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How about Finsch MP - Vote him in or Vote him out

January 11 2012 at 11:36 AM
Freelance Blogger 

While some or most MPs are accused of doing some wrong things, others or a few are having nice quiet time and one of such would be Finschaffen MP. I am not an intending candidate for 2012, (or him in disguise) but a freelancing blogger who likes to create open forums for discussions; I would like to call for a healthy forum to see if he deserves another term or not. Remember , all MPs are subject to public scrutiny, and this is the right time for us to do review on MPs, regardless their reputation.

I may know of some few facts about him, yet missed most facts because I cannot be everywhere same time to know what he does. Only a forum like this can open doors for constructive view, opinions and facts.

One of the new approaches he seems to be doing very well compared to his predecessors MP is that he can be easily found in Gagidu Township, and is always in his office on his non parliament sitting days or during the days he is not visiting his LLGs or wards. May be it is convenient for him caz his house is just a 5 minutes walk away from his office and district offices or maybe he is genuine to serve his people,or things must have changed since he became the Education Minister.I don’t know, this forum can confirm either of them.

And as usual, politics is about making promises and trying to fulfil them over the 5 years in office so he had his share of preaching promises in 2007 and some of them are yet to be delivered- Typical of politicians.Not supprised.

One monstar issue I foresee to attack him in coming election is the where-about of Finschaffen People's investment , invested by most people some decades back in the days of FKC and Coperates societies. His father was incharge of these investments, and there were no reports of what happended since. And some well-placed and realiable sources believe he personally has a case to answer. He needs to clear the air on this or this will topple his seat come 2012.

I leave it open for you all to comment on “Vote him in or Vote him out and Why”.

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Someh Naneh

Traim narapela

January 14 2012, 9:12 PM 

My candidate would be Alexander Palai

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Kande Mahn

Vote him out

January 18 2012, 11:29 AM 

Camparing Theo with Sam Basil , He inherited the wealth while Basil started from low or nothing. Now they are both young millionaires of Morobe.

Theo needs guts to move and make things happen like Basil

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Vote him In

January 18 2012, 2:14 PM 

Sam goes around with PR/ Media team while Theo doesn't .
He has delivered lots of services and developments but not published.

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Kande man

U judge

January 22 2012, 11:33 PM 

I haven't been to my village mindik at burum kuat llg for the past 5years because möngi bridge doesn't exist. its almost been five years since june 2007 when it got washed away by floods and this bridge connects more than 10,000people to the essential services at coastal finsch. where was zurenuoc all these years? my good lord, my people had to laborously carry their coffee bags up mountains and over rivers to earn little money. this is just absurd. so think before voting.

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Re: U judge

January 23 2012, 10:24 AM 

The Works Department has failed the people of Pindue and Hube not Theo Zurenuoc. When he took office, Mongi bridge was on his priority list. In 2010-11 his JDP has purchased bridge parts from markham culvert after engaging DoW to carry out construction works on the bridge but to date DoW has not moved a single bridge part up to the site. I don't know if they have done so lately. Lets hope that some work can start already on the bridge and if possible we can see ít completed before Theo's first term expires.

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Pindiu Chef

Frustrated over Mongi Bridge

January 23 2012, 12:11 PM 

Why is Theo betting on stagnant D.O.W

We all know that DOW's construction division has been abolished since 1997; and just recently resurected up from its grave , thanks to Don Polye and Joel Luma, but they need time to re-energise and run properly.

He should have engaged a transporting firm to transport the bridge parts to site and get DOW to supervise the locals to build foundations and assemble the bridge with the help of some small machinery ( he already has machines on ground) for digging and launcing bridge.

One option he had was to use DOW to supervise and not to construct it. DOW is a sleeping giant , and pumping a small project's money into DOW will only get lost in the system.

The other option was to engage a reputable project mamagement company to manage the project. If he did, we would have beat our Kundus to open the bridge already.

The major offence Theo commited against his own people was neglecting the trademarks of his Kande people. Kande People are well know builders / carpenters in PNG ,you tell them what to do and they will do it. He has no trust and beleive in his own people (and skilled people). It does not require a rocket scientist to buid that bridge if its a pre-fabricated bridge from Markham Culvert. It only requires 1 engineer and technican on site and locals will put it together under their supervisions. What's wrong with this option? or is because he does not trust his district officers to manage funds?

Why does it have to take this long to do this one single bridge, at the cost of some 10,000 people suffering - Not a good Excuse for Theo, he lacks decisivness and dynamism to push projects.

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Village Boy

Give him second term

February 25 2012, 7:56 AM 

Give him second term to finish what he started.At least for change, we have a MP who is a permement resident of Finsch, and not POM or Lae like previous MPs. He is young and visonary. Some things takes time to deliver, 5 years is not enough especially in PNG politics where the release of granted funds are heavily politised by ruling political parties . Give him one more term to deliver his incomplete tasks. It will be fair to judge him after 2nd term.

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Re: Give him second term

March 12 2012, 9:14 PM 

I do agree.Give Theo another term to deliver more.He is a matured good upcoming leader from Morobe.I would say a silent achiever.
Just an independent view from an outsider.

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Re: Give him second term

March 12 2012, 10:21 PM 

If he's silent, how do you know he's achieved anything??????????

