. Mai has openly displayed his lack of morals and his political immaturity and foolishness by aligning himself with namah who has an outstanding contempt case still to answer to. Pruaitch is also a corrupt cheat but he is no fool whereas Namah only succeeded because of Pruaitch and the money they received under the table from asian loggers when they formerly held the forest ministry thanks to somare. Their time is coming. All three, mai/namah and pruaitch will be thrown out eventually. Justice is delayed but it is not for lack of wanting. God has the final say.


Re: Get your dump man Solo into the Palt

July 31 2012, 5:06 PM 

Man, You come to Kanaka bush ples Oksapmin and see all the modern materials houses for doctors, engineers, accountants, layers and pilots.

Bush kanaka man.


Re: Get your dump man Solo into the Palt

July 31 2012, 6:08 PM 

So where were they all when the cheating took place? They could not be bothered to vote or they were too scared to speak out?


Get your dump (sic) man Akmat Mai out of Palt

July 31 2012, 7:00 PM 

Hariap na rausim dispela pipia konman. Kotim em na yumi olgeta husat inap long skelim gut iken votim nupela man. Noken votim em gen. Em soim pinis em i putim moni igo pas. Mi harim olsem Belden Namah em spak na bikmaus olsem em baim em long K50,000. Em tru o nogat? Na mi bin harim tu olsem ol mangi Telefomin kisim K10,000, K10,000 na ol raun raun spak igo kam lo batas painim ol meri kong kong.


Re: Get your dump (sic) man Akmat Mai out of Palt

July 31 2012, 7:27 PM 

Mate, do your research well and publis such. Those are rumours and cannot be trusted by everyone. There are other well educated Sandaunists who are viewing these views and so make sure your views are sensible and logic.


Re: Get your dump (sic) man Akmat Mai out of Palt

July 31 2012, 7:46 PM 

Hahahaha Sandaun, you are all loughing stock for Papua New Guineans.
All your posts shows how low educated you people are. It seems you have tribal differences, and mostly political differences.

No wonder, Sandaun have not progressed in developments in terms of human resources, health and education and infrastructure.

You have the potentials but you will continue to suffer all your lives. You have few resources in your province like Vanimo Forest, Frieda River Gold/Copper Mine, Cocoa and Oil Palm Projects at the Coastal areas, but you will never get benefited out of these resources and projects.

Hahaha, Telefomin continues to suffer up in the mountains while lowland areas of Sandaun including Yapsie, Green River, Lumi, Nuku together Aitape and Vanimo continue to suffer and live under sago palms for rest of your lives. Shame on you people of Sandaun. I know most educated people of Sandaun are on this scape discussing all this political issues.

You failed to come up with some constructive ideas you can use to develop your province rather that attaking and criticising each other.

That's how PNG sees you.




July 31 2012, 10:10 PM 

Votim meri lon Sandaun regional seat. Ol pikinini man planti corruption deal kamap lon yumi.


Re: Get your dump (sic) man Akmat Mai out of Palt

July 31 2012, 10:20 PM 

Yu man tru rausim em..........hahahahahaha.


Women can do

July 31 2012, 11:58 PM 

Women can do better than men. There are some outstanding women leaders in the province.


Re: Get your dump (sic) man Akmat Mai out of Palt

August 1 2012, 12:53 AM 

Man, do you think there will be by election in Sandaun? I don't think sure. Sandaun is just one part of PNG. There is same thing (foul play and descripancy) all over the country. Just think of highlands using such massive weapons to threaten, hijack, and smuggle ballot boxes and papers.

And there will be another budget for government to conduct another election? May be but......

J. Tekwei must also becareful. I heard from another block saying that the underage voting is from lower part of Oksapmin. In lower part Tekwei endosre Desmond Ohsan to contest Telefomin Open, If which is Tekwei's party. Then all Desmonds supporters might have cast their votes to Tekwei for regional seat.
And the photo's taken where either Tekwei's or Solo's supporter.

And my questions are:

1. In the polling boot their is presence of all candidate supporters. Why can't their stop children from casting votes?
2. Were there any security presences?
3. Why not complaint the matter to the counting officials at Telefomin for open and Vanimo for regional?
4. Why can not J. Tekwei raise the concern before the progression of counting?
5. Is the information first hand, second hand or third hand?
6. Who took the photo's?
7. Is these photo's taken with the presence of media clients (EM TV, Post Courier or National)?

Remember your four fingers pointing back at you. There is someone innocent. Think, analyse and post your comments on such sensitive matters.........Turangu nogut em ino mekim long em bai yumi bagarapim nem nating.

