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February 29 2012 at 11:21 PM

Response to Re: Mogola Kamiali & Rev Kabali

Hello there Hela brothers and sisters throughout Hela land and New Guinea;

As I read some of the messages that's posted tonight from Melourne-Australia, I'm very saddened by some of the comments that have been made about who sould be the Governor of my beloved place to lead my people.

When I travelled throughout Hela land between June-September 2011, I was very disappointed with the way the my people where living. I say this which is a FACT of knowledge is because you all voted for such leaders or governors like some of the ones you have all mentioned and they have let my people down and exploited the land by signing contracts privately behind closed doors where no sees what they are doing and I oppose to such people governing my beautiful home land.

Brothers; there is a New and Fresh breed of good leaders out there and we hve to make sure that what they propose to bring to the table is what they will deliver and from past experience or leaders, we have NOT (I) seen or felt any change in development to our Hela and I would'nt like to see the same things occuring once again with the leader we chose in June 2012.

Today in the 21st century, we need a leader that is Totally for the People and NOT for their pockets. What I've seen in the last 15years or so with the leaders of SHP IS THAT, THEY ARE ONLY INTERESTED IN FILLING UP THEIR POCKETS WITH MORE MONEY AND CREATING SELF INTEREST BUSINESS and provide NOTHING for the people and community. I am able to name most of these guys cos most of them are my relatives which I don't with to work with in the future if the opportunity arises.

What we need as a Leader is someone who understands "Social Development". If you brothers can approach these candidates and ask them, How do you propose to Develop Hela Province as a Leader for the beefit of all people and community, I am quite positive that you will not recieve the answer because they wouldn't know what Social Development looks like, If they did know what it looked like than they would start with the Useless Airstrip in Tari or Komo because The People don't benefit from such missued funds. Social Development is about Developing a community that benefits everybody from the old to the new-born and that is not what they (leaders) have provided and therefore I TRUELY don't believe that these guys a of value to our people to leade.

Example; last year my uncle John Tari died and when we where at the furnnel, everybody labeled him as a leader and I asked several of my family members; Why do you call him a leader and they or some stated that because he had lots of money. And I said; has he done anothing with that money back home in Edawi cos I haven't seen anything in nearly 10 years.

You see, A Leader-Good Leader is concerned for the peoples welfare and not the bank balance and is what has lacked in the past and will continue if we don't make the right chose.

What I'm stating is that, "DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKES AS BEFORE" otherwise we will Never develop and I would like to see Hela develop from all our naturals resources so that everybody benefits from it and not be lead by greed. Even Christians get greedy, I see it in Australia. A lot of the Churchs in Australia have 100's of millions in there account and they want more. The idea of begin loving and caring dosen't exist anymore because they are interested in creating Profits and I mean BIG Profits.

Anyway, my Helaigini's and wandri's, please chose wisely otherwise you will not get the opportunity that I've had to live and experience life in Australia.

If I was hosen as the first Hela Leader, I would create opportunities for ALL my people to experience Australia at least once because I can.

I hope to see you all again before the Election this year.....

God bless you all...

Mr T..

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