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Namatanai Open - Kepas Wali is even worse than Chan

February 24 2012 at 12:42 AM


I have to disagree with the person who says that Kepas Wali is a competent manager.
He is not!
Over the last seven of eight years Kepas Wali has held down two jobs in Moresby.
He got these jobs from his friends, Arthur So mare.
How did Mr Wali perform in these two jobs?
He was hopeless
Wali has been a complete failure in both jobs.
The first job was head of ports authority.
When he left the Ports Authority was a complete mess.
It had to be rebuilt!
Then he worked at the MRA.
The same thing happened.
He was a failure.
The organization is in a complete mess.
Kepas Wali likes to wear expensive shirts and spend tax payer’s money on trips overseas.
He has many lady friends; some have had children out of wedlock.
He has not helped bring these children up, pays nothing, money for support.
Kepas Wali only thinks about himself.
He has lost his job at MRA because he is a failure.
Now he wants to be a politician and represent the people of NI.
What will he achieve?
Like all of the other jobs he has worked in.
If the [people want to find a true achiever they should look for someone who has achieved something in his life.
A person who knows how to fight for the rights of the people.
A person who has real experience in success.
You don’t need a man who like to wear expensive shirts but does nothing.
You want a person who is prepared to roll his sleeves up and work with the people.
Wali is con man.

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 Re: Namatanai Open - Kepas Wali is even worse than ChanWali HitsFeb 24, 2012, 11:40 AM
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