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What about Current Huon Gulf MP

May 23 2012 at 6:24 PM
Huon Gulf Man 

I wish to express my concern over the current state of the Huon Gulf Electorate......very poor medical services, run down schools, poor communication services, etc....I may be wrong or blind but as far as my home village is concerned, there has never been any form of services funded by the current member, Hon Sasa Zibe.

I live in a village along the Huon Coast and we are yet to see basice goods and services although we are just 2hrs motorised ride from the Lae City. Sasa Zibe lured my people into his NGO philosophies in the form of VDT/Walkabaut Sawmill/Leatherback Turtle Conservation/etc.. to gain popularity and eventually the gain support into the politics. I now can see why he was so instrumental in rolling out these initiatives.

I wish to know his plans and strategies for his next term in office but I can assure him and any of his supporters that time has caught up with him.

Any views or comments from Huon elites? He definetly needs to get out of office.

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toksave t'sol

Re: What about Current Huon Gulf MP

May 23 2012, 8:37 PM 

You're a sucker because you fall for giaman promises of pollies. You did it inn 2007, you did it in all the elections before that, and now yu suckers are going to fall for the next fellow whose sweet words ring in your ears. I have no sympathy for you and your people for being that dumb and stupid. Stop waiting for pollies, NGOs, churches or any other outsiders to bring you development. It never works. Instead, get off yur bladi arses and start creating your own development.

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Re: What about Current Huon Gulf MP

May 24 2012, 4:34 PM 

Toksave t'sol,

It very said to see you abusing the forum with your language. You may be living a luxurious life but this is for the benefit of little people who have cast their votes to a heartless leader. We do not need any of your dirty comments but would like a constructive view on the state of Huon Gulf Open Electrate.

What I'm saying is Sasa Zibe is a lier and will not get any support from my area. Tough luck.

Yes we work for our own development but why do we have a government in place? Nothing good happens when we citizens become ignorant and make not mention of such leaders.

See if you can comment constructively.....otherwise, this is no place for you!

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Concerned Morobe


July 6 2012, 4:58 AM 

Please, calm down,mind your language and put yourself in his shoes. No boby is perfect on this earth where we all make mistakes and have our own down falls and have a turn around point to success but because they are our public figure and we take the advantage to hammer them which is not right. If you prefer to be the chosen one to fulfil everything as a rock scientist then go for it and make it happen coz its your Democratic right but do not ever complain if the same spear is thrown at you.
samting blong tingting??????????????????


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