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Educated stonet

March 20 2012 at 12:07 PM

Response to Re: Stonet

Bomai Gun and Embargo is the same person as I found out. As any other citizens of this nation has a democratic right under the constitution to contest the elections, I am only making statements of facts and highlighting points that are relevant. You would see it as a “RIGHT”, when every educated elites in the country see it as a “WRONG”. From your posts I could certainly deduce that you are of the past and are semi-educated and obviously received some money from Wera Mori so you are now trying to protect the wrong by excluding me from the elite group of Chuave. If you had read carefully throughout the thread, I did not support any particular candidate but use this medium to educate people like you so you can be the mode to educate your people in your part of the village to elect far better candidates than the ones dishing out money. I ‘ve got photos of Wera Mori dishing out large sums of money at Mainemo village with heavy police escorts two weeks ago and this will be used as evidence to get rid of such people if they win.

People of Chuave want credible leaders who HAVE THE HEART TO SERVE the people and not serve themselves and their cohorts as is the case. Our people have suffered enough.

I may not be qualified to make judgements on individual candidates but I must stand up for what I think is right and what is best for the majority of Chuaveans. Not a few self-centred, selfish morons dishing out stolen hard cash expecting to buy votes. WHO told you to spend your money and resources to buy votes in the first place? A team will be going around Chuave to educate the people to ignore those candidates dishing out large sums of money and choose the leaders wisely. For your information, I am not an outcast and am not in Port Moresby and am not benefiting from politicians crumbs as you put it. All four fingers are pointing back at you. You are a hypocirite yourself. I am well educated and getting a well-paid job and earning my living through sheer hard work and not fools like you who go around begging from intending candidates. I live at “white house” for the last 35 years of my existence and I’m speaking from experience.

I am passionate about the development of Chuave and am glad to see the station develop but the people are suffering. Their lifestyle has not improved and they are still walking to Mainomo, Keu, Karaweri and Siane. Even, the people of Laiya are still walking to their villages. The road conditions have deteriorated to an extent where only four-wheeled vehicles can manage.

Let me remind you not to post personal attacks on this thread and contribute positive ideas if you have any. Otherwise go back to school and get your grammars correct to save embarrassment in this competitive environment.

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mmmmmmMar 20, 2012, 12:52 PM
  Spread it far and wide
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stonetMar 20, 2012, 3:57 PM
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