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Look what Dishonourable MP Timothy Bonga Bonga was doing!

February 9 2012 at 2:33 PM
UP for re-election as a God-fearing MP! 

Here we go again, another scumbag in action:

Forest Minister personally pushed for illegal logging operation
February 9, 2012

Michael Somare’s Forest Minister Timothy Bonga, with the assistance of Forestry Officers in Port Moresby, personally pushed through the paperwork to allow illegal logging on the Rai Coast in Madang.

The logging is being carried out by a company called GNS Limited in the Rai Coast Timber Rights Purchase (TRP) area 12-18.

On 5th July 2011 the Minister personally signed the documents to cancel the timber licence of the former logging contractor in the area, Porche Enterprises. Two weeks later, on 18 July, the Minister signed further documents signing the timber licence over to GNS Limited.

This was completely illegal as the award of the new licence was not approved by the National Forest Board prior to the Minister signing and there was never any open tender and bidding for the licence as required under the Forestry Act.

The approval of the new contractors logging plan was then pushed through by officers in Port Moresby without any consultation or input from Provincial Forestry staff or the Provincial Forest Management Committee. The contractor completely failed to do any ground survey, landholder consultation or to properly describe its inteneded work plans.

The Forestry Office in Madang is well aware of local landholders frustrtaion over the TRP which stems from the fact the landowner company is made up of people who are not from the Rai Coast area. Instead they are paper landholders in Madang, who managed to get the original timber permit through their political connections. The actual resource owners from Rai Coast have not seen any benefits or development from the landowner company, despite the K10 million paid in royalties over the years

Despite the opposition from local people to the logging, GNS is being allowed to illegal harvest and export logs on the direction of the former Forest Minister and Forestry officers from Port Moresby.

To make matters even worse, GNS is even illegally logging outside the boundaries of the approved TRP. GNS is also failing to submit monthly logging figures so royalty payments can be calculated and is felling undersized trees.

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who is and where does GNS abnd TRP come from??

February 11 2012, 6:56 AM 

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Ralph Hamilton


February 12 2012, 8:01 AM 

I may be wrong,
but GNS + Gunn's Timber. (as listed on the ASX) It has a division in China.

TRP = Timber Rights Purchase. ie. Logging agreement.

Hope that helps......Ralph

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Gunn's Timber

February 12 2012, 9:07 AM 

In what country is Gunn's registered, can you find that out????


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Ralph Hamilton

Re GNS..

February 13 2012, 6:10 AM 

At your command,

Gunns Limited is an Australia-based hardwood and softwood forest products company. It operates within three segments: Forest products, Timber products and Other activities. The Forest products division focuses on forestry and plantation management and the processing and sale of wood fibre. The Timber products division is engaged in the processing, manufacture and sale of sawn timber, veneers and other timber products. The Company’s other activities include merchandi... continued.

From Gunns webpage......Ralph.

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Re: Re GNS..

February 13 2012, 6:53 AM 

I must say that this is no fly by night company like what we usually get coming to PNG, which makes me wonder why GNS would be involved in monkey business logging ventures in PNG?????

Thanx for the info, Ralph!

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Ralph Hamilton


February 13 2012, 3:37 PM 

Isi tumas mate,
you have to remember that all large/multinational companies are ammoral. (Not immoral....ammoral)

In other words, they don't have any scruples......They will sup with the Devil if the price is right. In third world countries, where they are dealing with a largely uneducated population, they act like mad dogs. They get away with whatever they can, to maximise their profits. As PNG has a corrupt system, they can run wild, because they are allowed to.

Remeber. Australian companies cannot bribe officials, even in other countries. If they are found out, they face priosecution in Australia. However, as we all know....Ve haf other vays. Pasin bilong grisim pam i stap.


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