Olsem tok blo tok..... samting blo skelim

Mangi Nuks


Re: Get your dump (sic) man Akmat Mai out of Palt

August 1 2012, 8:06 AM 

Mangi Nuks, good questions deserve good answers. They are all guilty. Don't vote for Amkat Mai, John Tekwie and Simon Solo in the new election. Simple.


Re: Get your dump (sic) man Akmat Mai out of Palt

August 1 2012, 9:41 AM 

In response to what that unidentified person post regarding Amkat's bribery by Namah with K50 000, you just post that to tarnish the names of Namah and Amkat.

And mate I tell you Amkat is a brilliant man, and not a dump man as you have stated. He's an Academic, lecturing at the Divine Word University before he contested the seat. He holds two Masters Degree- Masters Degree in Mathematics and Masters Degree in Accounting. He was the lecturer in the Business Studies for the post graduate students in the Faculty of Flexible Learning with Divine Word University.

Before taking up this job at DWU, he was the lecturer at Madang Teachers College. He helped formulated all Mathematics Learning materials for Madang Teachers College.

To tell you the fact, Amkat Mai is not a dump as you allegely stated in your message title. You may refer Solo as a dump man because he did nothing for the province as governor. I personally lost trust in Solo and Tekwie. JT's 10 years term has gone and he did nothing for the province. Solo did the same.

I have some trust for Rex Tawian as he holds a Masters Degree in Accounting and Gabriel Ramoi who holds a Bachelor Degree in Law whom they both have some leadership qualities in them. For Tewkie, nogat han mak blong em today as people of Sandaun can remember him as their former governor. Same as Carl Stake, Carlos Yuni, and Simon Solo.



August 1 2012, 2:56 PM 

Amkat has won. He is followed by three former Sandaun Governors in 2, 3 and 4 and a woman candidate whom Sandaun must applaud.

You can spell out Amkat as an Masters Degree in Business Accounting etc but what benefit do you get out of them to engineer Sandaun. Sandaun regardless of their highly educated man out there, people of Sandaun have never choose an engineer to Govern Sandaun.

You need an Engineer or a leader with a vision to visualise Sandauns dreams into reality. He/She then must get the right people to come in and run in. Accountants cannot do that. They are specialised in money. Accountants/ Economist are seats for the city where their brains can be used in Ministerial portfolios to determine how the country will run and its money is circulated. Not rural and lease developed areas.
I will give you a fine example of why I say that. Pepole of Aitape/Lumi have voted in Patrick again over a choice of an Engineer who ran all because he dished out money just like Belden. Equation - Money overiding merit. Patrick has has got an accounting background where he can easily use money but knows how to cover it well that is why regardless of him abusing so much funds when he was a Minister for Finance and then funds for Aitape Lumi, there is no evidence of abuse of funds. You have Amkat again with the same background, what will he bring to Sandaun. During the campaign they boasted that Saundauns audits/books were clean. Mates they know how to play the game. Sandaun continue lon slip sore yet.

Sandaun people have too much pride in them. Until they learn they will see the full benefits of their resources come to fullness. Frida Mine is also a difficult mine to run that is why Xstrata wants to sell of its shares due to high acidic containments in it. Loose ting2 bikpla samting, JESUS is coming back soon. Forget being bugged down by all this political turmoils but just leave a simple life by working hard for your bread and butter, owning a house and car and taking one day at a time. In the end, we will be happy as we can sleep well without any pressure compared to all the pressures our leaders have. There will never be a good government in this world until JESUS returns. If you are living overseas and working, enjoy the benefits as PNG cannot offer that. At the end of the day we are all working hard for ourfamilies. Sandaun over to the dogs again.



August 1 2012, 4:32 PM 

Johanis.. From your post I can conclude that you are one of the Sandauners who are just lazy and can't use thair God given Knowledge to do something benefitial for their people.. Yu gat skin blo PNG na inside blo whiteman. Loosim disple bloK nau!!!.. You have nothing to offer to the people of Sandaun through this blog. All your comments are unrealistic, and without substance. It seems that you never care about your people..All you see are problems and you never try to provide solutions. Please stop complaining. "Go KISIM Citizen lo Overseas na Stap" WE Don't need you.. If have heart for the people you will accept defeat and put some constructive ideas to help Sandaun...

