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March 22 2012 at 10:09 PM

Response to For Mr Peter KenGemar

Fr John Garia has lost the plot and he is unlikely to retain the SImbu Provincial Seat.

One of the likely candidate to win will be Thomas Tumun, Waguo Goiye, Noah Kool or Mathew Suine.

Why Thomas Tumun? Thomas Tumun has been with Simbu education dept for a long time and has good following. He scored very well in last elections. However, his tribes have been involved in conflicts and that will affect his chances. Otherwise lookout for Thomas Tumun.

Why Waguo Goiye? Waguo Goiye has strong following and popularity and he is regarded as one of the Fathers of PNG National Party. He has been working hard to bring National Party into Government in 2012. Waguo Goiye has widespread appeal and network with both old and young within Simbu and outside Simbu. Waguo has worked closely with Late Joe Mek Teine and therefore Waguo Goiye has good following with National Party supporters and good support from Kundiawa/Gembogl, Yongmugl, Chuave, and South Simbu areas. He stands a very good chance of scoring well in the elections or even winning Simbu provincial seat.

Why Noah Kool? Noal Kool has been a teacher for long time and also maintains strong relations with Simbus. He has good following with SDAs. He has done well in last elections and stands a good chance. He has good followings outside Gumine. However his tribesmen have been engaged in tribal wars using high powered and a lot of people have been killed. This may affect his chances. However, his is a strong contender.

Why Mathew Suine? Mathew Suine maintain popularity as a former MP, Minister and Premier. He is the father of Kundiawa town and he is a bit of a rough guy too. His tough guy character and strong campaign techniques may win him the votes. Believe me he also has strong support. He has good chance of winning too. Lookout for him too.

Over to you all now! Add more details about other candidates!

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