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Cry from Pindiu High School

Re: Give him second term

March 13 2012, 11:43 AM 

Refer blow report on your MPs perfomance

Post on Papua New Guinea Blogs
by Peter Daniels (Mr.)
Teacher - Pindiu High SchoolMonday,
March 12, 2012


This is my first time experience as a teacher at the Pindiu High school. Firstly if you don’t know where that place is located, here’s where. Pindiu is located at the foot of the Cromwell range in the Finschhafen district, Morobe Province. It is a small station built around an old airstrip on two and a half hectares of flat but slope mountainside. Traveling to Pindiu from Lae is very expensive. From Lae to Finchhafen costs K80 for the Lutheran shipping passengers. From Gagidu in Finchhafen traveling by road up to Pindiu is K70. And you would have to spend on food and buai roughly K50 totally about K200 for the trip.

Well the adventure gets interesting because you do not get to Pindiu at the end of the road trip. The road trip actually ends at Silamana which is roughly half a day walk to Pindiu. Actually half a day walk is what the locals told me but it took me for the first time one heck of a whole days walk.

The passenger trucks couldn’t travel passed Silamana because the road was in a very bad condition. So I stayed the night and walked 6 o’clock first thing in the morning. By the time I got to Mongi River it was 3:00pm in the afternoon. And from Mongi River to Pindiu Station it took me approximately another 6hours to get there. By 9:00pm I arrived at the newly built Pindiu High School.

Most of the populated villages are located beyond Pindiu and most people depend on coffee as the main cash crop for income. I have witnessed villagers carrying bags of coffee beyond Pindiu, passed Pindiu to Mongi and up to Silamana. I learnt they have been doing that for more than 6 years now. There is huge untapped potential in coffee to boost the economy of Finchhafen that I have seen ignored under the broad day light. There are many closed down trade store you can see in many villages as it has become quite impossible to transport goods in bulks up to the station. With the few struggling retailers that are still operating the cost of goods sold is so shockingly expensive.

The nearest health facility is the Wagazaring Health Center. It lacks proper facilities and medical supplies for more than six years now. On the 5th of March, 2012 I witnessed a girl who was bitten by a snake. There was no supply of anti-venom when she was taken to Wagazaring health centre for treatment. On the way down to Pindiu and the next kilometers down to the river the girl died.

On my way back to Lae, I accompanied a fellow teacher and his pregnant wife. The husband is a teacher at Pindiu High School and the wife is a teacher at Pindiu Primary School. We had to walk that distance from Pindiu all the way to Silamana. The only reason for the couple to go down is for the pregnant wife to get better maternal treatment and proper health care before, during and after labour.

Most of you only heard about Pindiu High School but did not see it yet. Well, the school has this year registered about 300 students. The students come from as far as Dedua, Mindik, Burum, Lalang, Gain and also the surrounding nearby Pindiu villages. The school is a boarding school. The school only takes grade 9’s and 10’s. There are two (2) bush material and two permanent building built building for classrooms. There are two bush material built dormitories for the male and female students respectively. The mess is a semi-permanent building. The Pindiu LLG contributed four old permanent houses to the school that is now used as teachers’ houses. The administration office is a permanent building.

I taught English for the grade 9. Well it is sad that I cannot teach them Grade 9 curriculum so I have to improvise at a level of Grade 5 or 6. You have to speak in English and then translate in tok pisin again in order to really know if they understand what you meant. There are no resources to teach so we have to make use of what we have at hand. There are three grade 9 classes and two grade 10 classes. The teaching staff is really understaffed so we have to take double subjects and even taking the subjects we are not specialized in. I just hope that the head teacher won’t ask me to teach science in the next couple of weeks because I have no idea of this subject but I will pray that God will help me to help these students.

Well, its only 6 weeks for me to be in Pindiu and I shared with you some of my experiences. I am a young newly graduate male teacher from Siassi District and I have a heart to serve diligently in my career as a teacher. It doesn’t matter whether I am from Pindiu or not I will give my best with the help of God. I would like to encourage young teachers especially those who are not married to go out there to the remote schools and serve. These students and the people need you. By the time we get married we won’t have such opportunity as we would have when we are unattached. You won’t have to worry about marital responsibility.

People in the remote villages are kind people. There is food and good community around you. YOU DO NOT REALISE THAT YOU ARE THE MOST NEEDED UNTIL YOU GET THERE.

I pray that many young newly graduate teachers must have a heart to go out to many such remote schools as Pindiu high school to give their best to the needed Papua New Guineans out there.
Thank you.

Peter Daniels (Mr.)
Teacher - Pindiu High School

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Morobean raskol

Re: Give him second term

March 14 2012, 5:16 AM 

A wonderful, heart touching story.


- with such poor education, what's the point? The graduates will certainly be unemployable. In the remote areas where they live, what good are the things they learn in school? Shouldn't they be learning more relevant things from their wantoks back in the village instead?

- why aren't the people maintaining the road themselves if the government won't do it? There are now many examples from throughout PNG where communities have given up waiting for government and building and maintaining hand roads by themselves. why not in Pindiu?

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Re: Give him second term

April 12 2012, 7:14 PM 

There are no better contender to challange Theo Zurenuoc
Rumour is hot on former Director of Census intending to contest, but he comes from the same area as the current MP .

Will be interesting to see how they will divide the votes in their area

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Pina Tara

SECOND TERM ?????????????????????

June 28 2012, 5:20 AM 

Second term means nothing.Finschafen open electorate is a position vacant for this election where the eligible voters are in the selection panel to screen all the candidates and have the best applicant for the post taking into consideration the criteria set for this position which is MASTER INFRUSTRUCTURE.
Right now we need somebody who has the brain with practical experiences to full fill this vacancy.
For example:If you are a carpenter applying for a position of a mechanic,will you be able to perform that duty?????????????????

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Re: SECOND TERM ?????????????????????

June 28 2012, 8:18 PM 

Pina's obvious support for his big bro Clint.
I Wish him good luck
11a one streets(roosters)

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