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March 31 2012 at 7:04 PM

Response to Don Polye has no integrity

HI mate.

Your words are very shallow and too personal. That shows how ignorant, semi-literate and hypocrite you are in discussing issues on such media network like this. If you are educated enough than I presume you would have discussed things more professionally.

Who told you that we the supporters of Don Polye are stupid like your father? I can tell you you have never been to places that we have been to and have never had the exposure to education and other contemporary aspects of life.

For someone like you to stoop too low only demeans your worth and must never be repetaed againt.
One thing you must know that you and even your father are no way near, not even an inch to Polye.

Remember things during your time as a student at Unitech is totally different to today. Changes have been too fast and your ability to cope and discern these changes have been impaired by your ignorance and stubboness to open up to changes. We are into transition periods and I can figure out that you simply forgot to change your name to counteract the changes in the late twenty-first century.

For your information Don changed his name to cope with the vast changes of the late twenty-fisrt century.

Mangi Naly

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