Mangi Nuku Island Nogat Solwara



August 1 2012, 6:09 PM 

Mangi Nuku

Sori long yu. Why na bai mi yusim save blong mi long karim sanis ikam long Sandaun taim ol man save mekim wankaim mistake olgeta fivepla yia long leadership. Yumi no save lainim. Mi traim long halivim Sandaun through geniune internaitonal investors only to be ignored by the Sandaun leaders so that they can continue to manipulate and stop ordinary people of Sandaun from prospering.

I have tried many times without success. Pasin blong jealous save bikpla tumas namel long ol Sandaun Leaders na people from Aitape /Lumi /Nuku /Oksampin /Telefomin / Green na Vanimo.

Mangi Nuku gud advice from you. Kisim citizenship long ples blong whiteman na stap. Yes better choice than PNG where systems are established well so corrupations can be practised, women are protected by laws from abuse (a big domestic violence practice is evident in Sandaun) and young people and children can have a better future. Bai mi kisim advise blong yu na go long ples blong whiteman.

Yu stap na kaikai rokrok or yu mas wanpla kaikai man bilong ol leaders long expense bilong ol poor na unfortunate people of Sandaun. Best of luck mangi nuku mi go nau.



August 1 2012, 6:22 PM 

Ya go and settle Threre. Sandaun don't need you.. You white man ya..



August 1 2012, 8:48 PM 

Mangi Nuku. PNG sucks. It will never provide better working conditions and salarys for all those hardworking people husait stap overseas nau. Yu stap na hart work long PNG. Husait bai rewardim u gud. U will just be paid a lousy K400 for a 2 wiks fortnight and nothing else and complain for the rest of your life.

Mangi Nuku, sorry long ol people blong u ol sindaun sore istap. Hope Joe Sungi does bring development. He had the opportunity as Provincial Administrator and he joined the rest of the cohorts abusing systems and money

For me, mi black man go na wok namel long whiteman na ol bai save mipla save wok hat tasol nogat gutpla luk save long PNG.

Continue lon slip sore. U stap long 2012 why na people blong yumi still using pit holes as toilets. Technology advanced pinis na yumi stap backwards yet.



August 1 2012, 7:48 PM 

It does not matter, an Engineer, a Medical Doctor, Lawyer, an Accountant/Economist or other professions to represent Sandaun in the Parliament, as long as that person with his qualification e.g. Lawyer has a clear vision and heart for the people in bringing services back to the people.

Mean while some of the engineers are "run away" looking for green pastures oversees. On the other hand, the engineers do not contest for elections, where were they? I could still remember an engineer, a Mining Engineer who contested the 2002 National Election, Alan Bong from Telefomin.

If people are serious then make that a reality come 2017 election an get an engineer into the Parliament.

Mangi tasol Vanimo

Do not want to say


August 1 2012, 8:52 PM 

You should never say run away and looking for greener pastures overseas. This people have gone overseas by merits because PNG cannot provide better work conditions. I must congratulate them all. It is a brain drain. Only the smart will move for the benefit of all their hardwork.

PNG never will provide better pay and work conditions.

If I had the opportunity I will ensure all PNGneans go overseas and work to compensate them for their hard work.

they are traitors to PNG


August 1 2012, 10:00 PM 

These overseas runaways only think of their own greedy pocket, not of their country.

There are plenty of people who willingly get paid less and serve their country. Compare the runaways against those true nationalists.

The overseas runaways are traitors. They may pretend to be nationalists but all they actually think about is their personal bank account.



August 1 2012, 10:25 PM 

Where were those "Run Away" Sandauns born and brought up? Where were they educated? Simple answers are these:

1: They were brought up in their lttles homes in Oksapmin, Telefomin, Green River,
Lumi, Aitape, Nuku, Yankok, and Vanimo.
2: They were all educated and once been to Telefomin High School, Green River High
School, Aitape High School, Vanimo High School and St. Ignatius Sec.School.

I applaud Rex Tawian, one of the true sons of Sandaun who contested this year's National Election. He was once a Financial Advisor to the Government of Solomon Islands. He later took up a new post with the Queensland Government when he resigned to contest the election this year.

If a Rex can secrifice his family's life and contest for this year's election just for the sake of his people of Sandaun, rest of our educated men and women who are working overseas can do the same.
Rex Tawian went to Telefomin High School, to Passam Nats then to Unitech. He's a true Sandauner who has the heart for his people from the mountains down to the coast.

Thank you Rex for contesting this year's election. You have the heart for the people. I have not voted this year and I will preserve my vote for you if you intends to contest again in 2017.

If you're not a true Sandauner, you and your family would be enjoying yourselves in Australia.



