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John Pundari, PNG's Grand Hypocrit & Liar

February 1 2012 at 10:47 AM


John Pundari is lecturing all of us that our actions must be morally and ethically correct???? These words coming from the mouth of John Pundari of all people??!!!!!!!!!!!

Pundari, don't fool the people - the kina has not lost much value, the international credit rating is not at an all time low (it has been lower), and foreign investors are not scared stiff because they knew when they came to PNG that we're a banana republic who can't keep a straight policy, much less a straight story. They're hardly preparing their exit strategies because they know that there's too much damned money they can make by shipping our resources out to the kongkongs. Don't worry, they aren't leaving.


Wednesday 1st February, 2012

Be humble Pundari tells members

The time has come when leaders must reflect on their actions.
This is to ensure that their actions are morally, ethically and constitutionally correct, Kompiam Ambum MP, John Pundari said yesterday.
“Let’s all earn our right to be buried in this Land and not plunder the wealth it has bestowed upon us and squander the mandate given to us. Let’s not be blind or negligence. Since this (political) impasse, our kina has been losing value against our international trading partners; our international credit rating is now at an all time low, foreign investors are scared stiff with exit strategies already planned,” Mr Pundari warned.

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