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No more recycled leaders

March 14 2012 at 4:11 PM

Response to PM ON'eill

Lets not even think about getting recycled leaders like Yauwe Riyong and old fashioned like Timothy Komane and dummies like David Mori. Lets think about leaders who can put Chuave's presence felt on the floor of parliament. Leaders who can make a difference and PUT PEOPLE's interest first rather than their vested interests to fill their pockets.

Yauwe Riyong is a no no no no! What has he done for the last two terms he was given the mandate..nothing.

Wera Mori is already dishing out money like rain in thousands so kisim na kaikai nating na noken givim vote long em. Em wok long usim steal moni blo highway rehab.

Lets choose wisely.

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