August 1 2012, 10:36 PM 

I agree with you completely.

Too many of our people chase after money and go to serve foriegn masters overseas.


Stop this nonsense about "Raun aways"

August 2 2012, 8:49 AM 

Yu mas jealous long ol ya. You can't be like them so just keep your mouth shut and stay. People like Alan Bong, Adam Wangu and other engineers and geos tried 2002 election but you people never gave one of them the mandate and now you are saying that they are raun aways. They are only enjoying there life overseas on their own merit so stop all these nonsense about raun aways. These are professionals and they try once for the sack of the people. You nogat luksave - then ol go now. Sandaun is full of jealousy people that you will never put genuine guys into politics....What are shame!!


Re: Stop this nonsense about "Raun aways"

August 2 2012, 9:21 AM 

Engineers will not be different to other fields of professions. Other professionals can perform better than engineers too. But only mistake people do is that they do not vote in a genuine man/woman regarless of his/her profession.


Re: Stop this nonsense about "Raun aways"

August 2 2012, 9:47 AM 

Dump is really "dump"! Just goes to show the intelligence level of a few people in this post. While you are all argueing about who is the most "brilliant" you are displaying your dumBness for the whole world to see. DUMB. Get it?



August 2 2012, 1:03 PM 

Never and never will we contest the elections. We give people the chance to decide on one attempt. If they are not willing to elect us people with potential we must move on. All the best. I must retreat to serving my own family. Afterall we feel sorry for the people and wnat to help but the end of everything, they have a choice and they decide that at the polls..

I will enjoy the greener pastures in Australia, America, Canada or wherever I work. Yes because I have the necessary qualifications as a PNGnean I can be part of the international competion of workers and you Sandaun must all be damn proud of this achievements. We have a task and it is to build great man and women (our children) who will contribute effectively to development.

I salute you all for the topic of runaways. I am a runaway because my people do not believe in my potential even I am an Engineer/Administrator/ Geologist etc and I will work towards supporting my family.

GOD bless Sandaun.



August 2 2012, 12:49 PM 

Yes mi wanbel na congratulate Rex Tawian.

What about the woman who contested the Sandaun Regional Seat. Did you read her profile. She is a housewife in Australia but a Consultant in PNG specialised in customary land. Her love for PNG is like Rex Tawain wanting to forego the comforts of her home and serve Sandaun.

Congratulations to Julie Kevin Moide.



August 2 2012, 2:15 PM 

House wife means no qualification. Why should we vote house wife into the parliament? Thats how stupids Sandauns are. Electing of house wifes, grade 4,8,and 10 inton the parliament is non compare and no near to PNG. Oh sandaun yupla long long tumas. Long long wanpla taim em inap.
Just think of other politicians in other provinces. They are highly educated.They are not house wife and grade 4, 8, & 10. Thats why they dont sit at back bench.

Pikinini Sandaun

no more stealing


August 2 2012, 6:50 PM 

I'd much rather have an honest housewife than another corrupt 'educated' person just like the ones we've had before.



August 2 2012, 8:15 PM 







August 3 2012, 12:10 AM 

Mangi Nuks, How will you promote your place Sandaun when you have nothing to show for the rest of Papua New Guinea? This blog is helpful for us to discuss development issues of the province. Remeber that development is politically motivated meaning that Politician tok ba em kisim service na development kam long province.

But anyway, election is over and we'll catch again in 2017.

Ketskets people of Sandaun, am out looking for comfort zones else where now!


Bye Sandaun

August 3 2012, 12:44 AM 

Election is over now. Mipla kets gen long 2017.

Bye Sandaun

Mangi Sandaun

Re: Bye Sandaun

August 3 2012, 12:48 AM 

Ok same to you all. Bye for now and all the best in your personal lives


Re: Bye Sandaun

August 3 2012, 9:58 AM 

So you say, you are sandaun for election period and other times (five years period).

Stap olsem pikinini sandaun na dai olsem pikinini sandaun.

Kolim mi native sandaun....ino election period Sandaun.


Re: Bye Sandaun

August 3 2012, 4:23 AM 

In working democracies, the citizens know that they ALWAYS have responsibility to debate issues, and doing whatever it takes to keep their elected representatives under control and working towards the public benefit.

In PNG, we say "see ya in 5 years, the election is over" and disappear from the public forum.

As a result, our elected leaders have 5 years to get out of control and pretty much do what they want.

Is it any wonder we have the problems we do?

This thread is close.Becoming Hard To Read

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