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Re: Kerowagi battle ground

April 6 2012 at 1:36 AM

Response to Re: Kerowagi battle ground

I agree...Minister Wau has proven that he can deliver services with his minimal education but non-sense. He held ministries under both regimes. That means he can play his game. Besides, lets not be negative about our leader, comapred to TImotyh Bonga being a Somare puppet, he has history of squandering millions belonging to Eda Ranu adn other boards he has been director. He is a criminal by every definition,,,,How is Nawae progressign despite being located within the industrial city of Lae...Kerowagi is going.,,,,lets be proud of this.....Kerowagians joingmme in appaluding both past and present leaders who ahve lead with generosity....

My pick for top 3 for 2013:
1. Guma Wau
2. Peter Kuman
3. Joe TIsa boy

Silkama Nem

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