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Re: Traim Levi Orong

June 3 2012 at 2:33 PM

Response to Re: Traim Levi Orong

Levi Orong is a CON!!!!

what is his proffessional...I have been in ENBP for the last 10 years and from my time spend with him. He tells me he is not employed since wadeva wadeva... from what I heard from his people (he assist baining - his mother's people) incorporate their land groups and sells to outsider...

He has a land somewhere up at Warangoi (sikut) call Orong Estate...from what I know from the inland (lasul) baining is that em wokim hait hait stap...em kam long mipla em dai blo em...

so oltogether he is a con - em sa kisim graun blo ol asples baining (conim ol) na salim

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